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Nightmarefuel / Easy A

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  • The principal at Ojai North is more concerned with rude words and short hemlines than stopping gay students from being bullied. Who the hell made him principal?
    • The accuracy makes it all the more disturbing.
  • Nothing Olive does is particularly reprehensible, but she gets SO. MUCH. SHIT. for it.
  • The fact that Brandon felt so threatened by homophobes at his school that he had to pretend to be straight and eventually leave town to pursue a gay relationship. Doubles as Fridge Horror: those actions imply he's been getting more than one bloody nose from those bullies.
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  • Evan asking Olive to pretend to have had sex with him sounds horribly similar to a rape scenario.
    Evan: I don't need to ask your permission.
  • Then the ACTUAL rape scenario that almost actually plays out with Anson and Olive. And the only reason it didn't was because Olive was strong enough to force him off her.
  • The guidance counselor originally seemed like a really kind and goofy person whom Olive completely trusted, until she turned out to be more concerned with threatening children in order to keep her job than providing any actual guidance to Olive. WHO THE HELL WAS IN CHARGE OF HIRING AT THIS SCHOOL?!
  • It's only because of Olive's confession that Mr. Griffith didn't get an STD from his wife... assuming she told him in time...

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