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  • Dr McNinja in The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is another example. He is only referred to as "Doctor".
    • His surname is explicitly stated multiple times throughout the series as McNinja, but no first name has been yet given, due to a Noodle Incident involving a wizard. His clone goes by Old, as in Old McNinja. He's a farmer.
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  • The protagonist of Aurora (2019) starts out not having a name (having only existed for about a day), but at the end of Chapter 3 he chooses the name Kendal— the same name as Vash's sword— thus defining himself as a Living Weapon in service to Vash.
  • No one in Awesome Gamerz has a name. They are simply known as player one, two, and girl.
  • Since Tellurion has no dialogue, no characters have names. The artist has stated they all do have names for the purposes of how he writes, but it is unlikely he will ever reveal them to the public. Otherwise, the main characters are given the nicknames of "Guy", "Girl" and "Robot".
  • The protagonist (at least initially; she gets a name later in the strip) and her infant son whom she's seeking to rescue from the titular Awful Hospital.
  • The Bird Feeder has Exotic, an exotic bird of indeterminate species, gender, and name. It originally would only mysteriously appear out of nowhere, and was referred to only as "the exotic bird," and eventually simply nicknamed "Exotic." In #393, Darryl finally asks what its name is, but it only replies that it's name can't be spoken, only sung, and proceeds to sing "Happy Birthday To You." This may or may not be its actual name.
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  • Augustus was originally this from Bittersweet Candy Bowl, and one character, the one who nearly raped Lucy in an earlier chapter, has never been named on-screen at all.
  • In Blood Is Mine the main character is at various points called "you," "blondie," "the protagonist," "Jane Doe," and "the girl." She knows her own name, and several of the other characters know her real name, but that name is never revealed to the audience.
  • Subverted in Bob the Angry Flower - "The Nameless Ones" is indeed a name.
  • The Bully's Bully has an entire cast of nameless characters. Justified since it is a textless web comic.
  • The invisible agents in Cheer!! call each other by number, partly because they've forgotten their own names.
  • A character first referred to as 'Kauyon' (a Shout-Out to Warhammer 40,000) in Coga Suro never gains a name, even after actually appearing in the comics a good hundred pages or so after first being alluded to. Oddly, no-one seems to mind not knowing, to the point where it seems like 'Kauyon' is actually his official PEGASUS codename, and other characters occasionally refer to him by nicknames such as 'square-rims', after his glasses.
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  • Counting None of the characters are named. The main character is at one point called "Colonel" but Colonel isn't an actual name but rather a rank in the military. Aside from that only the town itself has a name—Thirston.
  • Creative Release contains a few characters who have never been named onscreen. One of them is even explicitly called ??? by the narration.
  • In Darths & Droids, the GM is never given a name, and it is sometimes the Un Reveal. None of the characters use last names, but that's never been conspicuous.
    • Also, the main character Jim plays from Episodes IV - VI is called Greedo when we first meet him, and Han Solo from shortly afterwards (having murdered a starship captain of that name in order to steal his ship and his identity), but turns out to be a serial identity thief who has had about 8 false names going in alphabetical order - a friend of his from slightly further back greets him as Freddo, and his aliases go all the way back to Alberto. We are never told his real name.
  • "Ed" in Digger is unusual in that at one point he had a name, but it got eaten.
    • There's also the Hag, who is only ever referred to as such, and declines a request to reveal her real name.
  • Evil Genius: Everyone just calls the Evil Genius "you" or "boss".
  • Final Enter has an unnamed protagonist. He has a name but it's never revealed.
  • The neighbour in Flaky Pastry is conspicuously not named.
  • In Freefall, neither the mayor nor her assistant have a name, although as of Feb 2012 there have been discussions on the forums about this possibly changing.
  • In Girl Genius the Mechanicsburg Assistant is never addressed by name. Eventually it's lampshaded.
    Vanamonde: [heavily sleep-deprived] Who are you again?
    The Assistant: Oh, now don't start.
  • Gone with the Blastwave doesn't name either of what could be loosely called its protagonists, a jaded Red sniper and his wacky companion, a Red flamethrower trooper. The only place they're given names is on this wiki, which calls them Crosshairs and Pyro respectively after their helmet symbols. Oddly enough, secondary characters get names, such as West and the various Steves.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Not-Tengu's real name is never successfully revealed though he comes close to giving it a couple times. Ultimately, Dan decides his name doesn't matter; what matters is what he is: a hypothetical danger made reality.
  • Many people in Gunnerkrigg Court. According to Word of God, the Suicide Fairies from Gillitie Wood have no names at all prior to becoming human like all "hollow fairies" whose separated souls are waiting for them to join their artificial bodies at the Court; being given a name is a sign they're adults; another fairy has a name but refuses to share it because her best friend gave it to her it's revealed her name is <Snuffle> (her friend was a jackelope) but it has to be said/done in a specific way or it sounds completely different. Jones' name is the last in a long line of aliases, since for most of her life she was the only self-aware being on Earth. Jeanne's "wood elf" boyfriend's name isn't given they were able to Go into the Light so unless more plotlines related to them come up we'll probably never know.
  • In Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name, the Supporting Protagonist is an undead being with Ghost Amnesia, so he can't remember his name. Hanna uses a different name every time he addresses him, hoping one will jog his memory. The creator generally refers to him as {…} or Zombie; other Fan Nicknames include "Ellipses" or "Galahad" (the first name Hanna tried on him).
  • In Henchman No. 9, the title character's real name is never given. In the script, it's just "Hn9" as the author has never given him a name. Possibly to avoid using that name in the actual comic.
  • Homestuck would intentionally invoke this trope by referring to characters by their online screen names when their real names hadn't yet been chosen. For example, Jade was referred to only as GG (short for gardenGnostic) until her name was officially chosen at the start of Act 3.
  • In Irrelevator the characters probably have names, we just never hear them, this is mentioned.
  • In Looking for Group the Archmage is only known as the Archmage, likewise no one seems to know the Dragon Elder's name. More recently lampshading the latter has become something of a Running Gag, such as Cale mentioning how awkward it is to not know the Dragon Elder's name when the guy got him a birthday card.
  • Piro and Largo of MegaTokyo, where it's confirmed that Piro at least is his Internet name. It should be noted however that the two are Life Embellished versions of the original creators, Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston, and use their internet usernames.
    • L33TDude is also consistently referred to by that name and no other.
  • No one in minus. is named except the titular character and Larry, as cousin of one minus's friends.
  • Monster Lands has a character who is a necromancer. The character's name? "The Necromancer".
  • morphE:
    • It begins with 8 captives fighting to the death after waking up inside crates with words carved in their foreheads. During the opening chapter they are referred to by the word on their head. 3 of the characters die off. Word of God states that they were referred to as Devin, Diana and Desmond in the script.
    • Curio and Adrestia are Only Known by Their Nicknames, as are Amical and his staff.
  • This doesn't initially seem to apply to any characters in Mushroom Go...but it's later revealed that "guy" is just what McCoy referred to an unknown Shy Guy as ('I was just as likely to have called him "buddy" or "pal". "Guy" just came out first.'), and seeing as how Shy Guys don't speak, he's been known as "Guy" every since then.
  • In No Pink Ponies, none of the male characters have names, which is lampshaded repeatedly.
  • November's betrothed from No Rest for the Wicked is known only as "the Boy;" he admits that he doesn't even remember what his real name is.note  This also extends to a few other characters, like Red (as in "Riding Hood"), and the Witch (from "Hansel and Gretel").
  • The Monster in the Darkness from The Order of the Stick is never referred to by name, or even by species, thanks to a chain of unreveals.
    • The prequel volume Start of Darkness reveals that "Xykon", "Redcloak", and "Right-Eye" are self-bestowed monikers; the characters' original names remain unknown. Similarly, Chancellor Malack mentions having had a different name before becoming a vampire centuries ago.
    • Also taken to its logical extreme with "Roy's Archon" who is always referred to by that name, even when people are talking to Roy, because that's literally its name.
    • An unnamed character in OOTS was saved from death by assuming a name in the nick of time. No longer qualifying has other benefits: Kazumi and Daigo were raised to nobility shortly thereafter.
    • Lampshaded by "Hobgoblin Cleric #2". He says that he could have become a great leader like Jirix, but because he was given a generic name, he was resigned to a generic lot in life. A flashback shows that his little brother is named "Hobgoblin Warrior from Strip #433, Panel 3", and, as a Funny Moment, there is only one Hobgoblin Warrior in Strip #433, Panel 3.
  • In Pebble and Wren, Pebble's dad and Wren's principal are both unnamed.
  • In Penny Blackfeather, no name is given for The Adventurer. This is occasionally lampshaded:
    Nathaniel: Why is this numpty still following us?
    The Adventurer: I do have a name, you know.
  • Phil's Girlfriend in Phil Likes Tacos never had her name said until years in, when it was revealed to be Millie.
    • Lampshaded in this strip.
    Doug: "Why hello, Phil's Girlfr-"
    Millie: "It's Millie."
  • The Pink-Haired Girl in Picatrix. The fans just refer to her as PHG (or more commonly, PHB), though Fanon has recently christened her "Nina".
    • Now confirmed as canon.
  • In Piled Higher and Deeper, though several of the characters do not have last names, especially notable is the one known to fans (and occasionally referred to by the cartoonist) only as Nameless Guy. Even his sister, Dee (no last name given), tends to call him just "brother."
    • He publishes papers under the pseudonym "Bob Smith", hoping that a generic name will make him seem more prolific as an author.
  • So far, most of the cast of Pockett has avoided the dreaded naming...
  • The young girl in The Property of Hate is only ever referred to as 'Hero' or 'the Hero'. This later turns out to be a bit of Identity Amnesia, as when the Hero tries to remember her name, she can't (most likely caused by/due to the nature of the world that she's in).
  • Azul Bufon of Remember appeared repeatedly throughout the first book (In which there are 72 comics) but wasn't given an in-comic name until the first page of Book Two, and was codenamed "Blue" during the preproduction by the writer. Even then, "Azul Bufon" can mean "Blue Fool", so even this could be a cover.
  • The Boy from Scary Go Round.
    • The Boy has a name, revealed in a letter addressed to him in the July 18, 2007 strip: Eustace Boyce, which could stand alone as an explanation for his nickname. However, a second explanation was developed in the March 19, 2008 strip with the introduction of Elodie. It still doesn't explain why early on in the strip both The Boy's parents referred to each other as The Father and The Mother.
    • Tackleford's mayor at the time when Shelley worked for him was always referred as "Mr. Mayor". It seems that this is an honorific until "The Election", when it's revealed that his name is really James Mayor, after which he's often dubbed "Mayor Mayor".
  • Sinfest has some of these; in particular, after several months radical feminist "Trike Girl"/"Glossy" was finally revealed to be Xanthe.
  • Neither of the two protagonists in Skullkickers is yet named. Their names will appear when you least expect it; until then, feel free to call them Baldy and Shorty.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: The dead Christian Pastor lingering in the spirit world intially only remembers her name starting with "A" thanks to Ghost Amnesia. Her memory becomes good enough for her to tell Reynir what it is while she's on her path to the afterlife.
  • The main protagonist of the Tsunami Channel comic Experimental Comic Kotone is always referred as "Onii-chan", "My Brother", "you", "The Player", and has no name to the point of leaving other characters in awkwardness while trying to tell out his name. This is because he's supposed to represent the protagonist of a love simulation game.
  • The red headed Templar from TwoKinds is never named in the comic. Outside the comic, he is usually referred to as "(Database Error)".
  • An unnamed organ harvesting boss in Ugly Hill uses the odd insult "Armpits McFatbody" because this is in fact the name on his driving license.
  • The absence of a name for Von Hunter's sidekick in Van Von Hunter is used as a Running Gag.
  • Jane from The Way of the Metagamer doesn't actually have a name, and merely selects "Jane" as a pseudonym.
  • An XKCD strip centers around the narrator not knowing a woman's name, but feeling too awkward to ask. His dilemma is resolved when they get married and the minister mentions that his bride is named Rachel.
  • The Comic Adventures of Left & Right: For much of the comic's run, many recurring characters did not have names. On 13 August 2009, the author put up a cast page to correct this, thus legitimizing it as a "real webcomic".
  • Latchkey Kingdom features a Santa Expy for the holiday Xmas, who appears as a white reindeer. The main cast just calls her Present Lady.
  • Modern MoGal: Plenty of the monsters featured don't get names, including the main male protagonist in the "Oni's Love Rules" spin-off who's just called "Teacher".

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