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No Holds Barred Beatdown / Roleplay

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh! East Academy: Haine vs Marcus and Sylvestre calling it a Curbstomp Battle is putting it nicely.
  • We Are All Pokémon Trainers:
    • Tagg nearly does this to two Cipher Peons in Almia before the police pull him off them.
    • Fool ends up beating a poacher to death this way during the OI arc.
    • Psyche in her backstory ended up getting mauled by Scrafty so badly that she was rendered mute, deaf in one ear, and was forced to wear a leg brace.
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    • Diane ends up beating Vedfolnir (A cyborg Staraptor) to a virtual pulp with a Close Combat.
    • In their final confrontation in the Orre arc, Odin beats Chrome so hard with his Powered Armor that his armor plating actually cracks.
  • Dino Attack RPG:
    • In one of the RPG's more brutal moments, Rex beat a Mutant Lizard to death with a metal pipe. While PeabodySam did not go into much detail regarding the lizard's death, picturing the event itself can be unsettling.
    • A more traditional example occurred early in At War's End in the form of Rotor and Garry beating the crap out of Jenny. Tom attempted to get revenge on Garry, except the latter being ex-military, he was able to fight back.
    • Colonel beat the crap of Commander Vinyaya outside of the Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins.
    • Ghost decided to viciously beat Minerva in hopes of knocking her unconscious so he could take her to Ahua.
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    • As an Extreme Mêlée Revenge, Rex let loose bottled-up anger from Kotua and Rotor upon French Fries in a particularly brutal Curb-Stomp Battle.


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