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Noodle Incident / Professional Wrestling

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  • Because most professional wrestling promotions have a timeline going back to 1948 (the year of the founding of the National Wrestling Alliance) but few companies that are even nearly that old openly admit to ever having been members of said alliance (everything before Hulk Hogan's rise to fame in 1984 is remembered in Broad Strokes in the WWF) and because literally hundreds of "angles" (stories) have been dramatized during the pay-per-view era alone, and finally because of the Seven-Year Rule, one will encounter references to events that seem like Noodle Incidents if one has been watching WWE or TNA programming for only a few months or years.
    • Chief among them is the notorious "Katie Vick" incident of 2002.note  This will be brought up from time to time, but never fully explained - partly because it's funny to do so, but primarily because since WWE programming is now rated TV-PG, even discussing that infamous episode is pushing it now.
  • A genuine Noodle Incident occurred in 2008, after Edge was "sent to Hell" by The Undertaker for kissing Alicia Fox on the day before his wedding (It Makes Sense in Context), after losing their Hell in a Cell match at SummerSlam. When Edge came back three months later, he revealed it all hadn't been metaphorical; he really had been in Hell. But he never bothered to explain how he'd managed to escape.