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  • Gainax Ending: Parodied at the end of her epic four-part Transformers-Armageddon-Bratz review: She and the Nostalgia Critic chloroform each other and fall unconscious; Ma-Ti walks on stage and kicks them four times, shouting, "Heart! Stomach! Liver! Spleen!", then looks at the viewer and intones, "I can sense you."
  • Gasp!:
    • Does it twice when talking about Mystique and the "I am your mother" storyline in the "Top Eleven Villainesses".
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    • Does it when she realizes that all the make-up on Nella means she's evil.
    • In Transformers: "*gasp* Michael Bay!"
  • Gay Best Friend:
    • Hades in Hercules is like "Meg's bitchy gay boyfriend".
    • Deconstructed for laughs in Disney Needs More Gay. She gets one in Rantasmo, but he doesn't want to act out the stereotype.
      Rantasmo: My rights and dignity have been systematically marginalized. Giiiiiiirl.
  • Gay Panic: In-Universe. When Mulan is found out to be a woman, she acts out Shang being really glad that he's still straight.
  • Gender Flip: As well making fun of the Grease 2's usage of this, in the review it's a guy (Todd) getting a makeover instead of a woman (Nella).
  • Generation Xerox: She casually mentions in the "Top Ten Hottest Animated Guys" that her parents were hard drinkers. At least we know now where she got her alcoholism from.
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  • The Generic Guy: On a list mostly full of sexy bad boys, Eric from The Little Mermaid gets this slot for just being nice, rich and handsome.


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