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Nightmare Fuel / Zombieland: Double Tap

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Like the first movie in this series, Zombieland: Double Tap is a HORROR-comedy. So the HORROR part still needs to be in this movie.

  • Hawkings are a type of Elite Zombie characterized by being more intelligent than the average zombie. The first Hawking zombie seen was able to figure out how to get to a scientist behind a locked door by biting out a nearby corpse's eye and using the retinal scan on the door. Slow zombies are cumbersome, fast zombies are scary, but a zombie that can do that is just nightmarish.
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  • Ninjas are zombies capable of being stealthy. Even Hawkings don't seem to plan ahead in the same way as a zombie capable of sneaking around their targets silently, so it just adds even more Paranoia Fuel in a world bereft with danger around every corner.
  • T-800s are proof that not only are zombies vicious and problematic, but they are evolving so that they are more effective than ever before. The first one the gang encounters was not only able to dodge two of Tallahassee's shots, but it is able to take over a dozen direct shots (two of which were headshots) before Tallahassee had to crush its head under his boot. And that was just one, and they had guns at the time. Now try picturing facing an entire army of those without guns in the climax.
  • Madison's Self-Induced Allergic Reaction which, unfortunately for her, looks almost exactly like she's turning. She's very quickly reduced to running through the woods, vomiting and screaming incoherently about being a "monster", while Columbus tracks her and tries to shoot her.
    • It gets even worse when we find out what was actually happening; she was reacting to the trail mix she'd been given, and she was probably trying to tell Columbus that she wasn't turning.
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    • Of course, considering she forgot about her peanut allergy, there's always the possibility that she really did think she was turning. Sweet dreams.
    • How about the idea that if Columbus hadn't chickened out and had actually killed her, he would have flat out murdered a human being who wasn't turning into a zombie and wouldn't have had any clue about it? That's certainly frightening as hell.

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