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  • TV Tropes. Not being able to make head or tail of a trope example referring to very Story Arc- or 'verse-dependent events from a show, book, movie, etc. that you are not familiar with, when it is not put in context for those who are not familiar with it, and is described using lots of in-jokes, meta-references, and ambiguous sentences hyperlinked to other tropes that are self-evident only to the familiar, is one of the most entertaining and infuriating aspects of this wiki.
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  • Cashiers sometimes have fun trying to piece together exactly what the random pile of stuff in a person's shopping cart will be used for. One post on Failbook had someone posting that a customer had just bought a Miley Cyrus DVD, some lube, and a box of tissues... Squick.
  • Misha Collins (Castiel in Supernatural) has done this on Twitter: "Out of Gitmo. not going to go into details, but long story short, it involved 250 gal. gasoline, a catapult, a bandaid & a pr of raybans" For those who aren't actively participating, Misha's annual scavenger hunt GISHWHES seems to bring up a lot of these. For about a week's time, it wasn't unusual to scroll through tumblr and find requests such as "Does anyone have access to a swimming pool and a storm trooper costume?"
  • Amateur radio operators have the wouff-hong and rettysnitch, tools meant for the enforcement of law and order and decency respectively on the airwaves. The wouff-hong, allegedly named after a garbled message received by pioneering ham Hiram Percy Maxim W1AW, is made of wood and vaguely resembles an offset "rabbit" dildo; the rettysnitch is a metal rod with a handle and a spiked wheel on it. No one is sure exactly how they were supposed to be used, and frankly, no one wants to know.
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  • People have been known to break out of prison using the following: a potato and some shoe polish note ; dental floss note ; chili powder note ; a green felt tip pen note ; peanut butternote ; and prison cafeteria salsa note . A man on death row once committed suicide by making a pipe bomb using only a leg from his bed and a pack of playing cards note .
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  • According to one of the cast members of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, one day during filming she asked someone what was going on "behind that door" and they said, with extreme nonchalance, "Oh you know, David [Lynch] is in there with the trampoline and the chimpanzee and they're filming." (No scene with a trampoline and chimp appears in the finished product but a few entire hours were cut from the film.) David Lynch requested "one-legged woman, a monkey and a lumberjack" on incredibly short notice while filming Inland Empire.
  • Kenneth Tobey made a couple of westerns with WWII veteran Audie Murphy, who was known for his weird practical jokes and his unofficial work with law enforcement. Tobey once accepted Murphy's offer of a lift out to the remote location where they were shooting, and was somewhat alarmed to discover that his costar kept guns, chains, handcuffs, and a live rattlesnake in his car.
  • The Society for Creative Anachronism's general pursuit is sometimes called "the Dream". One poster on, Sfi Mordehai ben Yosef Yitzhak, wrote in his .sig file:
    This is not the Dream. This is what I do on weekends to have some fun.
    The Dream involves 4 sets of identical twins, 2 gallons of Cool Whip, 5 quarts of chocolate syrup, 2-1/4 pounds of strawberries, satin sheets, a magnum of champagne, a trapeze, and a python.
  • Any time you go to the store to buy items for two unrelated projects. For example, chili powder and shaving cream. They just happen to be the two things you've run out of today, but anyone witnessing you purchase them might think you're up to something... strange.
    • This becomes the basis of Walmart's latest commercials, though in a subversion, we see exactly what happens to the bought items.
    • People buying items they are embarrassed about (such as condoms) will often buy several other items which often consist of snacks, pens, etc. Most shopkeepers are know exactly what this means, but some might think this person enjoys eating snacks and drawing whilst having protected sex. An awkward variant is if someone buys baby items or items for the opposite gender but doesn't have their baby or partner with them, the shopkeeper may think the person in question is a fetishist and is going to use these items themselves. This has become a game (appropriately titled the 'condom game') where you buy a pack of condoms, and two more odd/random/disturbing items and see who can gross out their cashier the most. Conversely, the opposite assumption can be quite useful to fetishists who ARE going to use those items themselves.
  • After the Libyan rebels conquered Tripoli, under its largest university they found a secret chamber, previously only accessible by the deposed Muammar Gaddafi and a select few associates. Among other things, it contained a bedroom, jacuzzi, and a complete gynaecological equipment setup.
  • For the development of Left 4 Dead 2, they had a whole folder of injuries to model the textures for the Zombies, so they can be realistically damaged. It was so horrifying that they had to use Potato skins and Insulation foam instead. One can only imagine what went through the cashier's mind when Valve Employees showed up with this in their basket.
  • Usually the implements come in a group and that's where the comedy comes from. And then, there was the story of how Kevin Smith had to have the idea of "Prince World", the paradigm Prince lives in that seems to be made completely of Insane Troll Logic, explained to him thus:
    Prince's Producer: "Prince will come to us periodically and say things like, 'It's 3 in the morning in Minnesota. I really need a Camel. Go get it.'"
  • From time to time something will appear in an archaeological site (especially if it is a prehistoric one) that no one will be able to figure out what was it for. Often such items are labeled "for ritual purposes" or something similar, which doesn't decrease the trope: what was the ritual and why did you use these Noodle Implements in it?
  • Actual noodle implements, for making noodles - dull wheeled cutters, rolling pins on tablets or presses, fine flour, cooking oil, and an egg.
  • In 1860, a police officer by the name of Robert Burke was selected to lead an expedition into the Australian Outback to find a land route to the northern coast from Victoria. His supplies for the trip included a heavy wooden table and chair set, 1,500 pounds of sugar, a Chinese gong, and a stationary cabinet. Predictably, the expedition failed and Burke was never seen again.
  • Raise of hands, who's here curious about what could be on the job application to receive this reply?
  • This post on Something Awful catalogs some of the more bizarre things that people have said in their sleep. Several entries fit this trope, but this one is particularly noteworthy for being the only one where it's outright commented that the recounting user thinks they'll work:
    "...See, the ropes, we tie 'em up there and throw those big ass steering wheels on there. Yeah, but forget the magnets. We tried that and it only worked on cats. I'll be back, gotta take Jesus to the races"
  • Performers will often have very odd items listed on their performance ridernote . Justified in that the requests are actually made by road managers, not the band, and it tests the venue's attention to detail, since many of the normal requests are safety related. Van Halen's infamous rider request for a bowl of M&Ms with the brown ones removed was exactly for this purpose—if there was a bowl of M&Ms with brown ones still in it, or no bowl of M&Ms at all, the roadies would immediately begin searching the venue to make extra sure that all the sound equipment and (more importantly) the dangerous pyrotechnics were correctly and safely constructed. At least a few venues had Van Halen cancel on them for safety reasons based on searches triggered by that bowl of candy.
  • There is the chocolate biscuit that nearly started WW 3. Naturally, British service personnel with access to heavy weaponry were involved. See A Nuclear Error for details.
  • Retr0bright, a technique for restoring discoloured computers and peripherals to their proper colour, would definitely count for those unfamiliar; the most basic procedure involves hair bleach and a blacklight, and one recipe uses hydrogen peroxide, throat medicine, washing powder, and Xanthan gum.

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