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  • In Ano Ko ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo, a melodramatic rumor about Shiramine's absence on orientation day prompts Sawa and Itsuki to ask her if it's true. Shiramine explains what she was really doing that day in a lengthy flashback which answers all their questions...and then Sawa realizes that they still don't know who spread the original rumor. Neither she or the readers ever find out.
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  • In Attack on Titan, Jean mentions that Bertolt's "artistic" sleeping positions were so bad, the other trainees used them to predict the weather. What that means is never elaborated on, leaving creative fans to come up with their own ideas.
  • A few are referenced in the dub of Axis Powers Hetalia. Special mention goes to when England meets with his imaginary friends ("But let's not have any murders this go-around, shall we?") and the flashback episode where France and England, who are settling in the New World, find a crying Finland ("Did you get your head caught in the butter churn again?").
    • The Republic of Nikko Nikko starts out as an ordinary (human) middle school student, but is somehow able to become a nation personification. His method in doing so is never explained; Nikko Nikko says that he "believed and tried his best." Japan is completely bewildered.
  • Azumanga Daioh:
    • Yukari occasionally brings up a Love Letter incident involving Minamo from when they were in High School, which usually prompts Minamo to scramble to get her to shut up. Once, she sang "love letter" (In English) whilst flitting down the hallway, just before Minamo could relate a juicy detail about Yukari to the students. Watch the anime version of the scene, as it must be heard to be appreciated.
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    • Another Noodle Incident (at least from Minamo's point of view) happens during a Beach Episode when she gets drunk and answers all the girls' questions about sex. In the morning, Minamo wakes up with a hangover and no memory of the previous night; then 11-year-old Chiyo asks her to clarify a few points... While she's digesting that, the other girls show up to formally thank her for the very educational lesson.
  • Edaniel has his own letter column on the Bizenghast website. In one letter he mentions that he once dated a human agent, who he later broke up with at the Mausoleums request. Why the Mausoleum wanted them to break up is never mentioned.
  • Bleach:
    • Rukia's first visit to the human world, which she can't even remember, is glossed over by Kiyone as soon as it's mentioned. What happened and why Rukia cannot remember it ever happening, isn't explained.
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    • When Byakuya activates Senkei against Ichigo, Byakuya mentions in passing this is only the second time he's ever let someone see Senkei. Who was the first target of Senkei and why has yet to be explained.
    • Hisagi once brought a motorcycle back to Soul Society from the World of the Living. Something happened and it was confiscated. What happened has not been explained.
  • Boarding School Juliet, like its Shakespearean inspiration, never explains why the Great Offscreen War between Towa and the West started, or why they eventually made peace...though if the leaders during that time were half as pigheaded as their descendants in the present day are, they wouldn't really have needed a reason.
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun has how Kuroko wound up sharing a room with Misaka. It's known that Kuroko broke in on the first night, but it's not clear why the dorm supervisor eventually let her stay.
  • Code Geass R2:
    • This exchange when Kallen and C.C. are holed up in the Chinese embassy:
      Kallen: This reminds me of Aomori.
      C.C.: It isn't as bad as that was. At least everyone here is wearing their clothes.
      • Subsequent side-materials de-mystified this incident, showing the Black Knights nearly got busted by Britannia while they were at a hot springs, forcing them to run away while wearing nothing but Modesty Towels.
    • Earlier, during Stage 6 Suzaku brings up "the bird incident" to Lelouch to which he protests him bringing up ancient history which Suzaku corrects to being only seven years ago. Like the above incident, an audio drama clears up what went happened.
    • It's also never explained why Rakshata calls Lloyd the "Earl of Pudding" though most fans make the obvious assumption
    • From Britannia's perspective, the Battle of Itsukushima which gave Tohdoh his title Tohdoh of Miracles. It marks Japan's only victory against Britannia during the invasion and is never explained how it comes about, just that the Britannian military still remembers it with bitter regret. Whether or not future fluff will reveal anything more on the subject remains to be seen.
  • Played with in the Cromartie High School anime when the rather upstanding Kamiyama refused to explain exactly why in the hell he's in a school full of Japanese Delinquents. However, he tells the audience several times that if they want to know they should read the manga (in which it is actually explained).
  • In the D.Gray-Man manga:
    • Almost nothing concerning Allen's time with Cross is outright shown or explained; Allen gets too traumatized remembering.
    • Allen once recalls an incident involving his mentor Cross Marian's stash of alcohol-filled chocolates. What happened after he ate them is never explained explicitly, but the incident pissed Cross off enough that he punished Allen big-time and forced him to promise to never touch a drop of booze again. In the "Kuro no Bansankai" Special Drama CD, however, we find out how Allen behaves when drunk: he gets very vicious and destructive, and when it wears off, can't even remember he was the one who caused all the massive property damage. As a result, Lavi is able to take a very, very good guess as to why Cross banned him from ever touching alcohol again.
    • When he was playing cards against Tyki and his friends, he mentions he had to gamble (and therefore cheat) to survive, and off to the side, we see something saying "a typical day", where we see only dialogue talking about Cross owing money.
  • In Durarara!! there are several.
    • There's occasionally reference to an incident where Izaya framed Shizuo for a crime. What crime that might be has never been elaborated upon.
    • To say nothing about their high school days. Shinra was apparently doing a lot of damage control:
      Shinra: Other things happened too when I was in school. There was this "The Pool of Hell Opens - Chlorine Gas Everywhere!" incident, "Real Flesh Art in the Art Room" incident, "Cultural Festival Campfire Explosion" incident and of course "Field Trip to the Shambles - the Okinawa Arc"...during the three years when we were in Raijin, gasoline drums were rolled down from school buildings as part of the routine. Really, it's hard to believe how nice and orderly this school has become these days...
    • Also, during Shinra's -first official?- date with Celty he threatened Izaya, who had been stabbed and was bored at the hospital if he kept interrupting his date. This last one has since been revealed, and turns out to be exactly the opposite of what everyone thought it was going to be.
      Shinra: Oy Izaya! If you don't cut the heck out, I'll start telling people about that thing back in middle school!
    • In episode 6 of the anime, Erica and Walker want to torture a human trafficker to get information out of him. Saburo says they can, but they aren't allowed to use any gasoline in the car "this time."
  • The Eccentric Family's dialogues are sprinkled with little Call-Backs to funny or outrageous histories the characters know all too well but the audience really doesn't.
  • Fruits Basket:
    • It has been mentioned that Ayame had many unusual exploits as student body president. One specific one apparently involved the Dean of the school's statue.
    • Hatori would often threaten to reveal Shigure's many incidents if he kept making an ass of himself (or those around him).
  • What did Pinako Rockbell do to earn the title "Pantheress of Resembool" in Fullmetal Alchemist?
    • Also, why is Dominic so terrified of Pinako? Neither one of them ever explains it.
  • In Get Backers, the reason for Takuma Fudou's stalker obsession with Ban is vaguely explained by Ban to have started from Ban ripping Fudou's arm off during an incident in the past. It's never elaborated on (other than that it happened while Fudou was working as a raider). However, knowing Ban's arrogant, condescending attitude, along with Fudou's Ax-Crazy and depraved ways... it's not hard to guess the reason why it happened.
  • In Girls und Panzer, the volleyball team was disbanded under unknown circumstances during the previous academic school year, and its members, now second-years, join the tankery team in the hopes of reviving it. It's never revealed what happened to it, but it's possible that it's related to budget cuts and Oarai being on the brink of being shut down.
  • Gourmet Girl Graffiti:
    • Shiina mentions that she spends time with her family and that crazy things go on at her house in episode 9 as to why she wouldn't be spending time with Ryou and Kirin. However, it's never seen nor mentioned what exactly goes on there.
    • Kirin attempts to find out what Ryou's parents do to justify their protracted Parental Abandonment. However, both her mother, and Ryou herself, give her the runaround, and says something along the lines that they're very important workers in whatever field they do. Kirin wisely decides not to pry any further.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka
    • It's never explained what happened to Mayu that made him fatally ill and distrustful of adults.
    • The incident that turned class 2-4 (then class 2-3) into disaffected teacher-hating punks was not addressed in detail until near the end of the manga's run.
  • In I Was A Sword When I Reincarnated it has been said that the kingdom of Reidios is the first, and last, country ever to try conscripting adventurers into their army during times of war.
  • When the student council disbands after Shirogane's first term as student council president in Chapter 59 of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, they reminisce about the past. Fujiwara suddenly pulls out a potato-like, one-eyed... thing that she calls the "Cubari Facaccimo" and starts talking about Valentine's day, which hadn't ever been mentioned in the manga up until that point. Kaguya behind her shakes her head violently to dissuade Fujiwara, and Shirogane muses that there were events he wasn't present for. It was finally un-Noodlified in Chapter 194, although the answer just brings up more questions. Kaguya tried to make Valentine's Day chocolate for Shirogane with Hayasaka's help during their first year, but she followed a recipe that she got from the Occult Research Club that somehow made the chocolate haunted. Both girls ended up a trauma about it, with Kaguya remaining deathly afraid of making handmade chocolate again, and Hayasaka had managed to suppress the memory until she made the mistake of asking Kaguya whether she was going to make chocolate for Shirogane days before the next Valentine's Day.

  • In chapter 46 of Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, Tsuna visits Longchamp's house. While there, Longchamp is attacked by a girl named Pantera (although he assures Tsuna that she's aiming for him, but has really bad aim). When Tsuna realizes this, he asks if something happened between the two of them, and Longchamp's Number 2 guy assures him that nothing happened and not to ask him about it again. Tsuna takes this as proof that something happened. Read the page here.
  • Love Hina:
    • At one point this is averted just to then be played straight. After Motoko runs away from the Hinata House, we learn from her big sister that her hatred for men comes from a time when she caught them kissing. But she puts it as "since then, Motoko started to loathe men and turtles". One wonders what the poor turtles have to do with it, like Keitaro wondered.
    • The anime and manga briefly imply, though not outright stating, that her fear of turtles stemmed from fighting a demon that resembled a turtle.
  • In Lucky Star there are several scenes that begin with one character finishing a conversation talking about how something stinks. It's a bit of a running gag, but after seeing it mentioned two or three times it makes you wonder what smells so bad.
  • The second Sound Stage of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS had Alto and the school toilet incident back when she was seven and thought she was a boy (only having brothers probably had something to do with that last part), which she always interrupted before anyone could elaborate.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!:
    • This incident, which involves the first time that Chisame ever went on the Internet.
    • Much later, repeated mention is made of some apparently epic misadventures Negi had during Christmas and Valentine's Day. What happened then we can only guess at.
  • In the Mai-Otome anime, Shizuru and Youko recall a mishap that occurred during Natsuki and Mai's attempt at the survival exam. Shizuru notes that when she heard Natsuki's distress signal, she rushed to the scene as quickly as she could, only to find the two girls in a "most improper" position, at which point Natsuki angrily cuts her off and tells her to "forget about it" before she gets to the juicy parts.
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid on several occasions mentions an incident involving Quetzalcoatl (Lucoa) and her younger sister, regarding why Lucoa cannot drink alcohol. In Aztec Mythology this is explained, as Quetzalcoatl's evil twin brother had tainted his alcohol, leading to him performing sexual acts with his younger sister, and his eventual banishment as a god.
  • Mysterious Joker subverts this trope by allowing the audience to find out the events of "that summer" and why he doesn't like dipping sauce, but not Hachi, who was just as curious as the audience to find out about the Noodle Incident which came up in dialogue.
  • In Naruto, Suigetsu is about to mention a past event that happened between Sasuke and Karin (some translations imply it was something she did to him), but Karin punches him in the face before he can elaborate. It was later revealed in a flashback — he saved her from a bear during the chunin exams, though why that's embarrassing is unclear.
  • Pokémon:
    • The anime's Lovable Sex Maniac Brock, during the Orange Islands sub-arc, seems to legitimately settle down with the Island's female Pokémon Professor, actually leaving the group for a while to pursue the relationship. When he returns, it's clear that something happened to turn the relationship sour, but he refuses to elaborate, instead going into a deep, brooding, Blue with Shock depression whenever anyone even mentions the relationship or the Professor's name.
    • Subverted when it came to the origin of Dawn's Embarrassing Nickname, Dee Dee (Pikari in Japan) as it was eventually revealed. She handled her kindergarten's Plusle and Minun too roughly and the resulting shock made her hair sparkle like diamonds. She then got nicknamed "Diamond Dandruff" or "D.D." for short.
    • A variation occurred where the Noodle Incident in fact happened immediately when it was first mentioned, but never elaborated on: In "The Battle of the Badge," Giovanni, while chewing out Team Rocket for supplying him with a Togepi (ironically, despite it being a rare Pokémon, he had no interest in it whatsoever), he received a call from someone, only to react with shock and horror, and demanding when it happened, before departing quickly and having to abdicate his position as Gym Leader to the trio, before departing from a fake wall, and then telling his mystery Pokémon (Mewtwo) that he has an emergency assignment for it before unleashing it. Exactly what happened was not really explained.
      • In that same episode, there was another variation. Gary had ten Badges currently before challenging Giovanni (more than the required eight; he did it to show off) which means there are at least three Gyms in Kanto that Ash never visited. (Likely four, as Brock never mentioned Gary in his first appearance.) Information on these Gyms are never elaborated on.
    • Cilan and his incident with a Purrloin that was mentioned in one of the Best Wishes episodes. It made him terrified of all Purrloin. However, he does reveal what happened in Decolore Islands to Ash and Iris except his explanation is off-screen and only the group finds out what happened without the audience knowing, much to the chagrin of many.
    • In a similar manner, what made Georgia a Dragon Buster in the first place. All we know was that she lost a battle to a Dragon Master from the Village of Dragons. We don't know who defeated her, how she was defeated, or anything else. However, given that it made her go on a revenge plot to defeat every Dragon-type she saw, and how she reacted when Iris' Axew learned Outrage, it's safe to say that it caused a lot of trauma for her.
    • "Beach Blank-Out Blastoise" had Jigglypuff get stuck in one of a Blastoise's shoulder cannons. How exactly that happened is never explained.
  • In the ending of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, despite the universe having been recreated by Godoka, Alt!Homura apparently still became a puella magi. Her motivations for doing so are never explained, although a girl like Homura would have no shortage of things to wish for.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena has Tsuwabuki's secret Nanami diary. The end of the episode of the same name leaves the audience wondering... "What is Plan 24?" Not to mention Plans 3 through 23, really.
  • Tsuda, of Seitokai Yakuindomo, writes an essay for the school paper. While the actual essay isn't ever shown or read, it is represented metaphorically with a Tear Jerker story about an abandoned kitten who gets washed into the ocean by a storm, but is rescued by a heroic sailor named Georgie (implied to be a Heroic Sacrifice), and is finally adopted by a recent widow. It is explicitly stated that this is not the story the essay is telling, but, since it turns every girl who reads it into a blubbering wreck, the feelings generated are clearly the same.
  • Sgt. Frog: It's mentioned often that Keroro was the most insane and violent soldier in all of Keron "in the old days", but the only times we see anything close to it is when Keroro gets drunk on moisture. A better example would be Keroro's own father, the "Demon Sergeant", rumored to be the most fearsome sergeant in the galaxy, but only appears on vacation in a Hawaii shirt and an easygoing attitude, at least on the surface.
  • The Slayers:
    • Lina Inverse references the horrible punishments her sister Luna used to put her through quite a few times, even though they are never actually explained. It leads one to wonder what she really could do, granted that Lina could put up with being electrically shocked while saying it was nothing compared to that torture. That, and Lina constructed a pyramid atop herself in order to merely get away from a letter sent by Luna and just the mere reference to her causes Lina to fly into a mortal panic.
    • One of the less harsh punishments Lina suffered involved a whole lot of slugs, a fact which she tearfully reveals after a near-total fear-induced breakdown in the second season.
    • An unspoken Noodle Incident is whatever it was that caused Naga the Serpent, Lina's self-proclaimed rival (and whom Lina publicly called "Goldfish Poop" in the novels, due to her habit of following Lina), to stop following Lina by the time the anime started.
  • In one episode of Yes! Pretty Cure 5, Nozomi decides to help out Urara's first show by taking up the show's lead. Rin's quick to point out that the last time she tried acting, she ruined the Drama Club and got kicked out in two days. Nothing's ever said as to how she did it, though.
  • An offhand one in Yu-Gi-Oh!! - when the Pharaoh first ends up in the memory world in season 5, he has next to no recollection of anyone and is very confused. When he meets Mana, he manages to remember that they were childhood friends, but him stating the obvious to her about what they are to each other leads her to ask 'You haven't been walking around in the desert without a hat again now have you?' Extra noodle for the idea that he actually could wear a hat of any kind over that hair.


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