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  • If mowing the lawn was all that Cloud did in Cloud Mows the Lawn, we'd all be much better off.
    • The same goes for Dipper Goes to Taco Bell.
    • More generally speaking, it is really common for fanfics that feature copious Squick and Gorn - especially those of the troll variety - to be named after some really innocuous element, since the goal is to catch the reader off guard to boost the shock value. The infamous Cupcakes, for instance, does feature Pinkie Pie poisoning Rainbow Dash via cupcakes and eventually baking her into cupcakes, but the title conveniently skirts over the fact that the fic is about Pinkie torturing and murdering Dash.
  • My Immortal hardly features any immortality and few would want to claim ownership of it.
    • It also doesn't feature the eponymous Evanescence song; Evanescence are mentioned, but the song doesn't appear.
  • Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy doesn't feature any actual preps.
  • There is no war in The Last War, unless you count the one between the author and canon.
  • The stories which make up the Elemental Chess Trilogy are this, being completely non-indicative of their plots. They're actually Terminology Titles, so they make a kind of sense in context, but still have no real bearing on the stories in question.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series has the MTM, shorthand for Mini Time Machine. It's actually a Do-Anything Robot. This is eventually lampshaded:
    "Well, I don't use [the MTM] for time travel much anymore, but..."
  • Touhou Doujin: Dawitsu's Folly has no visual media beyond character artwork on the author's deviant art, and is a simple Gen Fic.
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  • The Final Chapter of Twillight Sparkle's awesome adventure is actually the 2nd-last chapter, with the Final Chapter 2 being the last one.
  • People do die in Nobody Dies
  • In Becoming Female, Harry is done changing gender after the first chapter, so the story isn't so much about him becoming female as it's about what happens after he's become female. What happens is that he acts like a stupid fangirl in a My Immortal rip-off. The author might just as well have skipped the gender switch and used an OC.
  • Eyrie Productions Destroys the Marvel Universe. It's an effort to simultaneously introduce the author's first self-insert character (from much older works and roleplays) to general readership and wrap up loose threads from said works, as he couldn't be bothered to keep up with the varying continuity (and quality) of Marvel Comics. Nonetheless, no universal genocide occurs, though it's threatened. As one poster on the EPU forum indicated (spoilers), though, "there just isn't much ring to EPU Locks the Marvel Universe in a Closet, Then Eats The Key".
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  • Ophiuchus in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is a Serpent, and not a Serpent-bearer like the constellation he's named after. It's explained that he bonded with Asclepius—the man who is the basis of the Serpent-bearer—and eventually he took over his body after Asclepius's soul was devoured.
  • The title of The Games of the Gods has this problem, as the author admits in a note under book 1, chapter 39. The bonus chapter lampshades the problem.
    Mandos: This is the end of the special feature for 'The Games of the Gods', in which no games were ever actually played by gods.
  • Neither word in the title Homestuck High is very indicative of what happens in-story; it bears almost no resemblance to Homestuck, and only the first chapter involves high school. However, the title could be interpreted as meaning that the author tried to write about Homestuck while high, which seems likely.
  • Hermione's actual talent is nowhere to be seen in Hermione's Talent, where the only talent she displays is in being an Alpha Bitch in between imitating anachronistic pop musicians.
  • Swimming in Terror has the first chapter called "Island and Kuma." Monokuma doesn't even show up until the second chapter.
  • In Nareto: The Scret of Shiobi, "Mary Sue" is actually the Only Sane Man, while Emeraldia, the main character, is a Mary Sue.
  • The titular Sex Note is a reality warping tool of the sex kamui, and while it does increase libido to use it other than that none of its abilities or restrictions actually have any direct relation to sex. The Power Perversion Potential comes entirely from the user. When that user is asexual, everything goes Off the Rails.
  • Since events in the Darkwing Duck fanfiction Negaverse Chronicles takes place in the Negaverse, names that would have once been considered meaningful names are now completely misleading. This was actually lampshaded by a character.
    Doctor Vulture: "Well that's the ironic thing about this world isn't it? All the people with villains names are good guys and all the people with hero names are bad guys. Take for instance Captain Boyscout, with that name you would assume he is the world's nicest guy. It turns out he is a con and a complete thug…"
  • In The Stalking Zuko Series, Zuko's "guilty dance" is not an actual dance, but a series of predictable actions he does when he feels ashamed. The title is an aversion; once Katara warms up to Zuko after "The Southern Raiders" part of the story, she stops stalking him (although she does frequently eavesdrop on conversations), and the next installments are titled "Not Stalking Zuko" and "Not Stalking Firelord Zuko."
  • Shatterheart is a Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- fanfic that has nothing to do with Fran's Limit Break or Final Fantasy XII
  • Moon Daughter has a chapter called "Jason Dies." He doesn't. The author even follows it up with "Lol I bet you were expectin for Jason to die, thats called a twist."
  • Thirty Hs; the title doesn't really describe anything, much less what's going on, not that any title really could. The summary claims that the fic is about Harry Potter "[eating] a sandwich and [discussing] life with a famous author", which is true in the sense that Attack on Titan is about Eren Jager riding a horse and watching his classmate eat a potato. Within the actual story, Dumbledore owns a "Moonbase" which is explicitly not on a moon, and Rape Radbury and the rape ape never rape anyone.
  • Ojamajo Doremi: Rise of the Shadows doesn't have the titular Doremi as the main character, and the plotline is ultimately an Excuse Plot to show off the Queen's Super Mode and establish the author's favorite pairing. The titular Shadows themselves don't actually "rise" per se, and are little more than a collective Generic Doomsday Villain.
  • In chapter 8 of Kiryuuin Chronicles, Satsuki lampshades this in her recollections about Rei's bird:
    "At the time, I thought it was a very funny name to give to a bird that isn't what its name will have suggested, yet she named it Budgie."
    • To elaborate as to what "Budgie" is, she's a dove, not a parakeet.
  • The Bank Called, Your Reality Check Bounced has nothing to do with banks, bounced checks, or reality checks. It's just used for Rule of Funny.
  • While it once lived up to its name, Gringy City of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines is now quite a nice place after extensive revitalization.
  • Played for Laughs in Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Abridged, where Rin insists on reffering to the Holy Grail War as the "Murder-Death-Kill," on account of the fact neither the real Holy Grail, nor an actual war (at least not in the strictest definition of war) is involved. There is, however, a great deal of killing.
    Rin: Point is, I'll start calling it "Holy Grail War" when the name isn't just a cool stand in. In the meantime, "Murder-Death-Kill" is a way more on point name, with "Ghost-Death-A-Thon" as a close second!
    Kirei: I disagree on principle.
  • Ultra Fast Pony is set in a world where almost everyone has some variety of Meaningful Name. So the few who don't tend to throw others for a loop.
    • In "Saying Words", Rarity meets a rich pony who wears a fancy jacket and no pants, and she reasonably assumes his name is Fancyjacket. No, his name is Fancypants.
    • "So Random!" opens with Pinkie Pie wondering why a pony named Rose (who has a rose cutie mark) is growing and selling lilies. Rose blames it on her bad memory.


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