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  • In the Third Movement of With Strings Attached, the four encounter a colony of shrunken humans being used as a science project by aliens. They unshrink the humans and take 40 of them back to C'hou to start a new life. But the humans resent being removed from their universe and, among other things, steal the four's personal stuff after the four are whisked away to look for the third piece of the Vasyn.
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  • The four practically live this trope in The Keys Stand Alone, getting chased by mobs or fined because they didn't save the day in the right way. Things get to the point where they simply refuse to help anyone out any more (also partially because they neither want to be considered heroes nor want to do anything except take down the Big Bad so they can go home—and if they could get home some other way they'd gladly do that and leave the world to rot).
  • Summer Days And Evening Flames: Starfall puts his racism against griffins aside long enough to rescue Gilda from several criminals, freeing her from her bonds and defending her form would-be lethal blows. Although he did kill one (in defense of another), he was still arrested due to "vigilantism" by not being reinstated into the guard yet.
  • Pattycakes: Dash would have preferred to keep napping, but went to see Fluttershy because she's a good friend; it got her mickey'd, mindraped and mentally regressed, roughly ...In That Order.
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  • A Protector's Pride: For being the hero Ichigo always gets shafted when he saves the day. Example? He kills Aizen but when Ichigo needs to save his mom from Hell in a time-sensitive mission because of corrupt nobles in Soul Society, Yamamoto stalls him long enough that Ichigo's mother gets trapped there.
  • In Trunk's New Look, Trunks offers to babysit his past self and Goten which results in him getting blackmailed, dressed up as a Playboy Bunny and getting mistaken as his wife by Vegeta
  • "Good Samaritan Blues", a The Lord of the Rings fanfiction. The title says it all.
  • Adam Jensen, to a horrifying degree in Mass Effect Human Revolution. To quote doctor Hein:
    While many ran and cowered in their bunkers during the Blitz, Jensen took up arms to defend a people that did nothing but view him with suspicion and scorn. Over ten thousand people owe him their lives, and while all of them proved grateful in the end, The Alliance decided that this would not do, and had their buddies in the Templars burn his home. He then spent the next six to seven years righting wrongs and capturing dangerous criminals, making the Citadel a safer place and earning the respect of his co-workers in C-Sec. His reward for that? The Alliance plots to capture him and sell him out to the Order for making vanilla humans look bad. His reward for saving the life of a Quarian Pilgrim, exposing a corrupt Spectre in the process? The Council doesn't even give him so much as a pat on the head, and the pilgrim can't get past his mechanical parts and views him with suspicion and fear.
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  • In Of Lilies and Chestnuts, Chestnut sees a Canterlot noble drop an expensive necklace, so picks it up and walks up to return it. The noble realizes the necklace is missing and turns around just in time to see a dirty bat pony thief holding her necklace, and doesn't give Chestnut a moment to explain before she calls for bunch of angry Royal Guards. When Fleur and Rarity find Chestnut, she's hiding in a back-alley dumpster and terrified for her life.
  • In Equestrias First Human, The human Connor pushes Celestia out of the way of a falling spike, saving her life. How is he thanked: The Royal Guards beat Connor to a pulp for laying his hands on the Princess. It is justified since those guards were actually moles for the terrorist group targeting her. Princess Celestia did try to thank Connor, but he stormed off, having been mistreated by Ponyville, and the beating (and his friend's indifference) pushed him over the edge.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness: In his backstory, Rason Miyamosa saved a monster girl (later revealed in Act III to be Luna Cii) from a human rapist, and the other angels responded by banishing him from Heaven because angel laws explicitly state that humans are sacred and must be protected no matter what until they actually die with sin. And that's only because one of the elders opted for leniency and decided to give Rason a chance to prove that monsters can be both good and evil just like humans; the other angels originally planned to just execute him.
  • In The Rise of Darth Vulcan, a group of disabled pegasi stop a rogue tornado from ruining their hometowns (it's complicated). The result is that they get sentenced to five years community service with The Social Darwinist as a warden, who then ruins their lives further by broadcasting this at their graduations — it even results in one of them getting her baby taken away. Luckily, they convince the fic's Villain Protagonist to dispense some indiscriminate justice on the place.
  • This Bites!: Vivi's two year infiltration of Baroque Works to rescue her country from Crocodile ends this way: Having been identified as an associate of the Straw-Hat pirates, the information makes it to the World Nobles (who have a grudge against her family) and she is immediately accused of treason by the World Government, meaning there is no way she can remain in Alabasta.
  • In Star Wars Episode I: The Familiar of Zero, Montmorency develops a new healing potion to heal Guiche after he's left horribly injured and in constant pain (bad enough that all he says is "Please kill me") from Calista's Force Lightning. After she gets Guiche's consent to use it upon him and successfully heals him (though not without scarring), she's placed under house arrest for performing experiments on another student and is threatened with expulsion and potential jail time. Montmorency understandably delivers a What the Hell, Hero? to the academy staff given that not only did she save Guiche from a life of endless agony, but they and his family were planning on euthanizing him.
  • A Brighter Dark: A Hoshidan soldier stops to help one of his comrades after she collapses due to exhaustion and dehydration. Said comrade turns out to be Princess Corrin of Nohr, public enemy #1 and the one who killed his son at the Bottomless Canyon, and the Nohrians sent to rescue her cut off his arm. Ryoma lampshades it, noting how only bad luck turned his kindness against him.
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, a little girl and her adoptive father are walking across the streets of Azalea Town. Suddenly a baby carriage rolls down the streets, and it's about to get squashed by the traffic, and the girl jumps in to save her. Immediately, people begin ganging up on her and her father... because she accidentally stepped on a Slowpoke's tail. The girl barely escapes with her life, her father doesn't.
  • In Thieves Can Be Heroes!, Izuku suffers the fate of the protagonist of Persona 5, meaning that he gets arrested by Dirty Cops after trying to stop a drunken man from raping a woman who proceeded to accuse Izuku of the deed. Not only does this saddle him with a criminal record, but the trial made him miss the U.A. Entrance Exam and forced him to move to Tokyo while serving out his probation. His new record all but guarantees that he'll be barred from any hero-related work and he's even more of a social pariah then ever, with all of his new teachers and classmates treating him like a two-bit thug when he hasn't done anything to them.
  • In Lost Boy, when Hiccup defends an incapacitated Stoick when the Outcasts invade, Snotlout takes his chance and gives Hiccup to them as a hostage. His moment of heroism has him repeatedly abused, raped and branded an Outcast by Alvin. By the time Stoick and the others mount their rescue, it is already too late. Everyone, including Stoick, Astrid and Fishlegs, is forced to ignore him under accordance to Viking Law due to the Outcast-brand and Stoick ends up believing that Hiccup really is the whore that the Jorgensons claim him to be. It takes a thorough chewing out by Gobber and a very thorough examination of the law for Stoick to come to his senses only to find that Hiccup had just then attempted to end his life.

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