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One of the many dangers of Special Snowflake Syndrome.

  • In Magic: The Gathering, the ability changeling gives a creature all creature types. This includes Ninja, Pirate, Zombie, and unfortunately just Construct. Also The Simic Combine is this in spades, with creature types like Fish Crab Beast and Elf Lizard Wizard.
    • Also, some enchantments and artifacts could give your creature additional types in addition, either as a "side job" (like Pirate or Knight), or by modifying/resurrecting it as something else (Artifact, Zombie). Combined with already impressive number of types on some cards, it could lead to things like "Artifact Pirate Siren Knight Zombie Wizard".
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    • Unfortunately for weird creature combinations, R&D are often limited by the amount of physical space on the typeline of a card; generally, once you get past 2-3 creature types, you run out of room for more on the base card, particularly if it's a Legendary creature.
  • The World Of Synnibarr is built around this concept, featuring ninjas, Golden Tiger Mages, gods as player characters, and Giant Mutant Fire Clams. And grizzly bears that shoot lasers from their eyes. And a god of rock 'n' roll.
  • Rifts runs neck and neck with Synnibar for weirdness/awesomeness. It gives us techno-wizards on flying surfboards shooting railguns, vampire-hunter cowboys herding dinosaurs, extraterrestrial bikers, genetically engineered humanoid dogs, Alien Cyborg Samurai, Crystal Dragons, Undead Super Soldiers, Psychic Horses, and a power struggle with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on one side, and King Arthur and his knights in power armour backed up by dragons, demigods and an amnesiac Egyptian goddess on the other side. Oh, and humpback whales who can learn fly-fishing.
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  • Torg is a crossover game where Action/Adventure Tropes are real and cyberpunks fight minions of the Cyberpope and their plant-zombie minions with the help of pistol-wielding mystery detectives and heroic knights.
  • Exalted In the beginning the Sun, the Moon and the stars got tired of their Eldritch Abomination bosses, so they sent Gilgamesh, Enkidu, The Doctor, and the entire cast from Avatar the Last Airbender(as well as the cast of Legend of Korra). After killing some of them and becoming ghosts, the rest were horribly mutilated and imprisoned in Azathoth. Now it is fire-breathing cyborg dinosaur precursors with super science vs. communist ninja robots with lightsabers from outer space! It's a game where Cuchulain is riding around in a Gundam to fight Vincent Valentine, who has been enslaved by Emperor Palpatine, while John Talbain and an army of Celts is going to war with the Roman Legions, who are led by the cast of Ranma 1/2. And the spawn of Queen Mab and the Joker want to make the world into a toxic rainbow slush. Meanwhile, Nyarlathotep gives Peter Parker some of his and others superpowers so they can all break out of Azathoth which is now a prison. If it's cool, then it's supposed to be ganked and put into the game! In other words, Best. RPG. Ever. There's a martial art for sadomasochist lesbian stripper ninjas.
  • Warhammer 40,000 is a setting where power-armored Super Soldiers with rocket-propelled grenade launcher assault rifles and chainsaw swords work alongside space nuns with flamethrowers and the Red Army IN SPACE with lasers and house-sized death tanks (or alternately, the Scottish ninja assassin bagpipe troopers) to battle flaming head sex demons riding hell motorcycles amidst the earth-shattering stomping of three hundred meter tall walking battle cathedrals while psychic space elf Pirates with guns that shoot Ninja stars flit about on hover bikes while surrounded on all sides by green-skinned fungus-warriors whose vehicles move faster because they are painted red while being eaten by all-consuming psychic bug-eyed-monsters or flayed into their constituent atoms by undead robots armed with lightning guns and dressed in the skins of their enemies who are in turn getting sniped by alien element-themed Well-Intentioned Extremist communists/utilitarians in bunny-eared battlesuits. (*inhale*)
    • The power-armored Super Soldiers are gene-modified.
    • Necrons could be considered the very page title. The zombie robot part has been explained, wraiths are quite similar to ninjas in their stealth and material phasing abilities, and Necrons often partake in pirate raids. In fact, being formed from a race called the Necrontyr, Necrons are alien zombie robots. Fifth edition even gave a Necron, Thaszar the Invincible, a pirate that hacked the stasis program and reprogrammed/brainwashed a world full of Necrons into thinking he was their rightful ruler and forming a new fleet and crew for raids, giving us a canon example of alien pirate zombie robots.
    • And one absolutely *must* mention the Blood Angels, who aren't just gene-modified power-armored, but also vampiric and angelic Super Soldiers.
    • And that the three hundred meter tall walking battle cathedrals have volcano arms.
    • Dreadnoughts (essentially, Mecha piloted by practically undead super-soldiers) come dangerously close to being actual zombie robots, as well as the aforementioned Necrons.
      • The Blood Angels now have Librarian Dreadnoughts, giving them a Zombie Humongous Mecha Cyborg Wizard. That can fly.
      • At least one of the unofficial harlequin lists had Harlequin Wraithlords which indeed was a 12 foot tall psychedelic Space Elf Ninja Clown Zombie Robot. Depending on fluff it could be a pirate.
      • Space Elf Ninja Clown Pirate Zombie Robot.
      • Speaking of the Eldar, here is a fitting description of their heavy infantry, the Striking Scorpion Aspect Warriors: power-armored chainsword weilding gunfaced jungle ninjas. Their squad sergeant can fight with an insect-style armor-piercing pincer incorporating a shuriken-firing SMG, to boot.
      • What about the Exodites? Amish dinosaur-riding cowboy Wood Elves IN SPACE.
    • And various methods when you just have to absolutely, positively, kill every single motherfucker on a planet.
    • The various flavors of power-armored Super Soldiers with rocket-propelled grenade launcher assault rifles and chainsaw swords such as: power-armored Super Soldier mongols riding bikes big as cars with dual linked rocket-propelled grenade launcher assault rifles and chainsaw swords, or power-armored Super Soldier Viking Werewolves with chainsaw swords and axes
  • Warhammer has a rather awesome example of this trope in Luther Harkon (a Vampire) and his Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast. His crew roster includes Vampire Pirates (himself, possibly others), Zombie Pirates, Zombie Ogre Pirates, and Zombified Sea Monsters. Oh, and the zombies still use blackpowder pistols, muskets, swivel guns, cannons, and Queen Bess, a former Hellhammer Cannon.
    • Long Drong, an eyepatched, parroted, dwarf pirate.
    • While they don't combine into a large single creature, Ogre Maneaters are mercenaries who've picked up the ways of their former employers, and come in mercenary paymaster, pirate, araby-an, Imperial, ninja (yes, ogre ninja), and transvestite (a female ogre with a false beard).
  • The whole point of Monkey Ninja Pirate Robot - but with monkeys instead of zombies!
    • There are zombies in the expansion.
  • While not a part of 'canon' Dungeons & Dragons, the variety of races, templates, and character classes available can result in ridiculous combinations, like a Fiendish Dragonkin Vampiric Samurai Half-Orc Fighter/Wizard/Monk/Shadowdancer. Or a sandwich. Or a chicken slaad sand witch. This is frequently the work of a Munchkin, however it's often ostensibly done for "role playing" purposes. There's even a "type pyramid" listed in one book that ranks just how hard it is to use this trope on various monster categories.
    • The Alienist class is a cultist specializing in summoning creatures from beyond the gulfs of space as we know them, resulting in a more tentacly version of what it was said Alienist summoned. Oh, and insanity. A latter installment of supplement books included spells to summon undead and to bind the souls of demons to those undead. Even if it's not 'canon', the potential is most definitely there. With disturbingly few modifications.
    • The ultimate example of this trope came from a specific thread on the Dungeons & Dragons character optimization boards. The end result was A Zombie Ninja Pirate Jedi with a Demonic Cyborg Midget Monkey Schoolgirl sidekick and a small crew of Mutant Zombie Sea Bass, riding in a Transforming Robot Dinosaur, armed with Lightsabers and Eye Lasers. Sadly, the design was considered too dangerous to ever create as it could easily destroy the world.
    • AD&D is responsible for some of the Oldest Ones In The Book - not just in the munchkin possibilities, but in the Monster Manual. Owlbears. What more needs to be said?
    • The Spelljammer campaign setting. Imagine, if you can, flying a magic space sailship crewed by half-hippopotamus mercenaries fighting psychic Cthulhumanoid Space PiratesIN SPACE!! Now add some tinker gnomes on hamster-powered sidewheelers upgraded in several uncoordinated directions at once, talking telepathic penguins who ride winged pigs and try to palm off downright crazy goods, the species of Mad Artists on Living Ships...
      • The latest edition offers as one of the playable races the Warforged, which are essentially magical robots. Then, they had an expansion where you can play a deceased-but-reanimated version of any playable race, like an intelligent zombie (at at higher levels can become a ghost too). So you can now play an actual Zombie Robot Ghost!
      • Actually using a Warforged ninja as the base creature and class, then gaining the zombie template(which can be applied to any corporeal creature) from any creature whose create spawn ability turns you into a zombie, the Emancipated Spawn prestige class(to regain your ninja abilities) and finally the Dread Pirate prestige class can turn you into a genuine Ninja Pirate Robot Zombie.
    • Eberron, home of not only the warforged, but also the Valaes Tairn — can be summed up as Klingon Vietcong Rider of Rohan Blood Knight Elves with double-bladed scimitars.
      • Hello! Lady Vol, a half green dragon elf lich.
      • And Halfling Barbarians who ride dinosaurs. Some of whom are expert healers or hosteliers.
    • If you combine different d20 Modern Sourcebooks, you can get an elf who is also a genetically enhanced mutant cyborg mage, fighting against cybernetic demons, mutated orcs, and superviruses.
    • Parodied in The Order of the Stick's Dragon strips with the Snail, a vampiric half-dragon half-troll lycanthropic fiendish snail with psionic powers, which had a faintly excessive challenge rating from all its templates despite being a goddamn snail.
  • In Warmachine, set in the Iron Kingdoms, the nation of Cryx consists of NinjaPirateZombieRobots... ruled by a Captain Ersatz Godzilla!
  • Teenagers from Outer Space, an 80s game based on Anime, pits the characters in an alternate Earth where high schools are overrun with aliens - every kind you can imagine - and teenage humans head to the mall to buy dangerous weaponry in order to wage wars with their classmates. The only rules, besides the bare game mechanics, are the ones that the GM chooses to impose, so it wouldn't be uncommon to see a telepathic raygun-wielding teddybear driving a flying saucer down Main Street while listening to The Pretty Things.
  • A recently-released Battletech core rule book: "Tactical Operations" allows players to create units of Orca-riding infantry.
  • Shadowrun is prone to this. Cyborg orks alongside dwarf shamans and elf hackers, anyone?
  • In a word: Monsterpocalypse. In more words: Gundams versus the Martians versus Cthulhu and friends versus the Tyranids versus Godzilla and friends versus Yakuza Ultramen. And the expansion Monsterpocalypse Now adds kung-fu elemental samurai, giant apes, mole men, giant insects, Sea Monsters, and a sinister corporation that's begun producing robot duplicates of the other monsters.
  • Old World of Darkness:
  • New World of Darkness still has a few cases of this.
  • The toy line/tabletop game XEVOZ featured a figure called Skull Jack that was a Skeleton-Pirate-Samurai with laser vision. Additionally, the main gimmick was that parts from all figures were interchangeable with each other figures' parts, so that you could combine those with parts of that with parts from other figures to make a literal NPZR PLUS the aforementioned samurai, werewolf, fire elemental, cowboy, and insect monster.
  • Characters in Maid RPG can easily end up as this, depending on what you roll and how many special qualities you use. If you're willing to try for it, it's perfectly possible to have, for instance, a Zombie Catgirl Spider Demon.
  • Feng Shui is crazy with this. Where else can you find sorcerous kung fu cops, cyborg monkeys who like to BLOW THINGS UP, transformed animal assassins involved in an Ancient Conspiracy, creepy Magitek-modified cyborg demon Super Soldiers from the future, eight-armed demon-hunting Girls with Guns, a Sinister Minister with a gun-laden church/fortress and a cyborg arm that shoots out razor-edged silver crucifixes, a giant monster mecha left over from WWII in a hidden base in Hong Kong and much, much more? And that's all before you turn your players loose.
  • GURPS. It's considered handy for crossover campaigns, so...
  • This is in large part the appeal of the Legend System, which features a Ninja Pirate Zombie Kamen Rider as one of the saner possible character builds.
    • If you're willing to be a ghoul or skeleton instead of an actual zombie, you can have a LITERAL Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot with I Am Ten Ninjas/Swashbuckler/Undead/Sentient Construct. Better yet, this is a completely legal build for a character to take.
  • The card game Smash Up is built around this. Each player gets two mini-decks, each based on a theme (ninjas, pirates, zombies, robots, etc) and shuffles them together to create his play deck. The original name of the game during playtesting was even "PNZR" (for "pirate ninja zombie robot").

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