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  • In Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità, the rude chef, the homophobe, and the bully were never actually given names. Not that Germany and Japan would have cared to learn them.
  • Beltorey's commander in The Tainted Grimoire is never given a name. He is always referred to as Commander or the Commander.
  • Pony POV Series:
    • The only member of Celestia and Luna's family who isn't named is their Father. Word of God is that His name can't be pronounced by mortals. (Though Havoc calls him "Buddy" if that's worth anything.)
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    • The first Big Bad, Loneliness, never refers to herself as such. Rather, Twilight calls her that, and she doesn't bother contradicting it.
    • Patch's first antagonist in the 7 Dreams/Nightmares collection is never named during her story, referred to in the credits as the Pegasus Despot. It's only during his cameo in Starlight's story at her afterlife trial that his name (Film Critique) is given.
  • What About Witch Queen? has Meyer's captain, who's always called "the captain" or "scout captain". It doesn't help that we only see him when it's Meyer's POV.
  • The Immortal Game has both Sir Unimpressive and his Arch-Enemy the Cadet.
  • Calvin and Hobbes' case of this is lampshaded in Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie:
    Search & Rescue team member: We have been searching the area, Mr. and Mrs... um... I forgot your names.
  • A Small Crime:
    • Kit and Siv's last name are never mentioned.
    • And earlier, Siv is only named as the Stranger.
  • The squadron medical officer in Wings To Fly is introduced to the reader as "Larishminova", with the acknowledgement that this is the best a different character can do to pronounce their name and it's not a correct pronunciation or what's on their nametag. They're never referred to in-story by name, and never referred to in narration by anything but the mispronunciation.
  • In general, whenever the fanmade "Hakurei Miko" character (if that is supposed to her) is used or someone is cast as Reimu's mother, she's in general not referred to as having a name for various reasons, be it Nominal Importance or whichever, as in the case of Osana Reimu, although this is justified in the aforementioned that she is a forgotten Miko, in which case she was usually called "Mom" or "Clumsy Miko-san"
    • Likewise, for awhile in the Gensokyo 20XX, Reimu's birthmother was never reffered to as having a name, aside from "Mikosan", "Reimu's Mother" , or, by Yukari, "the slattern". Of course, this was probably because no other Youkai, besides Yukari, knew or remembered her name. It wasn't until a certain story in the series, was she given a name, revealing it to be "Reiko". In that vein, Ren, before he was named, wasn't typically called anything besides "Ran's fiance" or "Winston", until about chapter 17 of 20XXIV. We also have his ex-sister in law who is called "Baka's Bitch Wife", "Bitch Wife", or "Paintbrush Bitch" and Word of God did state her reasons for not giving her a name, as "we wouldn't like her anyway"
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  • Maim de Maim has this and the Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep" in the form of "The Chancellor" (or, simply. "Chancellor") who is only referred to by the aforementioned. When we first see her in a flashback, she introduces herself as such.
  • Ultra Fast Pony:
    • In "The Best Episode Ever", Applejack realizes that her character in the play doesn't have a name, and she breaks character to ask if it's important.
    • In "Derp and Destruction", Derpy Hooves mentions a few times that she doesn't know if Derpy Hooves is actually her own name or not. (This is almost certainly a reference to how, in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Derpy's name was mentioned in one episode, then edited out of all subsequent broadcasts. And she commonly makes appearances in various EU material and merchandise, which all go to strange lengths to avoid officially naming her.)
  • Dating A Team Magma Grunt has a main female protagonist who is simply known as the Magma Grunt. The author actually goes out of his way to hide her identity (including her age) when there are scenes it would be revealed.
  • The Dragon and the Songstress: The rainbow colored dragon that assists Kamui and the sorcerer that cursed Aqua are not given names. Azura only gives them descriptors to identify them.
  • Eventually Subverted in Disney High School—"the Beast" is not named until the 49th strip, because he has no name in canon (see below). The creator eventually gave in to Fanon and called him "Adam," though.
  • The rest of Button Mash's family in Button's Adventures, especially his mother who is actually a character as opposed to just being mentioned. It wasn't before GalaCon 2018, a good four years after the premiere, that her name was revealed to be Cream Heart. For many Bronies, however, she'll always be Button's Mom.
  • the protagonists' names in Scoop, Dire Straits, and Marque and Reprisal are not revealed in-text.

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