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No Holds Barred Beatdown / Other Media

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    Eastern Animation 
  • The title character of Kuang Kuang is very frequently on the receiving end of these from one or more of his teachers, bleeding all over the floor as they stamp on his head.
  • In the Simple Samosa episode "Sumo Momo", Samosa takes on the wrestler Sumo Momo. Sumo Momo manages to defeat Samosa in various ways throughout their wrestling match, but Samosa does not outmatch Sumo Momo's strength until his tip cracks from the damage he's taken. Cue him whopping the living heck out of Sumo Momo over it.

     Fairy Tales 

  • The Sopranos has The Shakedown, which features two enforcers repeatedly kicking a victim on the ground.

     Tabletop Games 
  • In the Hong Kong Action Theatre supplement To Live and Die in HK, one of the Signature Moves that a character can have is "Heroic Comeback." In addition to being used for Heroic Second Wind moments during climactic fights, it can also be used after the character has been on the receiving end of one of these in an earlier scene, with the + 5 bonus to hit the guy who kicked his ass for the rest of the movie being used for some much deserved payback.

  • In City of Angels, two thugs called Big Six and Sonny break into Stone's place and, to the tune of Jimmy Powers' song "Ya Gotta Look Out for Yourself," tell him with their fists to drop the Mallory case. After picking his crumpled form off the floor, Stone indeed does try to back out, but an offer of a $10,000 bonus convinces him to stay on the case.
  • In Hadestown, when Orpheus drops in uninvited to save Eurydice, Hades shows him what happens to trespassers and has his workers beat him until he can barely stand.


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