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Non Sequitur / Evaporate

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There's so many Non Sequiturs in this series that it needs it's own page.

  • From the first episode
    Necky(without actually speaking): "Eskimo"
  • From the second episode
    Nerv: "I gotta check the website."
    Nerv: "Pffft. Liberals."
    Nerv: "But a book is broken!"
  • From the third episode
    Nerv: "Pffft, that guy's getting fired from the olympics!"
    Necky: "Um, Why don't you kick a fish?"
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  • From the fourth episode
    Voiceover: "Did you know you can get a popcorn and drink for only 65 cents?"
    Random voice: "Hey, get out of my theater."
  • From the Mario Minestrone commercial
    Nerv: "I don't like paparazzis."
  • From the tenth episode
    Nerv (after being asked where to stay in a hotel): "I'll have the chicken."
    Nerv: "I gotta watch The Jetsons."

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