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  • The Onion applies this to a natural disaster.
  • The last member of the Yahi tribe of Northern California could only have his name known after a friend from his tribe introduced him to an outsider. Since he was the last one of his tribe, there was no one to introduce him, and he became known as "Ishi," "man" in his language. His real name will never be known.
  • Harry Truman's middle name was just the letter S. If you look closely at his name in e.g. textbooks you'll notice that it's often 'S' instead of 'S.'. It's said to have been a compromise between the names of his paternal and maternal grandfathers.
    • An interviewer asked Truman about whether the S was supposed to have a period or not. Truman said he didn't really care either way.
      • Fridge Brilliance. The initial for the name "S" would be "S.". His initial is longer than his name.
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  • Likewise Johnny Cash, born J. R. Cash. He apparently assumed "Johnny" because the USAF wouldn't accept initials as a valid name.
  • The college basketball player and coach Abe Lemons claims to have been born A. E. Lemons, and when it was told he needed a first name, he just put a "B" between the A and the E. Supposedly he later regretted not renaming himself "Ace".
  • None of the members of synth-rock band The Birthday Massacre use their real names. For example, there's Chibi on vocals, Rainbow and Falcore on guitar, O. E. on bass, O-en on keyboard, and Rhim on drums.
    • The band actually did let Chibi's given name slip when one of her bandmates called her by it during an interview. It's Sarah.
    • And now O-en has started calling himself Owen.
  • Members of Black Metal bands tend to go by aliases, with some famous examples including Count Grishnack, Euronymous and King ov Hell. If the band becomes sufficiently well-known the members' real names will usually come out sooner or later, though a few bands (e.g. Deathspell Omega) have managed to keep their members' real identities a secret.
    • In the band Lordi only Mr. Lordi's real name is known to the public, and he won't reveal his real face. The rest of the band is entirely anonymous in their civilian identities, and the media has agreed to keep it that way.
  • The members of The Residents have always remained completely anonymous and have always worn masks (most famously the eyeball mask, top hat, and tuxedo outfit) in performance and other media.
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  • The Man in the Iron Mask (not that historians haven't tried to figure it out).
  • One of the hallmarks of Urban Legends is the absence of names. For instance, An unnamed man at an unnamed company is killed by an unnamed robot. Hmmm.
    • At least that one is probably based on the death of Kenji Urada, the first man ever killed by a robot.
    • Another example is the story of the Smiling Man. Shared on Reddit as a true story, the man's smile and mannerisms heavily indicate he is mentally I'll and insane, but the OP didn't stay around long enough to learn anything else. It is likely we will never know just who the man was.
  • Prince the Artist Formerly Known as The Unpronounceable Symbol formerly known as Prince.
  • Natives of the South American rainforest seldom bother to name wild plant species unless they're either useful or harmful, as there are so many different plants there that keeping track of them all would be too confusing.
  • Israel’s arguably most famous blogger, Eishton, started writing in December 2011. Despite being questioned by the police and causing a lot of controversy by defying the Badass Israeli trope and proving that the leading cause of death in the IDF is suicide in a three year research, thereby leading the army to take further precautions to prevent suicide among its soldiers, he managed to avoid having his name revealed somehow.
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  • Roller Derby skater A Girl Has No Name falls into this trope.

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