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Nightmare Fuel / Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

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As ominous as this screen is, it could be much worse.

  • The infamous Game Over screen, as seen to the right, accompanied by Ganon's mocking laughter. Ha hah hah hah hah...
  • Falling into water or lava is unsettling. Link immediately begins sinking as if being pulled in until you can't see him anymore. Then the screen flashes as per the usual death animation, but Link's silhouette is suddenly visible again at the very bottom of the screen, like it is his tomb.
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  • In the Famicom version of the game, Mazura/Horsehead and Barba/Volvagia roar constantly throughout their fights, which isn't unlike the bosses from the first game. Unlike that game, however, the roar the two bosses use is that godawful noise heard on the Game Over screen. You thought hearing that noise once was bad? Now it's on repeat until you kill the boss. Have fun with that.
  • The town of Old Kasuto provides quite an unpleasant shock the first time you enter it. You suspect something's wrong with the place when you see that the town is seemingly deserted, the sky is unusually dark, most buildings are decrepit and partially collapsed, and a slow rendition of the "indoors" music is playing outside. But then you KNOW something's wrong when you suddenly start getting hurt for no reason. You're actually getting swarmed by powerful Moas that you can't see without the Cross artifact.
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  • This image of Thunderbird about to attack Link.
  • Link's Shadow is pretty creepy if you're not expecting it. It's also a very hard fight unless you exploit his AInote , and without context to the fight you can interpret it as a part of Link that wants Ganon revived.
  • Yuu Mishozaki's manga has an interesting way to interpret Dark Link, who has a Nightmare Face. Throughout the story, while Link and Zelda are heading to the Palaces, Dark Link is going around Hyrule sullying Link's reputation, corrupting the White Sword into a Dark Sword, until it is finally revealed that Dark Link is really a resurrected Ganon. Link eventually goes into the Great Palace in the hopes of awakening Zelda I, and fights Ganon one last time, who sheds his Dark Link form, transforming into his original kaiju-sized form from the previous manga.
  • Ever gone to the Tantari Desert cave without the candle? Or the tunnel south of Ruto Town? Goriyas are masters of the Nothing Is Scarier effect on unexperienced players: a few meters before entering a battle against one, a single and slowly-timed boomerang sound can be heared, as if they're making a single swing with them, menacingly, to make any weak intruder fool enough to venture in there crap on their pants before running away from there. The lack of light is necessary for this.


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