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No-Selling in fanfiction.

  • In Vigil, XCOM's first encounter with the geth result in them discovering that their plasma weaponry just harmlessly bounces off the geth's kinetic barriers.note  Laser beams, kinetic barriers, and fusion lances, on the other hand, are much more effective, and later on, XCOM learns that the geth, having fought the Ethereals before and confusing humanity for Ethereals, specifically tailored their defenses to defeat their enemies' primary weapons.
  • The Immortal Game:
    • Applejack is able to do this to most attacks due to her Healing Factor and some armor that Twilight enchants for her. Then the rest of the Mane Cast learn to tap into said Healing Factor via the Psychic Link created by the Elements of Harmony.
    • Titan later does this to the Elements of Harmony and De Powers them at the same time by simply saying no.
  • Jewel of Darkness: Midnight's powers allow her to block most attacks, including Jinx's magic, though she has to concentrate for that to work. (Un)Fortunately, the new armor she gets during the second arc built from Ai's remains actively neutralizes Jinx's magic on its own.
    • The metal composing Razor's body not only blocks energy attacks, but the strength of the metal makes it painful for anyone performing a physical attack.
    • Guerra has a tendency to No Sell attacks due to a combination of his body mass and super strength.
  • My Little Mages: The Nightmare's Return:
    • Nightmare Moon is so insanely powerful that she's able to shrug off the attacks of every mage in Magiville at once.
    • Chrysalis, as an Undead Necromancer, is unaffected by most attacks, not even minding having an arrow shot through her brain. Since Applejack is a Paladin, her attacks are more effective.
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    • Iron Will, thanks to sheer strength and muscle mass. Rarity is ultimately only able to beat him by immobilizing him.
  • The Stars Will Aid Their Escape: The Stare doesn't work on Herald at all.
    • A flashback shows that Nyarlathotep was able to shrug off the thermonuclear explosion Celestia used on him last time he showed up.
    • Subverted with the Elements of Harmony, which not only does he admit might actually work on him, when unleashed vaporize him completely. While it doesn't kill him, it still banishes him back from whence he came and allows Celestia and Luna time to seal the way he got to Equestria before.
  • Occam Razor's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Messiah features the card Double Pinaska, a Dashing Hispanic capable of negating one attack per game.
  • The Pony POV Series:
    • During the Duel of Tears in the Dark World timeline, Derpy is able to use her Element of Loyalty to negate the Pony Puppets ability of Traitor Dash's Element of Treachery.
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    • A villain example, the Valeyard No Sells Twilight's Memory Spell, because he isn't the Discorded Doctor, but a pure evil regeneration of him. Though Twilight later states that the Memory Spell likely DID affect base Time Lord, allowing the Doctor to return after they kill the Valeyard persona for good.
    • There's one moment in the Shining Armor Arc that solidifies the Blank Wolf's status as an Implacable Man. And that's when Shining shoots a flare at it, and the Wolf eats it.
    • The Changeling General Hercules has Instant Armor on his forelegs that lets him easily block most attacks without flinching, but most attacks that actually make contact don't really phase him at all. Note, this includes blunt force attacks, which most Changelings are more vulnerable. This is most likely due to being the World's Strongest Man among his race. When he goes One-Winged Angel, this basically becomes his fighting style, as his armor becomes so tough that he doesn't even feel a rocket launcher to the chest. It takes the heroes hammering away at him for an entire chapter to finally break through it and beat him.
    • Subverted when the Mane Six use the Elements on Chrysalis. At first, it appears that all it did was cause her to complete and become an Alicorn (as she planned), but it had a different but still devastating effect on her: giving her a heart.
    • Princess Anasi (Alicorn Trixie who ascended in a previous loop of Dark World and survived her timeline's erasure by becoming a Concept) No Sells Nightmare Mirror's Truth Vision, even fooling her with a Ninja Log. She explains that this is because Mirror is an incomplete Nightmare and Anasi is the complete Concept of Trickery and thus her powers trump Mirror's, while Mirror's corresponding Alicorn is her even match.
  • Maim de Maim's version of Nui Harime does just this to several clips of assault rifle rounds; the kinds and number that would render a human body a heaping pile of mush. She'd be dead if she didn't have Life Fibers in her DNA. Later on, Satsuki does this to everything that one Evelyn Adams tried when the latter tried to kill her and the former shrugged it all off for the same reasons above.
  • Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami has so, so many of these, mostly introduced by way of convoluted plot twists. One of the simplest is that Blud is immune to poison because he is the king. One of the more complicated is that a Royal Death Note cannot be used to kill someone in the past unless their name would have been written in it in all possible futures.
  • In the Touhou/Pokémon crossover Monsters In Paradise, Flandre is unable to "kyuu" (translation: explode by concentrating magical energy) Skarmory because of his Sturdy ability, that negates one-hit KOs.
    • In the next chapter, Yukari shrugs off a gang of delinquents' Pokémon without even being aware that she was attacked, taking down a Linoone and a Swalot simultaneously (mistaking their attacks for itches to be scratched), a Ninjask (thought it was a housefly), and two Vigoroths (their attacks feeling more like a cool breeze than anything else). And this was after her border manipulation ability was inaccessible.
    • Subverted in the fighting game Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Hisoutensoku, the Typhoon weather effect creates this for both fighters with a twist: both fighters still take damage. They just don't flinch.
  • In Fractured, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands crossover and its sequel Origins, this happen several times.
  • In Princess Celestia Gets Mugged, Princess Celestia, while disguised as a pegasus named Sunny Skies, is ambushed by muggers who decide to kidnap her once they discover she's nobility. They hit her in the back of the head to knock her out...and she just feels like someone hit her with a pillow. It takes her a few seconds to realize the blow was meant to knock her out and she plays along for her own amusement.
    Before Celestia could respond again, she felt something akin to being struck with a pillow in the back of the head. Oh, right. They're trying to knock me out.
  • In It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door, Earth Ponies have the ability to Stand Firm, allowing them to tap into the Earth itself to No Sell anything, including a direct tackle from a World Snake, a snake large enough to have a mountain range form on its back.
  • In The Swarm of War, Theq’aras shoots the Blood Master with a full volley from a Meltagun. The guy gets knocked back a few meters… and then thanks the Chaos Terminator for the experience – now the Swarm knows what a point blank Meltagun blast is like.
  • The Godzilla and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover The Bridge:
    • The story showcases this trope spectacularly when Anguirus engages Garble's greed-grown gang. Whenever the drakes attempt to use their fire breath on a kaiju who swims through lava on a regular basis, they do about as much harm to Anguirus as they would throwing soot on him. Garble even tries taking a deep breath, focusing his fire into a large, high powered cone that engulfs the kaiju. Result? Anguirus just walks through it unharmed and counterattacks.
    • Big Good Harmony can summon a chain made of stars which binds a target harder the more evil they are. When she uses it against Bagan, he is able to break free of the chain because he genuinely doesn't believe what he is doing is evil. Keep in mind he's an Omnicidal Maniac...
  • MLP Next Generation: Know Fear!: Starburst's Fear Lantern ring has an ability called Fear Shine, which causes those exposed to it to experience and be crippled by their worst fears. However, when she tries to use this on Shadow Wing, it has no affect, since he apparently has no fear.
  • In a World of Warcraft story, a Draenei warrior had performed several experiments upon herself (mostly by taking various potions and tattooing runes onto her body) to gain Super Toughness in order to never be unarmored. As a result, when a bandit tries to back stab her, she compares it to being tapped on the shoulder.
  • While fighting Tatsuki in After The Fairy Tale Ends, Ichigo realizes he has to end the fight quickly or someone will notice her attacks aren't even bruising him.
  • In Wizard Runemaster the last 23 Veela use their allure on Harry's party. Harry ignores it and Onyxia considers it "an amusing parlor trick". On the other hand, Kudrii and Jessir are completely enthralled by it; Jessir actually has to be stopped from leaping across the table at the Veela.
  • Early in Reaching for a Dream Naruto accidentally creates a technique that renders him immune to genjutsu by making his chakra too dense for enemy chakra to navigate. This does have the side effect that Naruto is sometimes confused by area genjutsu because he's not sure what everyone is reacting too, not even noticing said illusion.
  • The Equestrian Wind Mage: The Triforce of Power's holy power enables Ganon to shrug off the Elements of Harmony, allowing him to easily defeat the Mane Six and Vaati.
    • At the end of the Boss Battle with Grey Hoof, Applejack manages to recover her Element of Honesty, which protects her from Grey Hoof's death magic, allowing her to plow through and defeat him.
    • There's an earlier example that's played for laughs — when Rainbow Dash is facing Maulgrim in a joust at the Crystal Fair, she bodyslams him full force in the chest... and only succeeds in knocking herself out.
  • Done hilariously by Pinkie Pie in I Against I, Me Against You when she reveals that the Mad King Hayworth's attempt to brainwash her didn't work, and that she'd just been playing along with him the whole time so he wouldn't feel bad.
    • Tex does this to most of the mane 6's attacks during their brief fight. A few chapters later, the Meta does this much more darkly, even to Fluttershy's Stare!
  • During a siege in A World Of Bloody Evolution, a traitor marine attempts to set Yang on fire with a heavy flamer. Considering Yang fights by setting herself on fire, this does absolutely nothing other than amuse her.
  • In The Passing of the Shades of Black, Xander is shown to be completely immune to neuralyzers due to a rare gene.
  • In Sonic X: Dark Chaos, Maledict is basically immune to Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Eric combined. Needless to say, it's a Curb-Stomp Battle when they actually do fight in Episode 64.
  • In Guardian, Lady Ginnem's pilgrimage meets a fatal end in Yojimbo's Cavern when they encounter a skeletal monster that brushes aside every attack she, Lulu, and her Warrior Monk sister can throw at it, including Shiva. The best they can do is ensure Lulu's escape.
  • In The Witch of the Everfree, Nightmare Moon's magical aura is sufficiently powerful to absorb everything Sunset Shimmer throws at her before it even hits her, at least until Sunset realizes what's going on.
  • In Thousand Shinji, a Rubric Marine took a missile to his face during the siege of NERV. It didn't even slow him down.
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Red has the Bloodline Victory Sight, which allows him to analyze opposing trainers and Pokémon in miliseconds, allowing him to determine the most likely ways to win any battle. Attempting to use it on Ash utterly fails, due to his unpredictable battle style.
    • Following the Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors chart (see below in the Video Game folder), any Bloodliner of a type or species that possesses a type immunity will No-sell any attack of said type, at least in the case of Heart and Species Bloodliners.
  • Combines with Logical Weakness in The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Date Twilight Sparkle when Princess Cadence blasts Queen Chrysalis with as much power as she can manage. Cadence is the Princess of Love and as a changeling, Chrysalis feeds on love. Chrysalis even mocks her by asking how is shooting love at her supposed to do anything but make her stronger.
  • To the shock of all who witness it, Ranma Saotome can tank blaster shots with ease in A Horse for the Force. Due to his sheer physical toughness, a blaster pistol is little more than a bee sting to him and a blaster rifle causes a mild burn. And that's without taking his ki shield into account.
    • After undergoing the same toughness training but using repulsors, Darth Maul can basically ignore even lightsabers. They only cause significant injury if held in place for long periods of if he's hit dozens of times in the same spot.
  • In This Bites!, Cross attempts to punch Mr. 3 out of rage after he realizes that it his presence and intervention allowed Mr. 3 to get a second chance from Crocodile, and allowed him to kill countless civilians and Marines in Rainbase. Mr. 3 neutralizes it with hardly a thought, and even lampshades it.
    • Enel's Logia-powered Mantra is completely unaffected by Soundbite's attempts to block him out.
    • Bartolomeo, Miss Goldenweek, Apis, and Lindy are all immune to Boa Hancock's Love Love Beam. Miss Goldenweek due to having basically emotionally castrated herself, Lindy due to having such bizarre sexual preferences, Bartolomeo because he's too dedicated to Luffy, and Apis... because she's too young to feel lust.
  • Pokémon of a sufficiently higher level in Challenger can basically ignore attacks from lower level ones. As a test, Giovanni lets Ash's Charmander attack his Nidoqueen and the latter is at most mildly amused by said attacks.
  • Naruto in Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto can outright ignore fire jutsu due to his immense affinity for the element.
    • During their spar, Sakura blocks an axe kick by Ino and the latter notes it felt like kicking a steel bar and that she'd likely have broken her heel if not for her sandal.
  • In The Night the Magic Died, Fluttershy uses the Stare on Nahmat...only for the wolf to become so angry that the Element of Kindness would do something so cruel and show no remorse for it that she Mind Rapes Fluttershy into seeing all the times she used the Stare or yelled at someone.
  • Weight of the World:
    • America and Canada are completely immune to Emerald's hallucination Semblance, much to her frustration. This immunity puts them on Cinder's radar as potential threats to her plans.
    • Silver Eyes cannot latch onto and disintegrate Italy since he has Intangibility.
    • The robotic Penny 2.0 is completely immune to a Semblance that paralyzes organic bodies.
  • A teenager tries to punch an inattentive Jaune Arc in What Happens in Vacuo Stays in Vacuo, only for Jaune to feel a slight tap on his cheek and the teenager to break his hand on Jaune's aura.
  • Principal Celestia Hunts the Undead: Ms. Harshwhinny and Cranky were both unaffected by the Dazzlings' magic. The reason, according to the author, is that "The sirens worked by spreading suspicion and anger, and the two of them were already dour-faced assassins of joy."
  • Scott Free is the New God of Freedom in Life Ore Death and correspondingly has the power to ignore, No-Sell, and generally escape any restraints, as seen when Robin tried to bind him. However, Ferris can cancel this out with physical contact, causing a mild Freak Out! when she pins him and he stays pinned.
  • Downplayed in the fan novel Batman: Angel of Death; The Sword of Sin's power to Mind Rape a person with their darkest sins does not incapacitate Catwoman because she literally has no shame, but she can be wounded by it, since it is a sword.
  • In The Institute Saga, the Blob completely fails to overpower Superman. Clark uses the opportunity to make fun of him.
  • In Loved And Lost, Princess Cadance tries to use her trademark love spell in order to make her cousin Jewelius reasonable with the way he's dispensing "justice" for the heroes. Much to everybody's shock, however, Jewelius' attitude doesn't change at all, and he laughs while calling the spell a pathetic trick. The explanation turns out to be that Jewelius is a sociopath who doesn't feel love toward anyone, and even Changelings cannot find from him love to feed on.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged plays many examples from the original show straight, but also puts in an example that involves no selling God.
    • During Goku's fight against Freeza, Goku tries to muster some Heroic Resolve by telling himself how evil Freeza is, and that Goku has to stop him. Freeza challenges God to strike him down if he is really so evil. Freeza doesn't even finish his sentence before being hit by a Bolt of Divine Retribution, but is utterly unaffected by it. If anything, he's mildly amused and tells God to try harder next time.
      Freeza: If I'm really as evil as you say I am, then let God strike me down where I st- [Bolt strikes, Freeza is completely unharmed] Ha! Nice try, jackass! Next time, give it your A-game!
    • Recoome also makes a direct reference to it:
      Vegeta: What?! How can you possibly get up after a hit like that?!
      Recoome: Silly Vegeta. The only thing that Recoome sells is merchandise!
    • In the side series "Cell Games", various characters, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Yugi, Ash Ketchum, and Light come up to challenge Cell, only to find their powers are effectively worthless against Cell, if they did anything at all.
      [Light writes Cell's name into the Death Note]
      Cell: Did you... did one of my hearts just stop?
      [Light gasps]
    • Two of the movies ended up turning Aversions into Played Straights:
      • In The World's Strongest Abridged, Kochin attacks Krillin with his Gatling Gun arm. However, here, Krillin just stands there, taking the hits and wonders where Launch disappeared to.
      • In Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan, King Vegeta's attempt to stab baby Broly fails when the knife breaks on his skin due to his high power level.
  • Deadshot in Lex Marks the Spot tries to snipe Lex Luthor. As Lex has Plastic Man's powers, no amount of bullets accomplishes more than damaging his office.
  • Invoked in Kara Of Rokyn when two politicians discuss how to deal with two villains whom Lex Luthor has transferred Superman's powers.
    We could hit those women with themonuclear missiles. So could you. But if their powers really are on a level with Superman's, we wouldn't be doing much more than throwing beer cans at them.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom Western Animation, TV Series, and Comic Books.): Katie's Kaboom monstrous form is complete unfazed by anything Danny does to fight back. He is left with no choice but catering to her whims in order to keep her from morphing.
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, Desaaad's instruments of torture blow up in his face when he tries to use them on Pariah. Pariah smugly reveals he can't be physically damaged.
  • In A Prize For Three Empires, Rogue tries to take on Binary, who merely stands her ground before punching Rogue across the landscape.
  • From the Professional Wrestling series The JWL: Triple H hit Brock Lesnar with his sledgehammer on Episode 49, but, as pointed out in the story, "This is BROCK FREAKING LESNAR!" Brock broke the sledgehammer over his knee, hit the F5 on HHH and Brock's The Dangerous Alliance stablemate 911 Chokeslammed HHH to end the show and send everyone home happy.


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