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Nightmarefuel / King's Maker

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Nothing says "Obey me" like a bloody head on a fence post.

WARNING: Per troping policy, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Given that, all romantic elements aside, this is a comic about two traumatized teenagers teaming up to take down a corrupt regime, King's Maker was bound to be chock-full of Adult Fear. Notable examples include:
    • Wolfgang's mother, Christine, burned to death in a house fire trying to make sure her son got out alive - this is made worse by the fact that while it was the King who sent the gifts that ended up killing her, it was Wolfgang who accidentally set them off. And he was only about 8 or 9 when this happened, meaning he had to learn how to survive out on the streets before he was even in double digits. By the time the story begins, he's amassed a small following among a few other street rats, but still.
    • Soohyuk couldn't have been older than 11 when he was selected to become a King's Child, meaning that he was effectively isolated from his father (who is also implied to have been unable to speak out against the king, unless he was willing to lose either his job or his life) and peers, unable to openly form emotional bonds with people his own age lest he be punished for disloyalty, and forced to confront the fact that living on 4 years of borrowed time before being raped was the best case scenario for him when he was a pre-teen. Is it any wonder he's so emotionally guarded in the present?
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    • Sys came from a family of doctors before he was a nobleman's son, which explains his skills in herbal medicine. Said family also died in a fire caused by the King, after a King's Child (who is all but outright stated to have attempted suicide to escape his current situation) in their care accuses them of assaulting him - with a young Sys hidden beneath a trap door the entire time, unable to see what was happening but able to hear everything. By the time the Duke of Ulysses finds the remains of the hospital a few days later, Sys is still there, in a very well-warranted Heroic BSoD.
    • Theo, being Dandelion's primary caretaker, is initially happy for him to finally meet his biological father... until he learns about the king's pastimes, after which he attempts to poison the King in order to keep Dandelion out of harm's way. Except the Golden Blessing's most distinct ability is to nullify poison... The rewards for his efforts can be seen to your right.
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  • The King himself is a fairly standard Caligula-esque villain, but there's something unnerving about how little he emotes in response to things like decapitating a council member or having a dog maul one of the Children to death in front of him (at most, he expresses mild disappointment when the Child dies.) As far as he's concerned, this is normal.

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