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  • There are plenty of supervillains in the Marvel Universe who could be said to be this...but one in particular takes the cake: Fritz Von Meyer, AKA Swarm. He’s a nazi mad scientist who’s made of bees who wears a Badass Cape. Radioactive mutant bees. Who also happens to be immortal. Also, due to his unique physiology, he can shapeshift. An immortal shapeshifting nazi mad scientist made out of radioactive mutant bees with a Badass Cape. Even saying that sentence out loud sounds surreal. At one point, he went even further and briefly took the shape of a t-rex and fought against Spider-man and Silk, so...immortal shapeshifting nazi t-rex mad scientist made out of radioactive mutant bees with a Badass Cape?
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  • Batman was created to be this by design. He's part Zorro, part Sherlock Holmes, part The Scarlet Pimpernel, part Dick Tracy, part The Phantom, part Doc Savage, part Robert the Bruce (where his first name comes from), and part Superman (minus the "super"). And he battles a clown, and a fat midget, and a Cat Girl, and a character from a children's storybook...
  • X-Men
  • The Goon is about a mob enforcer who fights the Zombie Apocalypse. And that ridiculously brief description leaves out the vampires, gunslinger cannibals, nymphomaniac fish, Humongous Mecha with scuba helmets for heads, evil geniuses made of gold, spider gamblers, Eldritch Abominations, and giant zombie monkeys.
  • Fred Perry's comic Gold Digger features the Vaultron Force, which is a Leprechaun Voltron. The comic then added the Leprechaun Pirate Ninjas with the Gaollion, a Cool Ship that transforms into a Humongous Mecha.
    • The TEAM are well-developed characters in their own rights, each with a unique hook. The "Ninja and/or Pirate Leprechauns" actually have a backstory. And a Captain McMorgan, and his assistant O'Mommah.
    • Captain McMorgan always has one leg up, and Captain O'Mommah has Z-Cup breasts.
      • actually O'Mommah has A Cups, maybe B at best, but since she's less than a foot tall, those one or two inches are fairly impressive.
      • O'Schwing straps a Katana to his crotch.
    • The whole premise of the comic is like this. Gina Diggers is a beautiful super-scientist/archaeologist. Her adopted sister Britanny "Cheetah" Diggers is the last of the Werecheetahs. Their third sister Brianna is a composite clone of Gina and Britanny who got made in a lab accident involving an ancient curse. Their father Theodore is the world's most powerful sorcerer. Their mother Julia is the world's greatest martial artist and swordswoman who hails from another dimension full of fantasy creatures. And Britanny's husband is the alien king of the lost city of El Dorado. They all live in Atlanta, Georgia. And the kingdom of wererats, the shapeshifting dragon superheroine, evil time-travelling dog, and now there's a college student with sentient super-powered articles of clothing...
  • The Marvel Zombies comic series: All the Marvel superheroes and villains are turned into zombies and eat everyone else in the world. Then they fight Ash from Army of Darkness. Then they eat the Silver Surfer, gain his power, eat Galactus (even though Galactus doesn't actually have flesh to eat), gain his power... and it goes on from there.
    • There is also a Marvel Apes universe, where everyone is an ape. Some of the ape superheroes are also vampires, and one of them is an ape Nazi vampire. In Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution there is Marvel Apes vs Marvel Zombies, during which Iron Mandrill gets infected wit the zombie virus, becoming a super-intelligent zombie ape in a suit of powered armour.
    • Marvel Zombies 3 shows a zombie version of "living vampire" Morbius. He is a vampire! He is a zombie! HE IS A VAMBIE! HE CANNOT BE STOPPED!
    • Marvel Zombies 4 has its own zombie + X record in it. In 3 issues we get Zombie Werewolf, at least three Mad Zombies, Demonic Possessed Zombie, Zombie Sea Monsters, Zombie Cloud, and three dead superheroes Fused in One Zombie. Sadly, while a version of Simon Garth (The Zombie!) appears, it's the main Marvel Universe version. So we never get to see Zombie Zombie!
  • Presumably this is the premise behind Space Western Comics, I've never read one but as the cover in this link involves Nazi fighting space cowboys, I can make an educated guess.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Mina Murray, Alan Quatermain, Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man and Mr Hyde team up to fight Fu Manchu (and later Moriarty) in an airship battle over London. And in the second series they fight Martians. Being Alan Moore, however, it's taken deadly seriously and ends up tragic.
    • Also by Alan Moore is Top 10, which one could conclude is less serious, based on the presence of a vampire Mafia. And everything else in it.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
    • The Turtles were born from this; the concept was, take the four hottest things in comics at the time (Teen heroes, mutants, ninja, and funny animals) and mash them all together with an Affectionate Parody of Daredevil (the Foot Ninja are a parody of Daredevil's frequent foes, the Hand). And yes, ninja were hot back in the '80s. Ninja are always hot.
    • The cartoons had robot ninjas that doubled as Mecha-Mooks. And Turtles in Time gave us these Robot Ninjas riding dinosaurs.
    • The original comic had an issue that transformed the turtles into ninja pirates, complete with eyepatches and peg legs.
    • The entire series accounts for this, Cartoons or otherwise, the series has had a Robot Scientist, a brain in a mech suit, Foot mystics, a mutant Alligator, a Human/Alien agent called Bishop, I could go on.
  • The American quasi-graphic-novel series The Adventures of Samurai Cat (not to be confused with the Samurai Pizza Cats Anime series) not only parodied everything under the sun, it mixed and matched them: as a result, Tomokato ends up facing gangster Trolls armed with rotary cannons, Darth Shatner, a division of S.S. Tyrannosaurs, Mongols armed with nuclear weapons, and the Stalinwolf. And that was Before going to Hell.
  • Requiem Vampire Knight. Heavy Metal Nazi Vampires fighting Mad Scientist Mummies, Religious Fanatic Werewolves, Feminist Pirate Ghouls, Demons and Leprechauns.
  • Hellboy. A demonic Badass Longcoat paranormal investigator with a Hand Cannon, who is friends with a fishman, a pyrokinetic chick, a man made of ectoplasm, and a man made of clay. They fight Those Wacky Nazis, The Legions of Hell, and The Fair Folk. And one time, they fought a monkey with a gun.
  • Doug TenNapel's Creature Tech is about a scientist who gets an alien symbiote permanently attached to his chest, then he has to team up with a giant CIA-trained praying mantis and a troupe of rednecks in order to stop an undead Mad Scientist from turning cats into demons and using the Shroud of Turin to resurrect a Giant Space Eel in order to destroy California. The good guys win because of a timely vision of Alien Jesus.
  • Referenced in Runaways:
    Karolina: What kind of bad guys are your parents, Topher? Androids? Demons? Android demons?
    • And again with Molly's "Cowboy Werewoofs!"
  • One issue of Green Lantern was described by a reader quoted in Wizard Magazine's letter column as being "Like sex and pizza rolled up in a burrito and served up by Mr. T!"
  • Matt Fraction's The Annotated Mantooth: Rex Mantooth is a super spy talking ape who, with his fanservicey assistant Honey Hamptonwick, fights robot ninjas, bloodthirsty mallard ducks, lesbian commandos, Hitler, and a Humongous Mecha named "World's Greatest Grandpa."
  • Monsieur Mallah, a recurring nemesis of the Doom Patrol, is a "superintelligent machine-gun-toting communist revolutionary gorilla surgeon in love with a (male) brain in a jar", according to his entry on the Everything's Better with Monkeys page.
  • Ben Dunn's Ninja High School STARTED as the adventures of a nerd who discovers that both an alien furry princess and the heir to a ninja family are required to marry him in order to receive their inheritances. Then it gets weird.
  • Once on the City of Heroes forums, a comic writer was trying to come to grips with the realization a character in the comic he was writing was an alien lizard wizard ghost nazi. Among other things.
  • Agents of Atlas. A rejuvenated super-spy, a talking gorilla, a killer robot, a goddess, a spaceman, and an Atlantean queen. They Fight Crime!.
    • Don't forget the Chi-zilla kung fu master son of a supervillain.
    • And among their opponents? Magical ninja robots, cybernetically enhanced genetically altered sea monsters, and a horde led by a centuries-old sorcerer and faux-communist.
  • Scud the Disposable Assassin is about a killer robot bought from a vending machine, that fights all kinds of completely bizarre enemies such as an army of Zombies that can turn other people into zombies by biting them, and Dinosaurs that can... turn other people into Dinosaurs by biting them. Said army being commanded by lightning-wielding voodoo-using Ben Franklin. And he is helped by cyborg Italian Mobsters. And that's in 1 issue...
  • Supergirl: In Supergirl (Rebirth) issue #3, Cyborg Superman brings the people of Argo City back from the dead by turning them into cyborgs. So they are alien zombie cyborgs.
  • The Bronze Age Superman villain Terra Man. In the Old West, a boy was kidnapped by aliens. He escaped them and became a feared criminal in their civilization, using their technology. When he finally returned to Earth, he found that a hundred years had passed while he'd been flying around space at relativistic speeds. He took offense that Earth's greatest hero was an alien, so he dedicated himself to making Superman's life miserable. Yet he still dressed and behaved like someone from the Old West even while using alien technology, so he was a space cowboy. Oh, and he rode a winged alien horse named Nova.
  • Zombie Robot Gustave Eiffel from The Umbrella Academy.
  • The Amazing Screw-On Head is about a robot who can attach his head to one of many bodies, thus gaining all their powers. Abraham Lincoln sends him and his Battle Butler and their immortal dog to stop an Ambiguously Gay Emperor Zombie from unleashing the Sealed Evil in a Can and taking over the world, with help from a monkey with a gun and a two old women, one of whom is a cannibal and the other is a werewolf. The TV version features the voices of Paul Giamatti, Patton Oswalt, David Hyde Pierce, and Molly Shannon.
  • Yorick in Y: The Last Man encounters spies, ninjas, pirates, cowboys, soldiers and robots, as he lampshades at the end of the series.
  • Superman and Batman Versus Vampires and Werewolves. With Etrigan the Demon and Green Arrow.
  • The GI Robot and the Dinosaur. Yeah.
    • To wit: G.I. Robot (rill name: J.A.K.E. 2) was but one of the many, many attempts by American forces to capture Dinosaur Island, which was of incredible strategic value in the Pacific Theatre. Other attempts involved the Creature Commandos, the Suicide Squad, and recruiting three brothers from the circus to be paratroopers. As far as can be seen, Dinosaur Island was never captured by either side.
  • Jack Kirby's Eternals are immortal Physical God Flying Brick Telepathic Spacemen with Eye Beams and Superhero Speciation who can Fusion Dance into an Energy Being, and were created by alien Ancient Astronauts.
  • Nextwave
    • In the penultimate issue of their series, the squad battled their way through a series of splash pages full of naked ninjas, s&m Iron Man babies, space pirates and hamburger shooting Bruce Campbell Elvis MODOKs. It is exactly as awesome as it sounds.
    • This leaves out another splash panel that involves them fighting literal snakes on planes.
  • A lot of superhero team books try for this. For example, the Outsiders consisted of GeoForce, Metamorpho, Katana, Black Lightning, Halo, and Looker. A team of crimefighters assembled by the Goddamn Batman to act as a sort of black ops JLA.
  • Avengers villain The Hood is a Demonic Possessed Magician Crimelord With A Hard Past that orders an army of supervillains.
  • One of the villains in Major Bummer is Tyrannosaurus Reich, a Nazi dinosaur from Another Dimension.
  • The spin-off from the Justice League of America, Cry For Justice, has a team made up of Green Lantern, a pilot with Imported Alien Phlebotinum, Green Arrow, a modern day Robin Hood, The Atom, a scientist who has the ability to shrink himself at will, and who just came back from an Alternate Universe, the former Captain Marvel Jr., a boy powered by the power of the gods, Batwoman, a kick-ass lesbian ninja, Supergirl and Mikaal Tomas, two Human Aliens, the latter of which is gay, and finally Congorilla, an explorer whose mind is trapped in the body of a gorilla.
  • The Mandarin, one part Mad Scientist, one part Evil Kung Fu Grandmaster! Oh, and he wears the pimp-bling of alien space-dragons!
    • Also, he's the descendant of Genghis Kahn.
  • A decade before Marvel Zombies, an issue of What If? gave us Wolverine, Lord of the Vampires. Who also turned Juggernaut into a vampire. The only thing that could stop him? The Punisher, Sorcerer Supreme.
  • Ghost Rider has the various former Spirits of Vengeance punishing the wicked throughout the ages, from WWI ace pilot Ghost Flyer to a WWII tank crew to Ghost Rider Chuck Norris (well, a parody of Lone Wolf McQuade, who was played by Norris.) Also Penance Fist, the hard-drinking country music aficionado redneck Ghost Rider. And the Undead G-Man and Knuckles O'Shaugnessy, the Prohibition-era Riders who combine the Untouchables with the Goon. And Hell Driver and Devil Rig, the muscle car and semi truck driving pair chasing down corrupt vampire sherriffs in the 70s. Without exaggeration, the extended sequence that introduced them all is one of the coolest things you will ever see. Really, the typical Badass Biker from Hell we're so accustomed to seems like the least Crazy Awesome of the bunch.
    • And that's just the American riders. The Russian ushanka-sporting rider on his demon bear, the Haitian voodoo priest riding a rhino, the undersea Rider on his spectral shark...
    • Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears featured not only an ex-slave transformed into the Spirit of Vengeance, but the proto-KKK members that he kills partway through the series later come back as Confederate sympathizing zombie cowboys; two of them come back in one body, and also happened to be lovers, making them a gay two-headed zombie racist cowboy.
    • Then there's the villain known as Death Ninja (aren't all ninjas death ninjas?), a zombie ninja.
    • The All-New Orb is a motorcycle stuntman with a giant eyeball for a head and a laser gun. He is probably the sensational character find of 2008.
    • The biker nurse special forces in the employ of the evil angel Zadkiel. Or the ninja nuns with katanas and nunchaku. Later, another group of nuns are seen, the incredibly hawtsome Gun Nuns.
      • And indeed, the teaser at the end of issue #4 of Heaven's on Fire is "GUN NUNS VS. ZOMBIE BIKERS".
    • Also Doghead, an illegal immigrant maliciously fused in body and mind with his beloved dog by demonic forces. That's right, this is a pseudo-werewolf created by demons from an immigrant and his puppy to fight a biker with his skull on fire.
    • This all culminates in Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire, where Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch join forces to fight Zadkiel and are opposed by a Legion of Doom consisting of the All-New Orb, pigtailed albino vampire Blackout, tattooed religious zealot the Deacon, Monowheel Mayhem proponent Big Wheel, the sadistic fear-mongering Scarecrow, alien steamshovel Trull the Inhuman, faux-Rider Vengeance, and Madcap, the most insane man on the planet. Two Ghost Riders vs. the coolest villain team of all time. And during their fight, Trull abandons his mighty steamshovel form to possess a giant chainsaw on wheels.
    • And in the last issue, every Rider in history joins forces to kill Zadkiel and the marauding legions of Hell. Including all the Riders mentioned above as well as a matador on a demonic bull, a naginata-wielding samurai, a bagpipe-playing highlander, and a cowboy Rider Dual Wielding shotguns.
    • Avengers 1,000,000 BC gives us the first Ghost Rider, a neanderthal on a demonic fiery woolly mammoth who could animate the bones of the deceased for various effects.
  • Monster Plus stars Monster Plus, a vampire mummy werewolf Frankenstein's monster zombie witch doctor. If only he were also an invisible fishman...
    • And he fights a cabal of ninja witches who terrorize the land with a combination of the dark and martial arts, EVLI Eyes (it's an acronym, shut up) and Hitlerfist, the monster with Hitlers for hands (who is the most ridiculous thing in the entire world. Seriously, you are not prepared to witness the fists of Fuhrer.)
  • Another Action Age comic is Solomon Stone, revolving around the adventures of Stone himself, a champion skateboarder and half-vampire occult detective with his incredibly humpable British stereotype ditzy girlfriend sidekick. The first issue has him fighting Tyrannosaurus Hex, the last living dinosaur and also the last witch. He also does a McTwist (a skating move that is undeniably wicked sick) while shooting undead saurids, and he has a Dalek in his secret observatory skatepark lair, just 'cuz.
    • He kills Tyrannosaurus Hex by shooting a bullet into the ionosphere so it will come back down to strike him as a meteor.
  • The Fantastic Four, themselves turned into rubber, fire, a rock monster, and transparent respectively by a rocket flight, have a group of enemies called Salem's Seven; children of an evil sorcerer, they have respectively transmuted themselves into hybrids of human and: a lion, an antelope, a thornbush, a poisonous snake, a water cannon, a vacuum pump, and dizziness. They are the grandchildren of the FF's babysitter (She's a witch, and their kid whom she babysits is a Reality Warper). Their other enemies include aliens, a Mad Scientist who was a former friend, a puppeteer who uses radioactive clay for Mind Control and is the father of the Thing's girlfriend, and a half-naked prince and former superhero who lives underwater and has wings on his feet and keeps summoning walking land whales to smash New York.
  • In Immortal Iron Fist, Fat Cobra's illustrious life has involved joining a team of kung fu commandos to take down Hitler's secret death squad of SS ninjas and the notorious Herr Samurai, fighting cosmonaut werewolves on the moon with Nick Fury, being one of the pioneers of the NFL before being kicked out for beating up protesters from the KKK, teaching kung fu to Elvis while having an afro, and being a champion fighter in the underground combat leagues of Atlantis. Also getting obscene body tattoos and having lots and lots of sex in spite of his grotesque rotundity.
  • Cable is a psychic telepathic mutant cyborg mercenary from the future. Who is the son of a mutant vigilante who shoots Eye Beams and the evil clone of a psychic superheroine/psychotic cosmic force, created by a genetically altered Nazi scientist. And grandson of a space pirate. Whose first mate is an alien.
  • Xenozoic Tales. That it's alternatively (and better) known as Cadillacs and Dinosaurs should tell you all you need to know.
  • Nick Fury's Howling Commandos are a Monster Mash special forces team that has at one point or another included practically every monster in Marvel's publishing history; The team the miniseries revolves around includes Warwolf, N'Kantu the Living Mummy, a clone of the original Frankenstein's Monster (this is remarked on as making absolutely zero sense), the half-vampire half-werewolf debutante Vampire By Night, the mysterious and slow-witted zombie John Doe, swamp monster the Glob, Gorilla Man, and Brother Voodoo. Marvel's resident gillman, Manphibian was absent. This is rectified in the Franken-Castle arc of The Punisher, where a Frankenstein's Monster Punisher teams up with N'Kantu, Manphibian, Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night, and Morbius.
  • Cowboy Ninja Viking seems to be Exactly What It Says on the Tin, but not really. He is actually a Badass with Multiple Identity Disorder. Another character is the same, except for being a Pirate Gladiator Oceanographer.
  • The sequel comic book series of The Incredibles has a robotic Tyrannosaurus rex with a tophat and a monocle as a prominent member of the Confederacy of Crime.
  • The Marvel Universe minor supervillain Swarm tends to fit here. A Nazi scientist irradiated a beehive, was eaten alive by the bees, and somehow his consciousness survived as the Hive Queen. In more fitting terms, Swarm is an evil hive of telepathic bees with Nazi sympathies. It's been pointed out before that Nazi supervillains have been done, evil bees have been done, people made out of evil bees have been done - but somehow, a Nazi made of bees is more awesome than it has any right to be.
  • This comic book cover. Dual Wielding Marines on surfboards!
  • An issue of the 2008 House of Mystery series featured one character's gloriously deranged idea for a screenplay, about a pirate-ninja-vampire gorilla fighting magic-using dinosaurs in space, after Earth was rendered uninhabitable due to zombies and killer robots. But that simple description doesn't capture the sheer dementedness of the story, which shifts genre violently every time the narrator remembers a really cool bit he forgot to mention previously.
  • Captain Raptor. It's Flash Gordon as a velociraptor flying through space fighting cybernetic dinosaurian Space Pirates and huge space tylosaurs.
  • It could be reasonably argued that this trope is the reason the Amalgam Universe exists. DarkClaw, for example, is a Canadian-millionaire-bat-wolverine-mutant with a Healing Factor, adamantium claws, and sonar powers.
  • ElfQuest doesn't keep much noise about it, but deep down it's actually a comic about elf aliens. There's a whole story arc where the point is to find out whether elf aliens can beat troll aliens. Oh, and they're noble savages with bondwolves too.
  • At one point in the Future Foundation story, Spidey and the FF run into zombie pirates. Spidey, who is obviously One of Us, can barely contain his joy. He practically squees.
  • Hoax Hunters features Murder, a ghostly astronaut whose suit is full of crows.
  • From Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, Cosmo. A psychic Russian Cosmonaut dog.
  • In the Adventure Time spin-off comic Adventure Time: Candy Capers, Lumpy Space Princess and Lemongrab end up like this after being mauled and infected by various types of implausible XXXX-Wolves.
  • In The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, Cyclonus and Whirl have designs along the lines of a Robot Samurai (noble, stern, sensible) and a Robot Ninja (canny, deadly-silent, impulsive).
    • The Dead Universe in the Dark Cybertron crossover resurrects Transformers as the undead. This includes Nightbeat, essentially making him a zombie robot private eye, and it's revealed that Brainstorm was infected before the series started, making him a zombie robot mad scientist.
  • Shakara: One of the most awesome enemy races are the Teknosaurs, who as their name implies are cyborg dinosaurs.
  • The Marvel MAX miniseries Thor: Vikings features the god of thunder doing battle with cursed undead vikings with a flying longship that breathes fire.
  • Kraken in Nikolai Dante is a pirate captain and a trained ninja, who may or may not be undead.
  • Deadpool once went up against Marcus, a centaur who was bitten by a werewolf and bonded with an alien symbiote, making a "perfect warrior with no weaknesses"...except for the fact that he's also diabetic.
    • And he's not invulnerable; Deadpool managed to cut off his legs. But don't worry! Now he has robotic replacements, making him a cyborg werewolf centaur-symbiote bond!
  • Backlash has lived for so long that he's managed to be a knight, a ninja, and a secret agent.
  • Wonder Woman (1987): Several of Diana's Space Pirate Revolutionaries are a fascinating combo:
  • The Ultimates: Herr Kleiser is a shapeshifting alien who takes on the form of a Nazi.


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