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Nightmare Fuel / Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

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”Mama mia...”

  • Particularly during the third act, when the food machine goes haywire. The food machine gets covered in a gigantic "meatball", and the heroes have to travel inwards through the chasms of mutated food a la Armageddon to defeat the machine.
  • Also, Steve fights the gummy bears- he rams his hand into it, RIPS OUT ITS HEART AND THEN EATS IT!
    • Although that borders on a Moment of Awesome AND Nightmare Fuel at the same time.
    • And that's to say nothing of the giant mutant roast-chickens hanging from the ceiling that devoured Brent.
    • Who then proceeds to reposition himself inside the presumably live roast chicken and wear it as a suit.
  • The Mayor immediately begins gorging himself on the food and ends up morbidly obese, needing a scooter to get around. The scene where he is excited about bigger portions and then devours a gigantic hot dog whole is pretty unsettling, the way he's been utterly consumed by his own gluttony.
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  • When the falling food starts getting bigger...
  • Most of Flint's early inventions cause this., I.E The Ratbirds
  • With the sequel introducing living food, what would happen to the natural food chain on Swallow Falls?
    • Aren't most creatures on the food chain living food to someone?!
  • Sam's peanut-induced allergic reaction, especially how swelled up she gets.

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