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  • T-Rex from Dinosaur Comics talks loudly all the time. The series lampshades this, when T-Rex claims that "If we were indoors right now, I'm pretty sure I'd just be as loud and proud as ever." He then proceeds to rebel against the concept of the indoor voice, but notes "the revolution has ended due to lack of interest!"
  • The Order of the Stick
    • The gang is sneaking invisibly around a bunch of goblins. They all make "Move Silently" checks.
    Roy: I got a 17.
    Haley: I got a 24.
    Vaarsuvius: I got a 19.
    Elan: I GOT A 4! DID YOU HEAR ME? I GOT—
    Roy: Shut up. Now.
  • This strip of Laugh-Out-Loud Cats.
  • Looking for Group has Tim, a none-too-bright troll who at one point uses "DIS MY INSIDE VOICE" as a warcry. That may have also been his internal monologue.
  • Philia, Phobia's sparring partner from her Amazon days, in GastroPhobia.
    Klepto: (whispering) Was she, uh, always this... loud?
    Phobia: (whispering) Yeah, I must've had a much higher tolerance for whining as a teenager.
  • Questionable Content
    • Yelling Bird. Can even veer into Make Me Wanna Shout.
    • Also, the Deathbot 9000 from #642. Dora very nearly describes him with the exact name of this trope in the following strip.
  • Jolly the Giant from The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! always speaks in giant letters. Even when she's whispering.
  • Atomic Laundromat: Something of a liability when you have sonic powers.
  • Homestuck
    • Karkat isn't the only troll who incorporates at least some all caps text in his chats and speech, but he's the one who best plays this trope straight.
    • Equius is assumed to often fall within this trope, even though he uses all caps sparingly.
    • If Homestuck partially defines this trope as a character who types or speaks in some variant of all caps, then Tavros and Terezi subvert it. Ax-Crazy Gamzee falls within this trope half the time. The WV, the AR, and other Exiles speak like this in the kids' and trolls' heads at times.
    • Meulin, justified in that she's deaf.
  • At one point in Dubious Company the cast is Brought Down to Normal. It takes a while for Tiren to catch on.
    Walter: Check your ears!
    Tiren: (feels human ears) GODS, I HATE THIS PLACE!
  • Slightly Damned: According to a Q&A blog, Azurai seems to have this problem.
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  • In City Face, Crows only ever speak (or write) in all-caps.
  • Simius in Keeping The Peace has a tendency to yell when excited while making Stalix cringe.
  • Gary of Ménage à 3 normally seems to be rather quiet, but when he gets really nervous, say because he's taking a girl on a date for the first time in his life, or because his previously unrevealed fear of flying has suddenly been exposed, or when he's just surprised, his volume control breaks down.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Sigrun does have a few settings on her volume dial, she just forgets which settings are appropriate for indoor use when she gets excited. She even manages to out-shout a hall full of feasting Norwegian berserkers, and gets shushed down by her mom.Case in point.
  • In Champions of Faraus,the God Parthelax always talks like this.Combined with the lack of a greeting in the second story arc, he (unintentionally) scares Flamel when he jumps into a conversation about traveling on a mountain road.
    Flamel:(while looking shocked and shaking)Who-who's that?
    Parthelax: IT IS I, PARTHELAX.


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