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Nightmarefuel / Oney Plays

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  • The stingers for both Crash Bandicoot 2 series contain some frightening moments.
    • Part 2, series one: an almost-subliminal image of Crash zapping around the frame.
    • Part 3, series two: Crash body-slams the ground and leaves a bloody mark.
    • Part 7: a Japanese commercial for the game with Crash dancing, where a voice screams at the end.
    • Part 8: a promotional video for the game with Crash, with a sudden musical sting when he yells, "Ha!"
    • Part 10: footage from the Rugrats in Paris game, except there's creepy music and Chuckie's chortling keeps getting louder.
    • Part 12: Crash body-slams through a bonus-stage door on the ground, and falls through oblivion.
    • Part 16: a Pizza Hut tie-in commercial, where a man in a Crash costume shouts "EAT THE FUCKING PIZZA!!" at some customers.
    • Part 17: another Japanese commercial, where a model of Crash has his skin and eyeballs explode off of him.
  • In part 1 of Mario Artist: Paint Studio, after goofing around with Mario Artist by adding horror elements to a drawn Nostalgia Critic, which is already creepy, but also Nightmare Retardant since the creepy elements are just cliche creepypasta tropes like bleeding eyes, but when DingDong starts spamming the blur tool, the Critic gets an increasingly creepy face that's getting worse with each application of the blur tool.
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  • Episode 5 of Super Mario 64 Multiplayer has an edited scene of Mario struggling to escape from quicksand, with the screen gradually growing darker and ominous music playing in the background.
  • The final episode of the Pokémon Red let's play, where they decide to catch MissingNo. Things start off pretty standard, with the boys having their usual banter as they play the game. Then comes the second half of the video, which is a nightmarish, glitchy mess with the entire video itself glitching out and distorted, echoed voices in the background instead of any commentary. The whole thing comes off as a video game version of Candle Cove.
    • Though some Nightmare Retardant exists if you listen closely; at one point, among the echoed voices in the background, you can hear DingDong ask, "What the heck is this?" followed by "Is this a creepy pasta, is that what we're doing?" Other users have also pointed out that many of the echoed voices is actually just the infamous Hitler Clone Argument, reversed and garbled.
  • Ding Dong's Pizza Guy Story in American Truck Simulator is an extreme case of Adult Fear. Basically, a Pizza Delivery Guy who was unsatisfied with the tip Ding Dong gave intentionally ruined their pizza. Naturally, the two sent in a complaint about it, and they found that the delivery guy had received multiple complaints despite being a new employee. The two avoided ordering pizza from that place for two months. When they did order pizza from there again, not only is it the same Delivery Guy, but he's still bitter about their last encounter. He asks Ding Dong to open the box and inspect it, to which he sees nothing wrong with it. Just when it seems like Ding Dong is being paranoid by saying he didn't trust the pizza, they then revealed that they actually did all experience a severe stomach flu the day after eating the pizza, with them all waking up to feeling nauseous and having diarrhea.

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