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    Unsourced Stories 
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  • An Iron Man: Armored Adventures fanfic:
    • Religion comes up in one chapter, and Tony explains he doesn't go to church because of an incident involving a coffee maker. Apparently they still haven't gotten the stains out of that church's ceiling, though Tony's father was very proud he managed to get the thing airborne.
    • Also from that same fanfic: Tony can't get any pets until every last gerbil has come out of orbit. Tony's response: "So if the squirrel doesn't come back, that's okay then?"
  • In the "Fourteen Days" fanfic, everyone comments on how much of a pervert Charlie is by stating a few occurrences along with the phrase: "and don't forget the pasta incident"
    Charlie: Hey, we promised not to talk about that! I was framed!

     Axis Powers Hetalia Fanworks 
  • Chasing an Empty Dream has this:
    Prussia: Hey, you remember that one Valentine's Day where you had a tomato thing and—
    Germany: I've worked very hard to repress those memories, thank you very much.
  • The Hearth Series has a few, most of them brought up in the footnotes:
    • The circumstances behind Francis getting arrested in Comedy of Errors was initially this. One of the one-shots in Hearth explained it after the trilogy was over, though. Francis proposed a threesome with Tino and Berwald, and Berwald threw things at him. When Vash arrived, he saw the mess and arrested Francis for it.
    • In a footnote, it was mentioned that Vash only had to fire his gun once, since he was made the sole policeman of Hearth. "At Ivan. Right before Alfred, Arthur, and Gilbert restrained the Russian for him. To be fair, Ivan was just trying to protect himself. Natalia is scary."
    • There is only one bench in all of Hearth. According to the author, the readers don't want to now what happened to the other ones.
    • When explaining why Ludovicus has no accent when both of his grandsons do, the author mentions that he had to learn to speak English perfectly to keep Marcus from speaking on his behalf, lest the two of them get arrested. Again.
    • The exact circumstances behind Kiku and Vash's homes adopting the personalities of Ludovicus and Marcus respectively. All we're told is that each of the men had been visiting the town, and the A.I.s programmed into the houses decided to model themselves after them.
    • There are several more serious ones referenced in regards to Gilbert and Ludwig's backstories. We know that Ludovicus took his grandsons from his father's care, but it's never explained why. It's also implied that Ludwig had some sort of accident that resulted in partial memory loss, but again no details are given (it's likely a reference to the fan theory that the Holy Roman Empire was Germany's younger self and lost his memories, explaining why Germany couldn't remember Italy). There's also an incident mentioned when a five-year-old Feliciano visited the two at their farm, which goes unexplained.

     Crossover Fan Works 
  • There are several in Boldores And Boomsticks.
    • Ruby and Yang are talking about various funny incidents from their past to cheer up the others when Yang mentions 'the Bean Incident.'
    • Will's Xatu recalls a few moments of his trainer's Alcohol-Induced Idiocy on Alola.
    • Something happened that involved Casy's Raticate and Pokédex, as well as a key lime pie.
  • In Child of the Storm, The Mighty Thor and the National Grid apparently do not mix.
    • According to Steve, the last time someone kidnapped Pepper, three blocks of flats and a domestic terrorist organisation were wiped off the map.
    • And that time when Wanda told the Order of the Phoenix who her father was, Sirius refused to believe her in extremely tactless fashion and promptly got laid out by Lily. According to Sirius, she [Lily] had a vicious right hook.
    • There was, apparently, an incident involving Clint Barton, Hal Jordan, Agent Sitwell and a bungee cord.
    • During Jane's building of her Earth based Bifrost, she accidentally warped Darcy into another dimension where she 'did shots with a hot goth girl called Didi'.
      • This seems to have been a frequent problem, with Darcy having apparently also ended up in what she claims was the Cretaceous. Jane counters that it was the Upper Jurassic. According to Darcy, this doesn't matter because whatever the case, there were dinosaurs all over the place.
      • And then, shortly after this revelation, she ends up as a test dummy for a similar device and being warped to New Jersey. Apparently, she preferred the Jurassic.
    • On a darker note, it's never directly specified what Sean Cassidy did to the IRA cell that murdered his wife with his Compelling Voice, but it was bad enough that even now, it sometimes gives Nick Fury nightmares.
    • When asked about the myths that Sif and Thor were an item, Fandral mentions one time when the Warriors Three heard her moaning and investigated. The Goddess of War headbutts him before he can finish.
    • Apparently, Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor, and Loki met at a party one time. That conversation must have been particularly interesting.
    • According to Lily, on James/Thor's stag night, he, Sirius, Fury and John Constantine got through six bottles of Firewhiskey before taking Sirius' bike, a barrel of grease and a herd of enchanted badgers to a Quidditch match.
    • The Krakoa incident, wherein the First Class of X-Men were apparently on an adventure involving a sentient island and a lot of mutant life force, which de-aged them all by several decades.
    • Snape implies that Stephen Strange taught at Hogwarts during his time.
    • In the sequel, Harry nearly snapped and went Dark Phoenix on Seamus Finnegan when the latter made a particularly stupid remark.
    • At one point, the Winter Soldier crossed paths with Captain Mar-Vell and remembers him as a "kind man," which almost certainly doubles as an Offscreen Moment of Awesome.
    • Likewise, Wanda Maximoff mentions having worked with Ebenezar McCoy in previous years.
    • There's also the fact that Dresden once saw Coulson take out three muggers with a paper clip, and Coulson also notes that he once saw Harry (Dresden, not Potter) take on three mountain trolls and win.
  • The First Saniwa sequel: One word: tenshiki. There's a mention of an incident caused when Yorimitsu found out the meaning of this wordnote  that sparked a full-scale chaos the likes of which has never been seen again until Onigiri (Higekiri in Onigiri's body) suddenly falls unconscious unannounced.
  • In the Harry Potter / Star Wars crossover Harry Tano, Sirius briefly reminisces about how a wrecked room reminded him of James Potter's bachelor party.
    Remus strode into the Burrow, his prize grasped firmly in hand, then he stopped and looked round at the wrecked room and the holes in the walls.
    “Merlin’s grey beard!” Sirius gasped from behind him. “What happened? It looks like the aftermath of James’ bachelor party, except Moony isn’t dressed as a ballerina, Moody isn’t singing the teapot song and I haven’t lost my trousers.”
  • In A Hero, Kyouko somehow managed to antagonize every single Puella Magi gang in Tokyo the last time she went there. To the point that they'll work together to kill her if she showed up.
  • From I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC
    Spider-Man: (about Green Goblin) Honestly, who's stupid enough to get that drunk?
    Iron Man: Look, Comic-Con went really well, all right? I've been very good, everybody was celebrating, everyone was doing it, we thought we could make it to Tijuana, they dropped the charges, so just shut up, okay?!
    (awkward silence)
  • In To Infinity (A Bionicle/Halo Fanfic), when Ultia brings Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris to Spherus Magna's Le-Koro:
    "They're otherworlders. I think they came from the void-vessel." Ultia holstered her blades, as was customary.
    "What?" Augmentus's eyes widened. "First it was a Rahkshi. Then it was an Agori of the Iron Tribe. Then it was an Av-Matoran. Now it's sky-people. What's next? You're going to bring the Great Spirit himself here?"
  • The Infinite Loops is just teeming with these.
  • In Pony/Pokemon crossover A New World A New Way - Swarm, Azisa is forbidden from sleeping in the treehouse of her trainer due to something referred to only as "The Volcarona Incident"
  • In Jedi Harris, an employee at Wolfram & Hart asks about bullet holes outside one of the labs, to which a technician mentions an accident opening a hole in time and space. The employee's sole response is, "Oh hell, not velociraptors again?"
  • In the second chapter of Weiss Reacts: Volume 2, Kyubey makes reference to his disastrous visit to Inaba. Despite the awesomeness such a meeting would clearly result in, it is never mentioned again.
    • Weiss has apparently met Rin Tohsaka. It...didn't end well.
    • There is a lot of these alluded to in both volumes, mainly to do with Weiss ending up in various hilarious situations.
    • In it's sister fic Lucina Reacts, Morgan is implied to have forced all the Shepherds into drag once before by Lon'qu during the Rule 63 chapter.
  • Monsters In Paradise: According to one character profile, Marisa's father was apparently responsible for Remilia Scarlet adding an incredibly ditzy fairy to her work force.
  • In the Italian fanfic Venus Flash, Minako Aino's narration says that finding a male tentacle monster prostiture in the bed with her mother explained many things, but doesn't explain what.
  • In The Bridge, the alien Kaiju reference a "Radio incident with the Kilaaks" and the Equestrians reference a "Chocolate Milk incident".
  • In The (Questionable) Burdens of Leadership of a Troll Emperor, there's an offhand mention of an accident involving antimatter experimentation that resulted in one of the system's moons being decidedly lopsided.
  • In I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Harry Potter mentions that something Dobby did led to him being worshiped as a god by an obscure religion... twice... that he knows of.
    • There's also mention of Harry once testing wands at Buckingham Palace. All that's stated about the aftermath is the Queen agreed it wasn't his fault and Dobby needed the help of extra elves to deal with it.
    • Harry once wandered into magical Tokyo and combined firewhiskey with vodka, wine, and sake (though he thinks there might have been turpentine and anti-freeze present too). He woke up the next day in police custody and years later still insists "the statue had it coming".
    • Apparently, one of Harry's ships once gained sentience and flew off without him.
  • Universe Falls
    • In "Gems and Journals", Dipper tells Mabel to go easy on a bag of gummi worms, saying he doesn't want a repeat of the "funnel cake incident". When Connie presses him for more details, Dipper assures her that she doesn't want to know.
    • In "Irrational Treasure", Pearl flinches when Garnet mentions "Pioneer Day 1968": "There were so many fish..." Later, when Amethyst tries to break Stan out of the stocks, she remarks it's not going to be like "last time" she broke him out of jail, mostly because she doesn't have a battering ram on her.
    • Near the beginning of "Straight to Video", Steven is taking his time picking a snack from the Mystery Shack vending machine when it's almost closing time. Soos tells him "You don't want Mr. Pines chasing you out with the hose again like last time."
    • "Revenge Trip" touches on a few of Stan and Amethyst's previous pranking adventures, like the time they fiddled with Mayor Dewey's Mayor-Mobile or the time they dumped Toby Determined's car in the lake.
    • In "Full Disclosure", Amethyst claims she once spent most of one of her "revenge trips" with Stan shape-shifted into a crocodile.
      Pearl: And why, pray tell, would you have ever needed to be a crocodile for one of your nights of debauchery?
      Amethyst: That’s for me to know, and for that lake full of endangered fish we ransacked to never find out!
    • In "Hit the Diamond", when Stan is asked why he just happens to have some pink toddler-sized T-shirts that read "Baby's First Baseball Game" on them for the Rubies to wear, Stan cryptically replies "I have my reasons..."
  • In A Man of Iron, Tony's behaviour gives rise to many rumours, but the one with the pig and the dress is totally wrong. It was actually a cow.
    • Anything about Tyrion in a dress is nothing but a filthy lie.
    • Oberyn Martell may or may not have an incriminating painting about Tony's gender preferences. Also, Tony is fairly certain Oberyn once tried to sell him as a sex slave.
    • After Tony rescues Ned from his execution, Jon is waiting with a cart and horses. "The obtaining of both would have made for a great story if he'd been in the mood to tell it."
    • Tony never told Pepper how Tyrion and him ended up naked in a sept with a basket full of strawberry cakes.
    • In his first appearance, Oberyn starts to tell a story about how he taught a goat to milk itself, which we sadly don't get to hear.
  • Out of the Corner of the Eye:
    • Shendu apparently once temporarily regained the Sheep talisman and used it to possess Frederich Nietzsche. He didn't find it a pleasant experience.
    • It's established that Jackie and Viper dated for a while, but broke up after something happened between them during a trip to Rome. In Chapter 12, we find out that Viper proposed, and Jackie said no.
  • In Hadrian Romanoff and the Beginning, Hadrian swears up and down the only thing what happened on his sixth birthday is him turning six and eating cake. Terry really wants to know what else happened on this day.
  • From the crossover chat fic Send Read Receipts, we have the events and aftermath of the team's New Year's Eve party, which apparently got entirely out of hand after Manny spiked the punch with some tequila that Frida gave him. The aftermath? It somehow took the entire team to bring down Star, Mabel, Frida, and a superpowered duck later dubbed Crackers (the first two confirmed to be hopped up on Smile Dip) after they started wreaking havoc in Miracle City. (To be fair, most of the team was hungover and Rex, Zak, and Jake were still drunk off their asses...)
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Principal Nedzu rattles off a story that began with him eating breakfast in London with his friend and then-partner Detective Chimp in excruciating detail. Izuku is busy discussing the speech he has to give with All Might, so the reader only gets to hear the end of it: Nedzu helping Wonder Woman kick Ares' ass, save all of Eurasia, and seal off a portal to the Underworld.
  • Bri Nara loves these.
    • In "The Ultimate Bet", there's "the incident with the rubber chicken, L, and banana pudding" and also the following:
      Ide: Yeah but remember the incident in the office with: the fruit smoothie, the giant inflatable clown, the crayola pencils, the toilet paper, the 50 pounds of pixie stix, Matsuda, and the 15-year-old fangirl going 'MATSUDA-NII!'
    • The various incidents on an Akatsuki member's birthday. Since Hidan is banned from Las Vegas and Zetsu is banned from the movies.
    • It's a small world after all gave us this gem.
      Spain: If this is about the incident with the bull and the jelly-doughnuts, I already said sorry-
    • Also, the 'Tequila Incident' from "It's Raining Women".
  • Kyon: Big Damn Hero:
    • Kyon defeating twelve Yakuza and intimidating Mori affects a lot of the plot, but it's not entirely clear what happened until it happens in Chapter 27, becoming a Moment of Awesome.
    • Referenced later, when Kuyou attempts to swallow a whole plate of noodles at once (and chokes), and Kyon refuses to elaborate when asked about it later.
  • Infinity Crisis:
    • When Coulson shows up at the Avengers compound, they reveal that they already learned about his survival, with Tony noting that he made a speech at Coulson’s funeral.
    • Krypton was apparently destroyed in the Avengers’ universe as well, as Thor mentions he knew about it.
    • At some point, Batman and Wonder Woman met Doctor Fate, but they don't entirely trust him as an ally even if they trust his briefing about Thanos.
  • The Red Dragon's Saber: Koneko mentions that she had faced a dragon before, which is how she knows what they smell like. Issei comments to himself that he should ask about that story later.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton: In Danny and Phantasma, one of Sam's failed attempts to stalk Danny and Phantasma results on something that makes her shudder whenever she's told the Care-Bear company is looking for a new poster girl.
  • In Harry Potter and the Harem Game, Morticia Addams mentions in a letter that Wednesday wanted to attend Beauxbatons but the administration still remembers Morticia's time there and refused. However, Morticia thinks memories of her attendence might fade in time for Wednesday's grandchildren to be allowed to attend.
  • A Shadow of the Titans:
    • At one point, Jade is sentenced to detention in the ominously-named "Pit". The narration then cuts to the following morning, with her stating that it was no big deal.
    • The Titans view footage of Gadjo fighting zombies, but we only read their reactions to what they see and a few of his lines. We don't actually get to see what he did.
    • Another one with Gadjo — he gets sent to the Pit for trying to feed a teacher to the HIVE's monster mascot.
    • When Beast Boy is gloating about having an Arch-Enemy in Jade, Raven threateningly reminds him about "the bubbles" in order to shut him up. Cyborg mentions it again to do the same a few chapters later.
    • Captain Hollywood goes up to show the class how to strangle a unicorn, and the scene cuts to a memorial service, mentioning how he got gored several times by it.
    • At one point, a fight with the Titans results in Gizmo being captured and Jade in hot water with the Tribunal. She ends up spending a week in the Chamber of Moderate Annoyances because Gadjo broke the Pit.
    • Gadjo apparently caused a temporal shift and rendered Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain Ret-Gone.
    • Whatever Cyborg did in those two minutes we didn't see that got him to convince Beast Boy that he's a better temporary leader than the changeling is.
    • Whatever event that led to the Buried Brick Homes and Gardens apartment buildings being sunk underground and only able to be accessed from certain angles. All we know is that some cultist tried to summon an eldritch horror but was defeated by a Presbyterian with a bayonet and blessed gasoline. Also, apparently Batman once dialed Zatanna to warp a number of the tenants away, self-sustaining warps or portals to said location were banned after some Korean teenagers stumbled into it and tried to turn it into a budget horror flick, the previous resident of Jade's apartment ended up disintegrated, and anytime someone tries to get the internet to work down there it ends badly.
    • Poison Ivy was apparently banned from the Buried Brick for killing someone who was supposedly unkillable by accident. The Joker and Harley were also banned, for several instances of causing unspecified harm to various residents.
  • In Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail a flashback has one of Chloe's classmates question if she's doing another book report of an evil tree.
  • There Was Once an Avenger from Krypton:
    • Nico and Anubis have apparently met, and they don't get along much.
    • Thanatos Scowled reveals that Fury broke into Danny and Sam's place in New York and tried to recruit him to the Avengers.

    DC Comics Fan Works 
  • In "Let's Dance", part of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts, Batman saves the day with his knowledge of ballet, and cuts his Justice League colleagues off when they start to make fun of him by listing the embarrassing things he knows about them: "Volleyball in Cabo, the library at Gotham Academy, the Eggplant Debacle, Joe's missing sweater, the Iguana Talk." The Iguana Talk is a reference to one of Martha Kent's embarrassing stories about Clark's childhood in the earlier story "Christmas in Kansas"; the rest go unexplained.
  • Several in Superman story Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation:
    • Klar states that a number of relatives moved to other worlds and funded other Superman dynasties.
    • Kath mentions in passing two cousins fought over the right to the Supergirl name in the past.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Supergirl meets the descendant of the Superman from Earth-Two, which means Kal-L had a son nobody knew about. His scion hints their relationship was troubled, but he doesn't want to talk about it.
    Kara: So you're Power Girl's descendant?
    Kal-L: What's this about?
    Kara: Was your ancestress Power Girl? I mean, Kara Zor-L?
    Kal-L: No, of course not.
    Kara: Then, how? I mean, I knew your first Superman just a bit. I never knew he had a I mean—
    Kal-L: He had a son.
    Kara: I well, I never knew—
    Kal-L: They didn't exactly get along. Can we leave it at that?
  • Several examples in To Hell and Back (Arrowverse):
    • The incident that finally made Iris stop channeling Barry involved her almost being arrested while investigating the impossible.
    • The trio had a mission for the League in Prague; details are scarce, but it involved a lot of chaos and the use of a costume that Barry had to burn.
    • The leads' first encounter with Kryptonite. Whatever happened, it traumatized Kal-El and caused the League to issue a mandate to their members to destroy any sample they come across. When faced with it again, even Kara is visibly unnerved, though her apprehension doesn't stop her from using it as a weapon.
    • "The Monkey Incident". Not a lot of details are revealed about it except it happened because Barry was bored and Ra's punished him by personally taking over his training sessions for the next month.
  • Kara of Rokyn: As narrating her uncle's history, Nasthalthia mentions in passing Lex Luthor once accidentally kept Superboy from saving Lincoln... and she quickly adds she doesn't want to talk about it right now.
    Nasthalthia Luthor: "But what the hell. You can't go back in time and get Jesus off the cross, or get Oswald out of that book depository. I mean, Lex found that out when he accidentally kept Superkid from saving Abe Lincoln... don't ask me about that right now.
  • In With this Ring... (Green Lantern), private investigator Jonny Double finds a defaced picture of Hal Jordan in Carol Ferris' house while he's investigating their disappearance. Jonny begins fearing they were running away from someone with murderous attempt, but Hal and Carol reappear several days later. Jonny feels relieved, but he never finds out why Hal's picture had been scratched.
    Even Jonny Double managed to make the list. He was rather glad that it turned out the way it did, before he even had to tell anyone other than Carl that there might have been foul play. He was even more glad that Mr. Ferris wrote him a check for two thousand dollars.
    He never did figure out why Jordan's picture had all those scratches in it, but life is full of little mysteries.

    Death Note Fan Works 
  • In A Charmed Life one of the demands the Japanese police make of L is that Matsuda gets to keep his emergency belt so he doesn't get locked in the men's room again. Also Ryuk and Light make frequent stops back to the human world to buy groceries and home furnishings.
  • In Death Note II: The Hidden Note, Sayu starts to talk about how she, Catherine and David ended up living together. As she does, we hear Ryuk talking to KJ about finding an apple. By the time that conversation is done, Sayu is finished explaining the story.
  • In Fever Dreams Matsuda has apparently previously gotten in trouble for giving out his e-mail address to suspicious characters such as a suspect in an ongoing murder investigation:
    Light: I could send you an email.
    Matsuda: No, we're not supposed to do that. Then everyone would get mad at me and I'd have to change emails again.
  • From Lies On:
    L: Oh, hello Light. Ryuk was just telling me some fascinating things.
    Light: For the record it was only one time and it was only because a certain idiot stole my clothes.
  • In To Feel Alive Light realizes he can be a bit of a Sore Loser:
    Light was actually quite proud of himself—he hadn't punched a hole in the screen yet. Unlike that one incident when he was around six years old and needed to get stitches afterwards and no one ever talked about and never happened.

    Harry Potter Fan Works 
  • In The Parselmouth of Gryffindor, apparently, Dracula was one of Hogwarts's many evil Defence Professors a few years before the story begins. (He went by Professor Vladimir Alucard, and chalked his sunlight-intolerance to a vague skin condition.)
  • The Great Butterbeer Incident of '96 from The Christmas Curse (involving a chugging contest):
    And so began the Great Butterbeer Incident of '96. Many of those in attendance refused to speak of it ever again, those who will respond to inquiries will reply with only one descriptive word...
  • In Harry Riddle Harry and Draco shared a traumatic childhood experience of getting locked in a Gringotts vault for hours.
  • Invictus
    Harry: Centaurs tend to be grumpy in the mornings, and no, please don't ask me how I know, as it's a long and humiliating story involving whiskey and multicolored shrubberies.
  • In Labor of Insanity Tom Riddle once made a Dementor cry.
  • In Let's Do The Time Warp Again, there is mention of an incident where James and Sirius gave Snape an all-expense paid canoeing trip to Georgia and then stole his wand. Exactly what happened during the trip is never explained, but it caused Snape to lose both his arms and legs as well as develop a debilitating fear of banjo music. (If you're even slightly familiar with Deliverance, it should be possible to make some educated guesses about the details.)
  • In chapter 14 of Living Without Danger, the adults reference "The Great Hogwarts Noodle Incident," though they never explain exactly what happened (to the reader, at least).
    "You mean you don't remember the Great Hogwarts Noodle Incident?"
    Letha's eyebrows rose. "The Noodle Incident -– that was you?"
    Padfoot was sliding down in his chair as if wishing someone would Vanish him.
    "Do enlighten those of us who weren't there," urged Danger, smiling wickedly.
    "Yeah, please?" echoed the cubs.
    Moony laced his fingers together. "Well, it all started with a comic book, an action figure, and a stuffed tiger..."
  • In Magical Relations Fred and George tell Harry the third-hand story of the Gouda Catastrophe of '77 which involved a large quantity of the cheese, several mice and the Great Hall.
  • In Oh God Not Again!, Harry wonders why Narcissa Malfoy doesn't like her cousin Sirius[1]
    “Well, there might have been an incident seventh year during a Hogsmeade weekend when she was out with her boyfriend involving a frog, a bottle of pink hair dye, and a trampoline,” Sirius admitted.
    “Do tell,” Harry encouraged.
    “First of all, I fully deny any and all involvement. My presence -– along with James, Remus, and he-who-is-not-worth-mentioning -– was completely coincidental. As was James’ camera. It all started when…”
  • The first Potter's Pentagon story references one in chapter two. Emma Weasley goes on one of her tirades when a girl insults her friend, and Ted brings up a past Hogwarts incident.
    “Impressive,” said Ted when the storm had died down. “Those were some of the most creative threats I’ve ever heard. They even top that thing last year with Professor Zabini and the potato.”
  • Simple Terrible Truth mentions a snowball fight during the Marauders' time at Hogwarts which resulted in " plenty of bruises, an igloo, one lost and later found first-year boy and three chocolate cheesecakes."
  • Used in a Harry/Ginny fanfic duology Socks, Sex, and Snape and Socks, Sex, and Slugs. Who knew bolding and italicizing a pronoun could be so effective?
  • In Unexpected Changes Sirius treats Harry to stories of past pranks while helping him pack to leave his relatives.
    Sirius: ...I'm turning Harry pink! It was brilliant! And then afterwards, well let's just say there was a chicken and a tutu.
    Remus: It's true, your father was very proud of himself, though I'm sure it was purple Padfoot.
    Harry: Yes, but really, why Professor McGonagall?
    Sirius: That's what makes it brilliant!
  • Waiting for Godot...Erm...Harry:
    Luna: The last time I let the two of you go someplace on your own, you ended up facing down a pair of zombie dragons and wrecking three blocks of the Las Vegas strip.
    Harry: Totally not our fault Lu. How were we supposed to know that an evil tenth century necromancer had guarded his tomb with a pair of undead dragons? Besides, it only took a day to fix the casinos.
  • Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality has several of these, most notably the Incident with the Science Project, which is referenced in several chapters but never explained:
    His mother had a hand over her face. "How bad was it?"
    "I, ah," I can't talk about that for reasons of National Security, "about half as bad as the Incident with the Science Project?"
  • Harry Potter and the Marauders of the Mind:
    Sirius: Old Minnie hasn't changed a bit, has she, lads? I wonder if she's forgotten about that incident with the bucket, the canary and the blue cheese, yet?
    Remus: No such luck, I'm afraid. Though, the last time she talked about it she actually sounded rather nostalgic.
  • In The Rise and Fall of Harry J. Potter the Weasleys try to locate Harry and Ginny to warn them about a tell-all book Rita Skeeter wrote about Harry.
    George: Floo's out, apparation's out, Kreacher's still annoyed about the flaming hinkypuff incident...
  • In Harry Potter, Unexpected Animagus Harry informs the Goblin King that Sirius has been either in Azkaban or on the run for the last thirteen years.
    Goblin King: That's splendid. I was worried he might still be angry with me over that little misunderstanding involving the twin bikini models and the French poodle at the rubber chicken factory.
  • This Means War:
    Aberforth: Now, did I tell you about the time that Albus and I went on holiday, and Albus was arrested for an incident involving two nuns, a salami, two pints of red sauce, and a small dog named Jarvis?
  • Harry and Sodor - The Magic of Normality:
    Due to electrical storms over the island, the planned invasion of Sodor by the Ministry was put off nobody dared to Apparate or Portkey through that sort of thing ever since the Great Naked Pizza Incident of 1897 involving the Italian Ministry, four nuns, a chicken and a small wooden cat.
  • Honestly, Harry:
    Ron: Harry, the last time I tried to help you with one of your schemes we crashed the Knight Bus into a hotel in Minsk, got Luna kidnapped by the Russian Mafia, and almost started a nuclear war while trying to rescue her.
    Harry: Right. That was... an unfortunate series of accidents.
    Ron: Harry, we're still legally banned from entering Magical Belarus, and we're on nine different terrorist watchlists.
  • In Harry by Proxy, McGonagall lectures her students about why transfiguring water into rum is unwise, as Seamus Finnegan demonstrated a few days ago. Alas for the reader, the lecture itself is not shown - however, anyone having seen the first movie will remember Seamus making his drink explode while attempting the aforementioned spell.
  • Aspirations Forged Manipulations:
    Harry: Headmaster. Why is the Forbidden Forest forbidden?
    Dumbledore: It used to be called the Darkling Woods Harry, but after an incident involving your father, three of his friends, a tea party, a group of centaurs, giant spiders, and the Whomping Willow, it was forbidden. Of course that never stopped them, but it did help.
  • In Harry Potter and Death's Offer Ginny blackmails Fred and George by threatening to tell their mom about the incident with the gnomes and the bucket of ice water.
  • In Deceptions and Disguises David shows Dumbledore a video message from the late Nicolas Flamel.
    Nicolas: Albus, my boy. If you're seeing this then David has finally taken our advice and gone to meet you. This is meant as an introduction of him to you. So first off I'd best confirm it's me. I'm thinking of the night we discovered the third use for dragon's blood and the incident involving a pink bikini, tartan socks and a welsh rarebit? I doubt you'll have revealed that to anyone.

     How To Train Your Dragon Fan Works 
  • In A Thing of Vikings, Hiccup recalls an elaborate prank that Ruffnut, Tuffnut and Cami pulled on him in the past. The only detail given is the line, "To this day he still didn't know where they found that much butter."

    Invader Zim Fan Works 
  • For The Glory Of Irk:
    • Zim notes at one point that he knows from experience that corpses make for terrible leaders.
    • At some point while doing community service for the Syndicate, Zim somehow burned down the science building of the university.
    • Professor Membrane offhandedly suggests that one of his experiments ended with him having to burn down a lab that had been overrun by rabid mutant fire ants.
    • Zeke states that wounded sources are bad for getting reliable information from, in a way that suggests he's speaking from experience.
    • Membrane and Moira state that they have experience engineering military coups, in such a way that Dib is pretty sure they're not joking.
    • Q apparently drove a whole dorm full of students insane during finals out of boredom.
    • Vero claims that he was once decapitated, with Xia tossing his head over a fence to screw with him.
    • The last time Professor Membrane visited Dib's college on Parental Visitation Day, he somehow caused a hurricane that destroyed the school's sports stadium.
    • According to Dib, when Membrane and Moira got married, Zim crashed the party, stole the top tier of the wedding cake, and then fled out the air vents.
  • Gaz Dreams Of Genie: However Dib got ahold of the genie bottle, it left him with a black eye. Gaz finds herself mildly wishing she'd paid enough attention to his explanation to know how that happened.
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim:
    • Season 1:
      • In Episode 4, it's mentioned that Dib once broke into a zoo. He clarifies that he was trying to catch a chupacabra that was feeding on animals in the petting zoo.
      • Dib references a "Radioactive Macaroni" incident in Episode 6. We get no details on this.
      • According to Viera in Episode 9, when they were eight, Steve strapped himself to a rocket for some reason.
      • In Episode 12, Dib offers a critique of Slab Rankle's zombies, with the implication that he's got experience with them, but doesn't offer clarification on how. According to the author, this is a reference a canon Noodle Incident where Membrane implied that Dib raised the dead once.
    • Season 2:
      • In Episode 1, Dib mentions several plots Tak and Tenn carried out in between seasons which we get no detailed information on — there was a hypnotic weenie incident, a flock of rabid seagulls, and a sentient mutant zucchini monster.
      • Episode 3 has Dwicky return and reveal that they've become a badass space bounty hunter since last being seen in canon. Aside from saying it's the result of a series of "thrilling adventures", there's no proper explanation for how this happened.
  • Zim the Warlord: Irken Reversion:
    • GIR somehow got a college degree during Zim's six month coma.
    • Upon returning from their trip to the Massive, Zim and Gaz find that Dib got into a fight with Skoodge and Bob upon finding out that they're living on Earth. The details aren't clear, but it somehow led to Zim's yard getting wrecked and the house covered in pink goo.
    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fan Works 
    Kill la Kill Fan Works 
  • In Feel, it's mentioned that Satsuki, as a baby, lost her sight to an accident, however, it's not said what happened besides that it was raining and that, with Ragyou, she couldn't get out of the way.
  • From Highly Questionable Decisions, we have several:
    • There was the time with classroom blowing up in middle school and "the Xiao-Long fire" and apparently Satsuki had something to do with those incidents, according to Ryuuko.
    • There was the last time Mako held fireworks for Ryuuko
    Ryuuko: Nah, she can’t hold fireworks… Not after last time.
    • Various other things
    Ragyou: No mindless destruction of public or private property, no pretending to be public officials. No calling Nicaragua, no adopting rabid animals. And absolutely no sneaking into the morgue and touching cadavers! No digging up corpses of any dead things to prove to Nui that they’re actually dead! Grandpa and Professor Ratigan are dead!
    • There was also the fact that there was an incident where Ryuuko's mini-bike that ended up with Ragyou sending it to the junk yard. The incident is surmised by Satsuki saying, “You tried to drive it to-“
    • Another incident was the fact that Ryuuko had Houka and Satsuki make bombs. Her reasons and what she used them for are not explained.
  • Kill la Kill AU:
    • What happened last Tuesday when Nui had a soda [2]. According to the flashback panel, whatever she did caused total chaos and destruction.
    • We get what happened to Nonon's monkey being a Dark Secret. [3] but not much is said besides the description saying, they were fooling around and said monkey was caught in the crossfire and the fact it was an accident.
    • A recent one is where apparently Nui and Houka's minds went to self-destruct, requiring an ambulance to be summoned. From some indication, it's happened more than once.
      Ragyo: Again?
      Satsuki: Yes, again.
    • According to chapter 8 of Room 002108, there was an incident with a grenade that, in parenthesis, Nui insists she had nothing to do with, along with an incident about fireworks that Ryuuko was noted to sleep through.
    • According to Nui, the reason they couldn't stay with friends is because of something that occurred that "one time", remarking, "She's like how old?! Too damn old to be wearing that tacky dress, that's for sure."
    • From Aikurou Babysits, we have Senketsu's existence. According to Ryuuko, he crawled out of her dad's lab, although exactly how he came to be is unsaid.
    • Earlier, from Attack of the Rats, we get "what had happened with the RV and the gas station, along with twelve counts of truancy" and that is why Mako, Ryuuko, and Nui are on house arrest.
    • From Breaking and Entering, we get two things that Nonon owes the Kiryuuins for, one being the incident involving what she had to do with that one time with the crossbow, Ragyou's wheelchair, 200 gallons of jet-pack fuel, a jet pack, the gas station, a radio playing "Equinox" by Skrillex, and how the remedial school got obliterated, again, and another where Ragyou got stabbed in the side above one of her kidneys and in the neck twice each. In that vein, somehow, she managed to get a car on top of semi and an air siren was going off.
    • From the above mentioned fanfic, we get the three times Mako drove. One of which landed them in Los Angeles, another got a pick up truck tangled in wires, and a third landed them in the universe of Maim de Maim
    • In the same, we get three things that are apparently Rei's fault, as, apparently, somehow, she had landed Ragyou in a mental hospital , had her struck by lightning, and, somehow, got in trouble with organized crime and Ragyou almost lost a limb.
    • Ragyou herself was involved in these, according to Ryuuko:
      • She was set on fire, got mauled by dogs, was whacked with a ten pound hammer, and had gotten into fight which ended with her being stabbed and shot. The events leading up to things were never said.
      • Got drunk on absinthe when she was in college and whatever occurred during the aftermath of that she, Soichiro, Sukuyo, and Barazo agreed to take it to the grave.
      • She tried to fix a microwave and had to explain how one of the one the tools got stuck in her hand
      • Somehow, her arm was broken by Mako.
      • Had to deal with Rei's Berserk Button being pushed (This seems to be frequent)
      • Survived an explosion that sent her flying. No clues as to how the explosion happened.
      • She was also landed in a mental hospital at least three times, one of those occasions Rei had something to do with
    • According to the description of a holiday panel, Rei's got Soichiro put in the hospital, though it's not said how or what she did besides the incident having much to do with Alcohol-Induced Idiocy. Likewise, much of what Rei gets into isn't really said besides that it has much to do with her being a drunkard.
  • The Outside:
    • As we find out in chapter 18, Rei is a wanted woman and that she skipped bail thirteen years prior to the story. Exactly as to what she did to lead to those circumstances isn't said. Likewise, we don't know how she met Shiro, either.
    • Initially, the fight Satsuki and Ryuuko's parents had. It was known, for the longest, that Soichiro and Ragyo had a fight and Ragyo left but it wasn't known why until chapter 30
    • From the a recent chapter, Ryuuko recalls getting her hair pulled and getting pinched for something she can't exactly remember why, besides that it made her never want to do it again. However, this seems to be played with, as, from what's implied, Satsuki gave her that response was because she went outside.
  • This is played for some drama in Secret Sunshine, concerning Ryuuko's Parental Abandonment. It's not said why or what lead to the situation leading to said parental abandonment but we do know that one/both of their parents kept custody of Satsuki and not her.
  • Ryuko's past in One More Time, One More Chance. This is Played for Drama and adds to some Fridge Horror, as we do know that she didn't get fostered or adopted out to good homes, she's Afraid of Doctors, and the details we get on either of those are hazy.

    The Loud House Fan Works 
  • What You Wish For: Luan apparently pranked the school librarian, and now they need a new one. It's unclear whether the old one was injured or if they resigned.

    Marvel Universe Fan Works 
  • This Iron Man: Armored Adventures fanfic, which is an AU in which Tony and Gene grew up together, has Super Toaster. Apparently it leveled a city block and the dust cloud took two or three days to clear. Gene has never stopped teasing Tony about it. Tony also apparently created laser weasels, and they got loose at The White House Correspondents Dinner once.
  • Chapter 5: Next Stop: Third Base of Had we But World Enough Loki and Thor are engaged since birth, but after being celibate all this time, they learn they must conceive a child or Universal War will be waged by Loki's brother. Tony opts to help out; inadvertently leading to disaster and suggests a romantic carriage ride, leaving the two alone to enjoy it. The following rant from Fury pretty much explains it...
    “A fountain destroyed, over 20 thousand dollars in destroyed plants, garden bed and walk ways, numerous people scared out of their minds, let’s not forget one traumatized carriage driver and horse not to mention the carriage which, as far as we know, is still wrapped around that tree and finally, one thirty million dollar avant guard art installation which no longer graces Central Park…”
  • In X-Men fanfic Mutatis Mutandis, it's never told what happened between Manuel de la Rocha and Kitty Pryde, but his words and actions indicate that he deeply hates her.
  • In X-Men: The Early Years, Jean Grey isn't sure what trouble her teammates got into Hong Kong which involved a drug lord and a tiger cage but she knows she doesn't want to know.
    Warren: Funny, it almost sounded like he doesn't trust us.
    Hank: Indeed. It did sound that way.
    Scott: I wonder why? Could it be the Hong Kong drug lord we managed to get on the wrong side of the last time he took us out of the country?
    Warren: Spend one night treed by a tiger, and you never forgive us. You could have just blasted it.
    Scott: I could have saved myself a lot of trouble and just blasted you and Hank.
    Jean: Now, I'm sure I don't want to know.
  • The 21st Kitchen Rule for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters simply says:
    Remy: I've booby-trapped the lock. Try that again at your own risk.
  • In Sometimes I Hate the Life I Made, Loki apparently owes Skye a favor. How this came about has yet to be explained. It's also not clear how it would work given that the fic sticks pretty close to canon pre-episode 2x12 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., though its entirely possible that Loki was lying to the Winter Soldier when he claimed he did.
  • The War is Far from Over Now mentions numerous noodle incidents from MI7 having blackmail on SHIELD over "Christmas Party 68" to mentions of the Relay Race Incident in 05', along with several of the former SHIELD agents mentioning random bits like "That one time with INTERPOL and a crate of smuggled alligators".
  • Dreamscape is filled with noodle incidents, mostly ones Tony and Thor tell each other about in passing. Examples include: Loki setting a noble's dress on fire, Tony setting a chemistry lab on fire, and Thor somehow frying the microwave.

    My Little Pony Fan Works 
  • A couple of Cold in Gardez's fics mention an incident involving centipedes.
    • In The Contest:
      “Oh, leave the poor dear alone, Twilight,” she said. “We’ve certainly tolerated some odd things from you this year. Remember the centipedes?”
      “That was research,” Twilight shot back. Rarity arched an eyebrow over her cucumber slice. “It was for science! Besides, everypony recovered.”
      “Well, this contest sounds like a splendid way for our Fluttershy to have some safe fun,” Rarity said. Twilight bristled at her emphasis on the word safe.
    • In Naked Singularity, Twilight offhandedly mentions "centipedes" as one of her past obsessions.
  • Diaries of a Madman has a griffon mention the minotaurs being banned from an event due to a noodle incident.
  • Earth and Sky refers to a whole string of these in chapter 39. Apparently, Trixie didn't quite learn her lesson after the incidents of "Boast Busters" and "Magic Duel", and tried to out-do Rainbow Dash as "The Awesome Trixie" and tried to upstage Rarity as "the Fabulous Trixie". Trixie also butted heads with Fluttershy in a "magic rabbit incident" that Applebloom complains had them "cleainin' lettuce outta the rain gutters fer days."
  • In The End of Ponies, Pinkie had to leave her hometown of Dredgemane due to an event that is literally called Noodle Incident.
  • In Equestria: A History Revealed, when discussing the supposed orgy that brought down the Equinus Republic, the narrator states that a reason why such an event was kept quiet was most likely to prevent a resurgence of the orgy craze from ten years ago. While it sounds as though such an event would be Exactly What It Says on the Tin, the way it is so casually thrown in there makes one wonder what the backstory to that event must have been.
  • In Friends of a Solar Empire, there is mention of Fluttershy joining Rarity's crew in some rather over-the-top antics during the last shore leave. Just what they did is never mentioned.
    Rarity: Colonel Rekav, you are forbidden from gambling anything.
  • Getting Back on Your Hooves has several.
    • During their visit to Canterlot, Twilight went to see Discord's statue to make sure he was still locked up tight. Spike somehow snuck past the guards and wrote "Discord drools" on his face in marker. They both got arrested, but Princess Celestia apparently got a good laugh out of it.
    • While working for Fluttershy, Trixie tried to get eggs from one of the chickens, named Gertrude, who she was warned was temperamental. We don't see what happened, but apparently she tried to pry her off her eggs with a crowbar and ended up getting thoroughly beaten up. Trixie insists that Gertrude was a "ninja chicken", and tells the others to never speak of it again.
    Trixie: That was not a normal chicken! She was like some ninja chicken!"
    Spike: She wasn't a ninja chicken...
    Trixie: Then explain the flying dragon kick!
    Spike: Uh... Rainbow taught her martial arts?
    • The Cutie Mark Crusaders get two when Trixie is working for Rarity. Sweetie Belle tells Twilight about the time they were "Cutie Mark Crusader Tennis Players", all we know is they got banned from the tennis court. Later, the other Cutie Mark Crusaders assume Sweetie Belle wrecked Rarity's shop again because of a previous incident when they tried being "Cutie Mark Crusader Basket Weavers" and them ending up in a wrecking ball. Apparently, it also involved something happening with a bird that got Fluttershy mad at them and they ended up covered in tree sap... again.
    • 'List of Places We've Been Banned From Trying To Get Our Cutie Marks'
    • Trixie once had a show ruined due to a swarm of hamsters.
  • Hands: According to Andrew, the CMC once tried to build a spaceship. He doesn't elaborate, saying he doesn't think he can without descending into cursing.
  • Jericho has this in shades of dark to light. The narrator, Jericho, is a bit of an odd pony.
    The idea of that reminded me of the first case I’d ever worked on, where a psychotic professor at some prestigious medical school had been going around murdering girls, stuffing their dead bodies full of extra organs because “aliens told him to do it.”
  • Justice League of Equestria:
    • Mare of Steel:
      • Apparently, a month before the start of the story, Twilight, Pinkie, and Applejack went camping, and Pinkie ended up accidentally burning one of Twilight's books, causing her to have a Freak Out that outshined the one she had in "Lesson Zero". AJ and Pinkie calmed her down, but both swore they'd never go camping with her again.
      • Celestia and Luna both refer to earlier encounters with Kryptonians, with Luna saying that she owes them a "great debt".
    • Princess of Themyscira:
      • A more serious example, there's The War in Heaven and Athena's encounter with the forces of Apokolips.
      • Diana lists a few from hers and Cadence's childhood, such as when they accidentally set the armory on fire, and another time when Cadence intentionally set it on fire.
    • In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night:
      • Apparently, Cadence broke each of her legs at various points while being raised by the Amazons. But Diana always got it worse.
  • The Last Crusade an energy drink binge is referenced in dialogue, but the narrator feels too ashamed of whatever happened during it to give context.
    “Think of it as a memento,” Dylan said with a wink. “Though I doubt any of us could forget that weekend even if we tried.”
    What he was referring to was—you know what? Never mind. Trying to describe some things with words simply doesn’t do them justice. All you need to know is that we were each grounded for three months, no charges were filed, and we made the front page of the local paper.
    I facepalmed. “If I’d known my dad had that much duct tape—”
    “STOP,” said a chorus of three voices.
  • A Moon And World Apart: Some of the alternate worlds that Celestia and Luna viewed and recall in passing can be seen as this, such as worlds where Nightmare Moon or other villains were more vicious, or one where the local Celestia took a different tactic in handling Sunset.
  • The fic My Little Parcel takes place in the aftermath of Twilight and friends' latest adventure, which involved pirates and sea monsters, and of which only tantalizing hints are given.
  • Three are mentioned in Nosflutteratu. One involving Pinkie and a pipe organ, one before that where Twilight and Lyra went on a wild goose chase looking for a nuckelavee, and another before that where Rarity got into a big hoof-fight with Dash. Twilight still has no idea where the giant custard vat came from.
  • The Nuptialverse: There are two words explaining why alcohol was banned from Equestria for five hundred years, causing a decade-long economic depression: drunk Luna.
  • Pony POV Series:
    • Applejack gives us a few details of a rather crazy adventure she had in Canterlot. It involved the ghost of a Sea Pony, a lost locket, and Apple Bloom being transformed into a Sea Pony for a short time. Not even Applejack is sure how that last part happened.
    • Princess Celestia, being a Time Abyss, mentions these, but seems to have wracked them up during her reign with a strange amount of frequency. Such as two separate assassins knocking on her door before entering, a pair of stallions disguising themselves as her to sneak into the royal treasury, and her personal assistants turning out to be a spy, an assassin, and going mad with power after realizing she could control what Celestia sees. And then there's 'the Century of Chubby Celly.'
    • The Cutie Mark Crusaders frequently mention an incident where they went "sideways" in time, giving barely any details other than it annoying The Doctor because it violated what he knows about time travel.
    • In Shining Armor's arc, the heroes somehow convert a cider machine into a mass driver. Thunderchild remembers the last time they did that.
  • The Ponies of Olympus series:
    • Ditzy Don't is full of these, most of them having to do with how Ditzy somehow screws up every attempt to help the Mane Six (usually setting something on fire in the process).
    • When Spike and the Mane Six first meet Wavedancer, mute at the time, the following exchange occurs:
      Rainbow Dash: What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?
      Rarity: You leave Opalescence out of this! She only did that once, and she was sorry!
  • Reading List has Twilight apologizing for a "graduation party incident" that Shining Armor had reprimanded her about.
  • In Retired to Equestria, Gilda gets angry at former Evil Overlord Damien for asking directions from the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
    Damien: It wasn’t that bad. Besides, now they know that none of them have special talents involving griffon catching, griffon bothering, griffon tripping, griffon medical care, defending the town against griffons, trapping griffons under avalanches, or digging griffons out of aforementioned avalanches.
    • There's also mention of Damien and the CMC introducing Blueflame to the Everfree Forest, and that a particular manticore likely still has a limp from it.
  • In Starlight Over Detrot, Hard Boiled is categorically forbidden from driving anything. It's never explained precisely why, but it's probably for about the same reason that Taxi isn't allowed any firearm more deadly than a slingshot. (That one is explained: she has a particularly bad aim and a knack for Friendly Fire.)
  • Turnabout Storm:
  • The Twilight Child is positively riddled with these.
    • In one of the early chapters, Spike mentions that the library's oven is out because it blew up the last time Twilight tried cooking. She insists it was a design flaw.
    • Rarity's off-screen exploits with her nemesis and business rival, which somehow ended up causing her to be deathly afraid of cheese. And the incident which caused said nemesis to die, then come back from the dead some time later.
    • At one point during a "Freaky Friday" Flip-situation Rarity offhandedly mentions a time Rainbow Dash tried her hoof at dressmaking. All involved swore never to mention it again, and Rarity doesn't divulge anything else.
    • Luna's one and only attempt at attending the Grand Galloping Gala. It apparently ended in molten cake.
    • The last time anypony told Spike he wouldn't have to do any heavy lifting, he apparently wound up carrying a whole roll of parchment, three puppies, some guard armor and no less than twenty-eight books at once.
  • In A Voice Among the Strangers, Jessica refuses to think about the incident that led to her bonding with Fluttershy.
    It was nice how the mare wasn't shy towards her anymore, although the incident of how it occurred would never be brought up again. Just remembering the mess she had to clean up... no, she wouldn't let her brain bring back up that image. She did feel sorry for that squirrel though...
  • Whispers:
    • Nightmare Moon refers to a "silence weed incident" which apparently should have pushed their mother to disown them. Of course, Celestia knows exactly what she's talking about from the mere mention.
    • Arcanus's recount of a past wedding in chapter 4 is loaded with these.
  • Eakin's Hard Reset:
    • During the epilogue of You Can Fight Fate, Luna shows up excited about a planned adventure, but Azalea refuses to let Twilight get involved because she's pregnant.
      Luna: Twilight! We have been fools this entire time! "Argent Map' is an anagram for the word 'pentagram!'"
      Twilight: [facehoofs] Wouldn't that mean—
      Luna: Precisely!
      Twilight: And so the translation would be—
      Luna: Exactly!
      Twilight: Really, though? With an enchanted spatula?
      Luna: It is the only rational explanation.
      Twilight: Azalea, I have to—
      Azalea: No adventures! No quests, no journeys, no epic undertakings. You promised me after the thing with the pearl inside of the giant fish.
      Twilight: But Azaleaaaaa! But... but... enchanted spatula! We have to do something or the cultists will cross-pollinate with the mutant porcupines!
    • A later short story explains absolutely nothing.
      Luna: You can't blame me for what happened. I don't even know where the cultists found that much jam living inside a volcano, much less how they kept it from going bad.
      Celestia: You could have warned me about the ferrets, at the very least. And then to top it all off this 'epic artifact of immense power' turns out to be—
      Luna: The book didn't mention that! I don't know what the Order was thinking! I don't even know how you'd do that to a spatula! Those poor, poor quiches. Their sacrifice shall never be forgotten.
      Celestia: Oh, yes it will. Because we are never going to speak of this again. Ever. Especially not to Twilight. Do you understand?
  • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse: Whatever happened to turn Fluttering Posey (a.k.a. Fluttershy) into the Shrinking Violet she is today. About all we know is that it happened as a result of trying to serve as proxy to her aunt (Fragrant Posey, Duchess of Greater Cloudsdale) and that even years later just hearing the words "Night Court" sends her into an instant panic attack.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: Night Blade’s talentmitzvah. It is not stated exactly what happened but it apparently was the breaking point for Night, who gave up on having any meaningful relationship with his parents afterward. Ceases to be one in Picking Up the Pieces, which explains exactly what happened: his parents wound up turning it into a "stuffy, adult party" and grounded him for wanting his special day to focus on him. They're later horrified when they realize what this ultimately led to.
  • Since the main character of This is the Life: A Tale of a Human in Equestria is meant to be an Audience Surrogate, any reference to his past will be something like "You sat back and filled them in on why you decided to move here and live with ponies". Also, at one point for some reason or another, he apparently tried to eat hay:
    Bon Bon: And I don’t barf when I try and eat hay!
    Audience Surrogate: That never happened! Who told you that?!
  • In The Meaning of Harmony it's never revealed what exactly Rainbow Dash did at the barn party. The only thing Sunset knows is that she doesn't want to mention it ever again.
  • In Rainbow Dash, Please Report to the Principal's Office, Rarity mentions being sent to Principal Celestia's office because the sequins on her outfit were "so shiny they were blinding your fellow peers."
  • In Unfamiliar Patterns, Sweetie Belle's family won't let her to go to Fillydelphia after the "relish incident".
  • A Diplomatic Visit:
    • In chapter 2 of the sequel Diplomat at Large, Twilight apparently "invaded" Byzantion, where the headquarters of the International Bureaucracy was located.
    • In chapter 2 of the second sequel, Diplomacy Through Schooling, Twilight mentions one where Rainbow Dash swiped her door as a prank. Details are not otherwise given.
    • As noted in chapter 7 of Diplomacy Through Schooling, Twilight has declined to comment on how her attempt at surfing went when she was visiting Ornithia.
  • A Quick Trip to the Home Improvement Store ends with everyone involved being banned from the shop for a few weeks for their antics over the course of the story- with the exception of Celestia, whose antics we don't see, but was apparently bad enough for a permanent ban.

    Naruto Fan Works 
  • A Growing Affection has a couple.
    • Some time between the end of the story and the Distant Finale there is a 'Summoning War' which Naruto remembers in passing when talking about how everything hasn't been exactly perfect since the big bad's defeat.
    • Some time before the the Nine-Tails attack the Leaf Village, the Demon was forced to attack and destroy the Village Hidden in the Lakes. The Fox regrets it because of all the weaklings she was forced to kill, but otherwise does not elaborate.
  • Several in Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox:
    • The 365 days' rampage, which forms the framework for the fic's back-story, was this for a good chunk of the story. All that was known about it initially was that a lot of people died (the official body count is around 247, but urban legends insist, and Yugito later confirms, that it was much higher than that), that it was a region-wide event, and that the Kyuushingai were at the center of it all...but there was no mention of what started it in the first place, or what exactly happened during that time period aside from Tenten's parents' deaths. Yugito eventually tells Hinata what she knows about how the chaos initially started, in Chapter 43, and it's revealed that it started because of a fight between Naruto and Gaara that spilled over into a nearby New Year's Eve celebration.
    • Naruto's transfer from Uzushio High School in Whirl City also used to be one of these. What was known was that he got into a fight with a gang, caused some serious property damage at the school, and was given the choice of either transferring or getting expelled and then arrested on suspicion of being a Kyuushingai (this being a time when the Nine Terrors' exploits were still fresh in people's minds). However, what wasn't known was what caused the gang-fight in the first place, or even whether Naruto or the gangsters were the aggressors...until Chapter 94, in which a flashback revealed that the gang leader, Sumaru, was the aggressor, due to jealousy over Naruto complementing his girlfriend.
    • In Chapter 13, the bartender at Tenten's usual hangout—-after witnessing her beat up a patron-—casually remarks that at least she didn't destroy the whole bar this time, although he doesn't elaborate on what exactly Tenten did the last time.
    Tenten: You're never gonna let that go, are you? I SAID I was sorry, didn't I?
    • In Chapter 41, Sakura references a time when Ino was threatened with expulsion over an incident involving a plunger and 100 rubber bands. In retaliation, though, Ino references a time when Sakura got publicly grounded by her parents as punishment for an undisclosed incident involving a baggage girl at a supermarket.
    Sakura: Wha-—hey, it wasn't my fault, she started it!
    • In Chapter 45, Naruto mentions to Roshi that he's met with Yugito. Roshi's eyes light up, prompting Naruto to ask if he remembers what happened "the last time" Roshi tried to grope Yugito.
    Roshi: (thumbs-up and grin) Worth it.
    • Sasuke and Itachi rib each other in Chapter 88 over cooking-related incidents that happened in their pasts...moments after Itachi has just badmouthed their mother's poor cooking.
    Sasuke: At least Mom cooks better than you do. Or have you forgotten that incident with the cod fish and soy sauce from five years ago?
    Itachi: This from the kid who's still forbidden to combine milk with tomato juice ten years later.
    • In Chapter 114, Byakuren mentions the "National Chamber of Commerce Skirt-Staining Incident." All that we learn about it is that it involved Jiraiya, it made national headlines, and it almost caused a ruckus in Parliament the following day.
    • In Chapter 115, Jugo recalls that Suigetsu was involved in an undisclosed incident at Ichiraku Ramen the previous Christmas, which resulted in him not being allowed back at the restaurant without an adult accompanying him. Suigetsu retorts that the incident in question happened because he lost a bet, to which Jugo responds that Suigetsu should be glad he's not in jail for it.
    • In Chapter 135, after explaining that he's gotten VIP seats for the protagonists to watch a local basketball game because the arena manager owes him a favor, Kabuto is about to elaborate, then remembers Hanabi's there with them, and will only say that the favor in question concerned two cheerleaders, re-carpeting of the opposing team's manager's limo, and a lot of cola.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Works 
  • Advice and Trust: In chapter 4 Asuka says to Rei she reacted so strongly when she found out Rei was being ordered taking emotion-suppressants drugs because her step-mother tried something like that when she was younger, but she did not explain what her step-mother had tried to do. The author goes into more detail in the forum thread; basically, Asuka's stepmother — who was also her mother's attending physician after her Contact Experiment accident drove her crazy, and thus the woman that Asuka's father shamelessly had an affair with during his wife's insanity — decided to deal with the emotional damage from finding Kyoko's dead body by dosing her up with diazepam and not a whole lot else. Asuka has understandably developed a bit of a complex about those sorts of medications.
  • A Crown of Stars: There are plenty of them in this fic. The Avaloni folk often hint many anecdotes but they don’t elaborate upon them.
    • In chapter 40 during a ball Shinji and Asuka are talking to a combat medic that mentions offhandedly that she had "a bout of lycanthropy" and got shot by a silver bullet, among other things. Asuka inwardly thought: "And what the fuck was that about lycanthropy? These people are weird!"
  • The Child of Love: In chapter 4 Kaji returns from a trip across France. Misato reacts angrily when she sees him, and he asks "Why don't you treat me like you did one week before my trip, huh?". Misato orders him to shut up and refuses to talk about whatever they did.
  • Evangelion 303:
    • Shinji has mentioned twice that he served in the Black Aces on the Nimitz, but he has not told why he was in the Black Aces or what he did over there.
    • In this scene Asuka's inner self is accusing herself of resorting again to a cabinet full of narcotics to run away from her troubles. It has not been explained what "again" meant.
  • HERZ: After Kensuke has pressed Asuka's buttons a tad too much she hints she will tell his girlfriend about his perverted exploits back when they were teens. She does not get specific, but Kensuke shuts up.
    Asuka:"Kensuke... I bet your darling Kaori-chan would just love to hear about all your perverted little exploits back when we were in school.."
    Kensuke:"What exploits!?"
    Asuka:"Oh, you know... those..."
    Kensuke:"I don't know what you're talking about! I... Oh man..."
  • Higher Learning: Kaoru explains that there was a fight during a celebration and his father murdered Asuka. He never explained what caused the fight or his father’s motives.
  • Once More with Feeling:
    • The Jet Alone mess is just mentioned in passing.
    • After Shinji turned Chihiro down, some students spread rumors of he was gay. However, thanks Toji and Hikari, after a very embarassing morning, almost nobody believed those rumors. Shinji did not specify what happened in that morning.
    • Fuyutsuki does not know how the UN managed to get a frigate down in the Geofront, but doesn't make any inquiries into the matter as he reasons it's a good test of his self control... and it probably wouldn't beat the story of the motorboat in Terminal Dogma anyways.
  • The One I Love Is...: Shinji spent one month absorbed into Unit 01. After getting pulled out of the giant robot, he found Asuka and Rei were now friends and were living together. Shinji asked Misato what had happened between them, and his guardian mentioned off-handily a Cat Fight, but she did not provide further details.
  • Shinji And Warhammer 40 K:
    • Whatever happened in Hawaii that led to Gendo and Fuyutsuki being banned from the entire state.
    • During the Time Skip, Shinji apparently had some globetrotting adventures, and has alluded to a lost city in Egypt and an encounter with a sidhe in England without going into too much detail.
    • From chapter 23:
      Asuka:"G-get your hand out of there! Dammit! Help! She's molesting me...again."
      Rei:"It was an accident, Sohryu."
    • In chapter 32, Maya, Rei and Mana decide that the only way to get Shinji's sync ratio up is to resolve some typical pent-up teenage stress, and had even cleared it with the local (tantric) Buddhist priests. When Asuka tries to stop them, they figure they might as well include her as well, and bring her along. They then invite Misato, who declines and only requests that they bring the two back in time for school. Although Maya's wink to Misato suggests that she was joking, the only thing we know for sure is that hours later, several buildings collapse without reason, thirty-six Terminators deploy, and portents of doom are sensed throughout the city.
      "Oh, come on." Misato turned to Shinji. "It was for your own good. So... what happened?"
      "Nothing happened. Ever." he replied. "It was exhausting, it was random, it was completely pointless, and you're never going to know."

    One Piece Fanworks 
  • This Bites!:
    • So many bizarre things happen on Little Garden that Cross suggests that they make it this, referring to it thenceforth as the 'Little Garden Affair' (though that's only after Luffy wrecks the diagram that they had just finished putting together detailing said bizarre things).
    • In Chapter 21, after seeing that Zoro's fight with Mr. 1 went...about as bad as it did in canon, and Zoro attempts to shrug off Cross and Nami's assistance:
    Cross: If these wounds don't lay you out, then I can guarantee you that Chopper will. Do you want him to break out the good drugs again, hmm? Do you?
    Zoro: (shuddering and looking panicked) So many colors and I couldn't hit any of them...
    • In Chapter 26, Cross precedes the main subject of his SBS broadcast by mentioning that he was recuperating from somehow making two of the crew's females and Sanji angry through some sort of mishap involving what was most likely a Flame Dial. Chapter 28 reveals that it probably involved Clothing Damage, and Conis had a similar incident at some point.
    • In Chapter 34, Itomimizu of the Foxy Pirates mentions a lost court case which means he can say "The humanity" instead of "The sapient-ity".
    • In Chapter 35, perhaps in one of the more literal uses of the trope, Su mentions an incident that involved Conis, some form of overloading, and macaroni and, in Conis's words, 'so much cheese'.
    • It appears that in-between chapters Cross and the gang encountered Ratchet and Randolph (the Marine-turned-actor from one of the specials), and both times Vivi managed to screw things up in her own personal fashion. But as the reader has no clear idea as to what happened, it counts as a Noodle Incident.
    • Turns out the Red-Haired Pirates' rampage/party took them all the way to Dressrosa and made them black out for two days. One of the first things they say upon waking up is to tell Doflamingo "sorry about your city."

    Pokemon Fan Works 
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has several, among them the following
    • At one point apparently the Team Rocket Trio tried to catch a Magmar with a net.
    • All Professor Oak will say about the first time Ash manifested his Bloodliner abilities is that he currently has neither the time nor the alcohol to explain what happened.
    • Professor Oak once had to deal with drunken Elite Four members. Apparently a drunk Agatha is 'wrong' on so many levels (one instance was revealed to be a drinking contest organized by Charles Goodshow, but it's all but stated that it's not the only one).
    • John Archer's Kirlia makes a mention of how much she hates Tracing abilities like Stench and Thick Fat.
    • Casey Snagem has a lot of these, including losing the Unova League to a spontaneous Larvesta evolution, getting into 5 bar fights in Sinnoh of which 3 involved Reggie, and losing to a Jigglypuff in a princess dress at the Hoenn League.
    • Dr. Boxer apparently invented some kind of ray gun that Professor Oak felt the need to crush using an Onix.
    • Exactly what happened to Butch and Cassidy in Dark City remains a mystery. The Hop-Hop-Hop Town operation failure was this at first, but the Arnold oneshot reveals what happened.
    • Apparently, somebody tried to ride their bike inside the Celadon City Mall. This caused millions in property damage and resulted in fourteen people being hospitalized.
    • Meowth once read a fraudulent fortune cookie that made him deathly afraid of Machop.
    • Apparently when Mina does art (and possibly drugs), she ends up on Hapu's couch. At one point Mina did this sans shirt.
    • Blaine used to do research in the Pokémon Mansion, but abandoned the place after an experiment went horribly wrong.
    • Ninja and Marilyn have a number of these over various art thefts.
  • As The Prankster, Mike in Pokéumans triggers a lot of these: his 'soap bubble fiasco' is Asula's office, his first attempt at a Groudon transformation and numerous incidents involving 'Electrode bombs'.

    Star Trek Fan Works 
  • In the Original Series fanfic Sole Survivor Kirk's attraction to anything new and strange is mentioned via a list of Noodle Incidents
    Like the time he tried to pet the Xereedian princess’ pet pathriopod. (Result – acid burns that ate his fingers down to the bone, allergic reactions to the bite, and a very amused princess).Or the time he thought it would be a good idea to try the Andorian Fireball drink at Bened Six (Result – blacking out after one sip, climbing on the table to deliver an impromptu concert, and getting hauled off by a furious doctor and a very bemused Vulcan before he could get more than two steps into a strip tease).Or that Klingon girl at Aret Central… Well, you get the idea.

  • The summary of Atomicskull's Star Trek (2009) AU fic Citylights is this: "World War III (known as Almost the End of the World) occurred in 2014 during Milan Fashion Week. It was short, it was bloody, and it was absolutely spectacular to see unfold." We never do find out exactly what happened. The final part of the series suggests it might have had something to do with investing. Or taxes. The jury's still out.
  • The Headhunt:
    • Dul'krah mentions a prior break-in at Facility 4028 carried out by a rogue Starfleet group with a Section 31 obsession. According to the author's notes this was meant as a Shout-Out to the Star Trek Online Foundry mission series Star Trek: Allegiance.
    • The Ver Eshalakh's prior encounters with le Milieu. All we know is, the Ver Eshalakh won.
    • Tess Phohl mentions a "clusterfrak at Torgo VII a few years back" involving the Motta family.
  • The Universe Doesn't Cheat:
  • The Wrong Reflection:
    • Apparently Eleya's in hot water with the Federation brass right now because she cussed out Tuvok, three ambassadors, and Proconsul D'Tan (presumably during the conference in "Surface Tension"). Word of God on the Star Trek Online forums is that the Fix Fic for "Surface Tension" explaining this is in development.
    • Brokosh and Eleya apparently fought each other at Regulus IV when she commanded the George Hammond. Also references to the IKS QarchetvI', a Negh'Var-class battlecruiser taking part in the attack on the Terran base, leaving the USS Hamburg for dead and nearly blowing up the Hammond even after Eleya tried to surrender.
    • Eleya is confident that Commander Roxy will give her a unit of MACOs because Roxy owes her a favor. All T'Var will say about the matter is that they "extracted her from a predicament eighteen months ago." The rest is classified.
  • "From Bajor to the Black, Part II" has Eleya airily refer to having woken up next to two passed-out Klingons with a hangover, a cracked rib, and "several bruises in embarrassing places". The author commented that "tequila was involved".
  • Peace Forged in Fire has Played for Drama example. Sahuel t'Khnialmnae is apparently ex-Tal'Shiar, and was aboard the Aen'rhien when it killed hundreds of refugees in an unelaborated incident.
    Sahuel: (tearfully) That was an accident! And I wasn't even on duty!
  • The Official List of Unofficial Rules is made of noodle incidents. Almost every rule is based on one.
  • "Past Continuous" has Eleya mention that the True Way put a six-figure bounty on her after "that business on Algira III" (likely a reference to the mission "Forging Bonds").
  • In A Voice On The Wilderness there's a brief mention by Gaara of "that thing with the Xucphran geese on Klaestron IV", and Biri says she still doesn't know what that was about. That makes all of us, Biri.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Works 
  • Being Dead Ain't Easy has an in-universe example, as while readers know the story behind the Funny Bunnies in Kaiba's Soul Room from watching Yu-Gi-Oh, Joey guesses there's a reason for it but decides he'd rather not know.
  • In YuGiOh! The Thousand Year Door Redux Shadow Spawn of Light Melissa once drank a Growth Potion and a Shrinking Potion at the same time to see what happens. It is made very clear that she doesn't like it when it is brought up.

Everything else:

  • This Arthur Time Skip fancomic has D.W. getting in serious trouble at school for what she insists is a "victimless crime".
  • The CATS story Those Awful Pipes:
    • There is frequent reference to "The Turkey Incident", which the Rum Tum Tugger is still angry about. Mistoffolees apologized for that, Bastet!
      "...This is about the turkey incident, isn't it?"
    • The incident was the subject of its own one-shot. To poor Demeter, however, whose mostly Fanon distaste for Tugger is legendary and who would have LOVED to see a large turkey decide Tugger was its mate it will forever be a Noodle Incident.
      Demeter: (horrified) No!...I missed it!
  • This Bizenghast fanfic involves Edaniel giving Edrear a haircut and somehow shaving a rude word into Edrear's hair. Said rude word implies doing ... things to groundhogs and farming equipment.
  • In the Merlin fanfic A Very Hairy Situation, the several spurned lovers who attempted to kill Gwaine using nothing but a garlic clove and some grass (it's surprisingly painful).
  • First Impressions: Murdoc and his old cronies agreed never to mention "that thing you did with the cat and the watermelon and the box of fireworks" again. It never gets explained, but apparently it was at least marginally less disturbing than making out with a dead body (which he actually didn't do). May or may not be the same thing as "the thing with the cat" which he refers to later, which appears to have been somehow sexual in nature but was "taken entirely out of context" by the gossips.
  • In The Wasteland Life, a Fallout 3 fanfic starring a lone wanderer named Bren, he along with with a Former Brotherhood of Steel went into a metro in which Bren smelt something (a deathclaw eating a dead Super Mutant) that reminds him of "Butch's Science Project in the Eighth grade, it got an F minus and boy it was horrible to the Janitors who had to clean it up" creating a small noodle incident that makes you wonder what could have Butch possibly done at that point in the Vault.
  • Averted in the Power Rangers epic Of Love and Bunnies. What start out as Noodle Incidents (usually related to inside jokes) are eventually explained. Amazingly, they live up to what's implied about them.
  • In Red Witch's Galaxy Rangers fanfic Sins of the Father several of them are invoked by Commander Cain as to why Galaxy Rangers and alcohol don't mix.
    "I am of course referring to some wonderful karaoke performances, flights of fancy while being high on cough syrup, a few fights at bars…" Cain went on. "And of course the most memorable of all, Captain Foxx's impersonation of a naked cowboy riding a mechanical bull…The rest of you nut jobs aren't exactly the most civilized drunks I've seen either we all know what happened the last time Ranger Bennett got drunk and what she did in the closet with four rangers, an ambassador, a pair of handcuffs and that toilet plunger! Please also observe the dress code. In other words stay dressed and no nudity! Also do not set anything on fire! I know it's a common sense rule but after last afternoon's little mishap in the cafeteria I think I should remind certain people that."
  • Horseshoes and Hand Grenades has a sidestory called SplitxEnd that states that JK's currently reeling from "that incident" which caused the rift between him and his father.
  • In the Good Omens fanfic Manchester Lost, Death owes the Antichrist a favor for never mentioning this one incident. It involved two kittens, thirteen girl scouts, an ice cream cone, a goat and six pairs of socks.
  • Pretty The World, a Bones fanfic, has one. In Chapter Four, the OCs discuss amongst themselves a trip to Tijuana that involved injuries, life scarring, hypothermia, barn animals, carrots and something with a pencil that didn't matter due to gel padding.
  • In this Glee fic, "the great Wasabi Debate of 2010" is mentioned.
  • In M. McGregor's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Peggy Sue fanfiction, I Am What I Am, one of the ways the time-travelling Xander demonstrates how well he knows Buffy is by bringing up an unexplained "Apple Cider Incident."
  • The Mass Effect fanfic series Inglorious Bosh'tets:
    • In the original, we're never told what, exactly, Prazza did in that issue of the porno magazine Fornax that got it labeled the "Forbidden Issue," but we are told that an elcor was involved, that it violated at least thirteen laws in Citadel space, that it turned one poor C-Sec officer off sex for good, that Prazza did it to try to raise money for a Pilgrimage gift and got disowned by his family because of it and was unable to complete his Pilgrimage as a result, that the issue in question caused many who viewed it to go crazy or commit suicide, that the owner of the magazine was arrested the day after the issue was published and the magazine got a tarnished image and a ton of lawsuits because of it, and that it was something that went against the law of the galaxy, if not the universe, and most definitely didn't do much to improve relations with quarians in general.
    • In the sequel, Project Gethinator, we learn from Nehallennia, the managing director of Fornax, that what happened in the Forbidden Issue was the brainchild of Fornax's first human director, whose work was massively popular before this, and that he conceived it as a kind of "magnum opus." On top of everything else that happened (Nehallennia mentions that even asari matriarchs were rendered comatose for weeks by the scene in question), it ruined the director's career and led to the suicides of three of the actors involved. Oh, and the name of Prazza's little scene in the issue? "Ride My Love Rocket."
  • From Shizune's Perspective, a Katawa Shoujo fic:
    • The story occasionally brings up incidents that are not elaborated on, as noted by Word of God.
      Misha: “You’re relapsing into Supreme Overlady mode again. Is another intervention in order?”
    • Another one is on one of Shizune's past relationships. note 
      Misha: "Maybe as the last speaking girl to turn you down I shouldn't talk, but why not branch out? Your last deaf boyfriend was a total jackass."
      Shizune: "That’s why I’m bi."
      Misha: "And your last deaf girlfriend was even worse."
      Shizune narrates: I grimaced at those memories. Fucking St. Pfil’s transfer students.
  • Unlike most examples, which play this for laughs, Akiko's time as a Magical Girl, such as the four years against the Nightmare Factory, but especially during the three years she fought the Circus of Blood, will mostly be glossed over if it is mentioned at all. This is because no one could write a snippet without subjecting the girl to horrors that would break most magical girls. Not even Puella Magi Madoka Magica compares to the death, gore and despair discussed in the abstract in the DISCUSSION parts of the subject.
  • Episode 10 of Futari wa Pretty Cure Dragon, a crossover episode with Pretty Cure Mirai ~ Spark!, parodies this early on when the Magnificent Trio, who had just wound up in Millennium City, mention that a "pasta incident" at Western Paradise (though this being the Hong Kong Dub of the Curefic, this may be an inaccurate translation of the original Japanese, which simply mentioned Italian restaurants without being specific) was responsible. Said pasta incident is never elaborated on further.
  • From Adventure Time fanfic, Alex, the titular antagonist knows about the falling out between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum. That's because she instigated it.
  • In the Firefly fic Forward, the Six Rifles refer to an instance called the "Boros job" which involved a gunfight with twenty federal marshals, but the specifics are never given. Amusingly, this is during the "Last Man" story, which is actually exploring a canonical Noodle Incident, that being Jayne's story of "six men who came to kill me one time."
  • In Renegade, Zaeed is mentioned as destroying countless military bases, warships, aircraft, and "one very unlucky dirigible." On a more serious note, there's whatever happened on Akuze; the specifics are not stated, just that Shepard encountered the Scrin and the battle ended with her being so horribly scarred by Buzzers that the Scrin now terrify the hell out of her.
  • In the Cat Returns fanfic The Lion's Warrior, Baron and Lune(as the crown princes here) mention the one time they ran away from the palace a few times though the story. The scene will begin to waver like a flashback is starting when they shout in fear while waving their arms at the reader/author "NO, IT'S TOO SCARY!!" One time, their dad the king(not the same as the movie) asked them what they were doing, to which they replied, "Nothing."
  • Done constantly in Kingdom Crossovers. Calvin and Hobbes are part of the main cast, so the original Trope Namer gets brought up a lot, but there are also other mentioned incidents that go unexplained.
  • Examples from the Calvinverse (and interestingly, only one story references the Trope Namer:
    Calvin: I can't believe this! You cause one or two minor riots and a bull stampede, followed by several the water balloon bombs of '98, and the neighbors think you're a troublemaker.
  • In the Facing the Future Series, Danny apparently went through a two hour eating binge sometime between the accident that gave him his powers and the first episode.
  • The Shadowchasers Series has quite a few:
    • In Shadowchasers: Ascension, it's never revealed what Ophelia's mother did that landed her in prison (and to this day makes Ophelia embarrassed to be associated with her) only that it was a very public spectacle aimed at drawing attention to herself, a habit that shadar-khar tend to have.
    • In Shadowchasers: Backwater, Tsubasa has two: In Chapter 2 of Knightfall he and Neo discuss a deck he used in the past that focused on Shapesnatch, of all things. While he actually won the Shadow Duel where he used it, the criminal in question escaped as it left him too exhausted o pursue. We can only imagine how this strategy actually worked. Second, his entire family is no longer allowed in Las Vegas due to an incident involving "a blackjack table, some cheese, a ficus, and Hyde Vayne". All other details of this are classified in all known records.
    • Voltaire, the star of Shadowchasers: Danse Macabre, is full of them. For example, was an incident with a giant squid, which he refuses to elaborate on, because his former apprentice threatened him with bodily harm if he ever told anyone about it (and to this day, she can't look at a plate of calamari without blushing, he claims).
    • In Shadowchasers: Conspiracy, Edgar has a few of them, but there seems to be enough information to apply other Tropes to them:
      • Did You Just Romance Cthulhu?: He tells Maddie he “fought an erinyes temptress from Hell, outwitted another, and I think I might have dated another…”
      • Gladiator Games: He also mentions that he “fought in the Hall of the Vanquished both as a prisoner of the place and a second time because I was invited…” (Interestingly enough, this place is also mentioned by Zanth in Tournament of Shadows, but he doesn’t describe it either.)
      • Our Werebeasts Are Different: When he expresses his skepticism of The Greys, Maddie mentions how his mentor was a Shadowkind wildlife expert who “said the very idea of a lycanthrope who turned into an animal that wasn’t at least partially carnivorous was absurd”, and then mentions an encounter with a were-gorilla in Niger. (Edgar admits it, but then adds that he was “under a rather odd ancestral curse."
    • Speaking of odd were-beasts, in Shadowchasers: Tournament of Shadows Sonya recounts to Nicole an incident where encountered a "very confused wererat" who claimed he was a were-Tasmanian devil (marsupial lycanthropes don't exist) and another incident where she "met" Terra Ironhoof, but won't give the details.
  • In the fic Because I Can, Nancy Drew ponders a recent crime that Carmen Sandiego committed.
    Even stealing the Eiffel Tower wasn't terribly impressive; it was large, yes, but all large things could be broken into pieces, and with enough people it could even be done quickly enough that nobody would be caught in the act. Interpol had already worked out most of the logistics of it, and though Nancy had to admit that using a submarine was particularly brilliant...
  • In Fairy Tales and Hokum, Rick is said to have joined the French Foreign Legion "after that thing with Izzy, the Italian hitman, and the belly-dancer girl because the alternative had been serious jail time".
    • Also, whatever caused Jonathan and Tom to get locked up in the basement of St Hilda's girls' college and attacked by a ram in their Oxford days.
  • The Supernatural fic "The Heart and Stomach" includes the narrator thinking about her sister's planning face, which "had never failed to get me in trouble since the age of ten and that thing with the cornflakes".
  • Yang seems to have quite a few of these in React Watch Believe Yikes, probably due to her brash and aggressive attitude toward combat or close proximity to Ruby.
  • In the Medaka Box fanfic World as Myth, main characters Zenkichi and Kumagawa got up to "something" ten years ago. It involved rice pudding.
  • Several get mentioned in Warriors of the World: Soldiers of Fortune:
    • A knight mentions an incident involving bedbugs where he had just happened to be in the same room and "had nuthin' to do with them". This never gets elaborated.
    • The Battle of Al'Zahur is mentioned on occasion but very little is known about it. The people who do know about it aren't about to talk.
    • At some point several expeditions are name dropped at Valkron, who apparently gained his reputation from them. He shuts the conversation down very quickly and they go unexplained.
  • The Homestuck fic If It Means A Lot To You never fully explains why Eridan went on a murderous rampage through his school. All we know is that he blames Feferi and Sollux for it, and broke off his friendship with the former several days before the shooting.
  • In the House fic I Am Not The Walrus, something House did while drunk resulted in an entire medical conference being banned from a hotel. Even House himself doesn't want to discuss it.
  • The Doctor Who fic Time and Space, written by Eureka2000, has four so far:
    • In Chapter 1, there's the "Wal-Mart Incident". Nothing is revealed except for the fact that it involved OC!Zanna and her brother, Garrett, and that it happened at Wal-Mart. Zanna also compares it to their encounter with a Weeping Angel, so it's probably just as bad.
    • In Chapter 4, OC!Epsilon jokes to Cass that she hopes they're not in another labyrinth while wandering the corridors in the Rani's TARDIS, and Cass replies by saying that she still doesn't know how the Rani managed it.
    • In Chapter 9, the Doctor and his companions enter the console room soaking wet and vowing to never speak about what happened. The only clues given about the situation was that they were not on the planet they were looking for and that the locals were dreadful.
    • In Chapter 10, Epsilon mentions some incidents involving Catherine the Great and the Space Mafia, which prompted her to choose a codeword to use when she thinks that the Doctor is about to lose his temper.
  • In Bleach fanfiction Please Stop Eating The Hell Butterflies, there is an uncountable number of these, such as whatever resulted in Aizen hailing Orihime Inoue as the "Great and Powerful Queen of Hueco Mundo" and cowering at the sight of her. There was also another incident involving Mayuri and some exploding babies. At one point, it was even invoked during the Halloween Episode, where the sheer chaos of the event made Yamamoto decree that no one was to ever speak of it again.
  • Gensokyo 20XX:
    • In chapter 20 Gensokyo 20XXI, Yuuka mentioned an incident with Eirin involving her, Tewi, a prank, and some kind of narcotics. Suffice to say, she got the wrong the prescription.
      Yuka:Exactly what happened at the time went like this her, Tewi, a prank, and some kind of narcotics. Suffice to say, I got the wrong prescription.
    • Kaguya is full of these.
    • From Apartment Gensokyo, we have several, usually involving the kids or something occurring with some of the other characters.
    • From the sidestories and one-shots, we usually get these with pranks but the one that is particularly eye-catching is from the one-shot Our Fault, where the results of a noodle incident sets up the whole plot and, whilst Chen is narrating, she never reveals what it was.
      • From the same one-shot, Yukari had a bad experience with water once, leading for her wear a football helmet and floaties in whenever she gets in the water. This has the effect of making her swim slower.
  • In Like A Girl, Numair experiments with a new spell in order to change Joren back into a boy. He reappears several minutes later in a cloud of smoke, covered with soot, remarking that he is never doing anything like that again.
  • In the Legion of Lawndale Heroes Daria fic, the characters occasionally make mention of "the Porterhouse Challenge", which may be related to the VERY large steak that a number of restaurants offer (hilariously large, in some cases) with the caveat that if a person can eat it in one sitting, the meal is free.
  • In XCOM: From the Ashes of Temples, the Newfoundland mission is briefly mentioned as the incident involving "a whale and an airstrike".
  • In your arms begins with Harry Dresden returning home after a battle, which involved a missing dog, motorcycles, and an exploding cake.
  • Played straight and subverted in X-Squared. Readers never find out how exactly Xander came to be pen pals with Dracula but the Noodle Incident is explained. Apparently Xander wanted a way to serve soup (specifically chicken noodle soup) faster at the school cafeteria so he created a device that both looked and sounded like a shotgun and shot soup into student's bowls. Things escalated when a SWAT team surprised him right when he tried to turn on the safety, causing him to instead turn it to full automatic and send several SWAT team members to the hospital.
  • Played for Drama in Diamond in the Rough (Aladdin). Sometime before the events of the comic, the lamp's previous owner made a wish with it but brought unseen disaster on Agrabah, so terrible that he's resolved to seal the lamp away forever where no one else will get it.
  • A serious example happens in Street Sharks Redux, when Ripsster goes to investigate Dr. Paradigm's past. There are two incidents that always come up but get no explanation. The first is how, exactly, Paradigm ended up with his eye patch (it had something to do with his history of military service, but he apparently was unavailable for comment every time the matter came up). The second involved him going abroad for personal reasons, during which time his family died off in various mundane ways (heart attack, a bank robbery gone badly, etc). Ripster is certain that this is all somehow significant in figuring out what's going on, but there's no context or additional information available.
  • In Sonic X: Dark Chaos, Tails occasionally refers to the last time he tried to repair something made by Eric, which ended up with him institutionalized for a week. Also, both Jesus and Maledict consider the Temptation in the Desert to be this trope in-universe.
  • In RWBY fic Substitute Actor, Yang isn't allowed to go clubbing anymore. Ruby tells Ash the story, but all the reader knows is that it has something to do with blenders.
  • At the end of Chapter 31 of Lucky Star: After Story, we learn that Hiroko and Mikoto had been injured a few days earlier. It's never fully explained how it happened, all we know is that involved Hiroko pushing a big red button, while she and Tomoyo were visiting Mikoto in Osaka.
  • All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird has the so-called "Parker incident." Whatever this was, it's credited as the reason the Inquisition scouts are not allowed to bet clothing when they play cards.
  • In Bolt from the Blue, one of Grandma Vongola's wartime escapades apparently involved Giotto Molinaro, Delfino Superbi in a dress, a flock of goats and a large number of severely outmatched Nazis. Her granddaughter-in-law thought it genuinely hilarious.
  • In the first part of Gravity Falls Deep Woods, a gnome mentions several times the giant spiders that live in Gravity Falls' forest and apparently captured his family. We never find out exactly what happened. Probably for the best.
  • Mr and Mrs Gold: Apparently Rumpelstiltskin got him and Belle lost on their way to the White Witch’s Castle in Narnia due to his distrust of wolves, and wound up picking a fight with Mr. Tumnus when he thought he was hitting on Belle.
  • The Golds: Apparently there is a "tea party" Katja and Jefferson agree to never tell Grace about.
  • Subverted in the Code Geass fanfic LivingContradictory with 'The Sword Incident', which is explained in detail right after it's first brought up. The trope is then played straight with 'The Beard Incident'.
  • Part Nine of the NCIS fic Ten Nonlinear Moves:
    Rule 19: We are not actually naming the incidents. If Special Agent McGee says that we are naming the incidents, he is wrong, and should be reminded of the Exploding Highlighter Incident. Shut up, McGee. Ziva, stop laughing. Abby, why are you here?
    Addendum to Rule 19: Only Special Agent DiNozzo can name the incidents.
    The official incidents include: the Exploding Highlighter Incident, the Ziva's Unexpected Soy Allergy Incident, the Don't Touch That Incident, the Curiously Zen Marine Sergeant Incident, and the Admittedly Heartwarming but Decidedly Unmentionable Flowchart Incident.
  • In the Psych fanfic Carlton's Worst Inhibitions, Shawn says: "You'll notice that I did catch hoof and mouth in the fifth grade after a trip to a petting zoo. Interesting fact, llamas aren't as friendly as they appear."
  • In Chapter 8 of Big Hero 6 fanfic "Twist of Fate", Tadashi once ended up at Fred's manor "after Baymax's 72nd test run" and tells Gogo, Honey and Wasabi they "don't wanna know".
  • In the first chapter of the Adventure Time fanfic Half Past Adventure, Jake references saving Raggedy Princess from a tornado "and from herself". Other than the fact that Lady Rainicorn was also involved, nothing else is known about this.
  • Jon: A few of the guests talk about incident that neither the audience or Jon understand, such as an incident involving bedazzling and a dog.
  • The semi-fanfiction Twitter account I Chat Not Deal With This (NSFW) mentions an erotic fantasy Adrien had, but doesn't go into detail. Apparently it involves a science lab and a short skirt.
  • In Coveralls, a fanfic of The X-Files created by AI, Scully accuses Mulder of having lied about a boy he apparently got a waterbed from because apparently the boy is not a botanist and fed his fish that morning.
  • In A Magician's Secret, Ochako once vomited "a rainbow and sparkles", something no one can figure out.
  • Just Another Morning: Aang discovered that Katara's feet are ticklish after giving her a foot massage the other day.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Olympian Journey:
    • During Hecate's tirade against Prometheus, she mentions something about fennel that caused the Olympian palace to smell like licorice for a month.
    • When Kasahara mentions Jackie once possessing Shendu's talismans, this surprises Eris as she once made a bet with the demon. Considering this is Eris we're talking about, her hanging out with Shendu is completely believable.
    • After Hak Foo is knocked off a tower by a helicopter, he states that this is the second time that's happened to him.
  • In The Chronicles of Karai Getting Her Shit Together, Karai claimed that she was once been trapped in a piano.
  • In The Portal, Thomas remembers an incident involving him, his friend and an extremely angry bald guy with a shopping trolley.
    • The day after Thomas changes his name to Blizzard, he winds up getting hit by one of Storm's mini-hurricanes, reminding him of his first day in Grade 7 where he got hit in the head by a soccer ball.
  • Unbreakable Red Silken Thread: SOMETHING happened the year before Cody and Heather started attending that gave Jo her rodent phobia. What, however, remains a mystery.
  • It's stated in Girl Genius Raised by Jägers the Great Wall of China is apparently sentient, though less bloodthirsty than Castle Heterodyne, but has a higher bodycount.
  • Quirk: Magical Girl Mascot:
    • Whatever happened the first time Katsuki used her strongest attack.
    • When Aizawa says that with everything going wrong, it's not the worst Sports Festival that UA ever had. Present Mic shudders and says "So many badgers".
    • Rei mentions that Endeavor was once hit by a strange quirk. She doesn't go into details but says that he gained a hatred of unicorns because of it.
    • Tensei was once turned into a giraffe for 12 hours.
    • In his hero carrer, All Might was transformed into a vampire, a puppet, an eagle, a rabbit, a deer, and a candelabra.
  • The Bolt Chronicles:
    • In "The Car," Mittens makes reference to, but does not further describe, some sort of unpleasant experience she had on a trampoline with Bolt a few months prior.
      Mittens:: Haven’t been bounced about this much since I made the mistake of joining Bolt on that trampoline in the backyard a few months ago.
    • In "The Coyote," the title character Charlie implies he had a disastrous run-in with someone armed with a shotgun but does not describe the details. He mentions traveling alone and is missing the top of his right ear.
      Charlie: I’m well aware of what a shotgun can do, and I’m not keen to tempt the guy to use it. There’s a good reason why I’m traveling solo nowadays.
  • Junior Officers mentions an unspecified incident that caused Deborah to cut pickles out of her diet.
  • At the end of Marinette's Life (after the Week Off), during the acceptance speech for her Teen Choice Award, Marinette offers to tell the crowd the story of the time she found Chris Hemsworth and Sebastian Stan dressed up as Smurfs. Much to the crowd's disappointment (and Chris and Sebastian's presumed relief), she's interrupted before she can.
  • In Shards of a Memory, catnip has been banned from the Lair due to "that thing we won't mention in this house ever again", presumably something embarrassing and/or dangerous Master Shard did while High on Catnip.
  • In The UA Housekeeping Staff are the Real Victims, Aizawa logs into the class's group chat and demands to know "Why". Every member of the class guesses what he's talking about such as "Is this about the blue?", "I'm sorry about the tiger", and "Is this about the me shaped crater?". None of them are explained and Aizawa instead says he didn't know about most of that and is going to pretend he still doesn't.
  • For whatever reason, Belos had Moonlight Conjuring banned from the palace in Luz Belos: Princess of the Boiling Isles.


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