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Nightmare Fuel / Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light

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  • The movie opens with a flashback of Yugi solving the Millennium Puzzle. At the same time, Anubis awakens and kills the archaeologists excavating his tomb, while Yugi is beset by monsters conjured from the Puzzle. Even Kuriboh looks scary as it opens its mouth and leaps at Yugi.
  • Pegasus pulls his hair back to show Kaiba his empty eye socket. All the viewers see is Kaiba's horrified reaction, but it's enough.
    • Another possibility is that Pegasus' eyelid there has been sewn shut. Which is just as terrifying, but also makes more sense, as just leaving his eye socket open like that would probably lead to infection.
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  • An animation error plus a Freeze-Frame Bonus makes mouthless Kaiba.
  • Yugi missing with the dagger throw is both funny and this trope, as there was no other way to defeat Anubis.
  • Yugi's exploration of the Puzzle, which he's trapped in while screaming in pain, results only in doors leading to utter nothingness. Upon yet another door, he stops and screams for the Pharaoh in utter frustration, as the camera pulls back to reveal just how massive and empty the chamber is. The shot was used in the movie's trailer.
    • For extra horror, think about the implications for the original series. Yugi despairs at being locked in the maze within a few minutes. Think about what being trapped in a maze with endless doors and with no sign of your identity might have done to the Pharaoh's state of mind, given that he was imprisoned for 5,000 years, and suddenly the early manga/Toei anime persona might not need to be written off as 'the early days of the series before the artist found his feet'. Who wouldn't be a little off-kilter after that?
  • While Yugi is at the museum, Anubis's jackal-headed shadow approaches him from behind. He then sees a vision of the Pharaoh near-death, Kaiba gloating over him, and Anubis appearing to grab and lift Kaiba by the head. The extremely bright lighting immediately after as everyone's knocked out doesn't help.
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  • The scene where Yugi follows the Pharaoh into Anubis' chamber is pretty creepy. Yami moves as though he is possessed and compelled by Anubis' will, and doesn't respond to Yugi calling to him. He then phases through a door and turns into energy, vanishing into Anubis. The chord that kicks in when he sees Anubis' chamber underscores the tension nicely. What makes it worse is that there's no explanation for what happened, as Yami Yugi was still alive outside of the Puzzle, and having mystic powers usually means the Pharaoh is immune to possession. The fact that Anubis manages to essentially invade his mind to consume it from the inside suggests some chilling things about the power of the Pyramid of Light.
  • Kaiba summons Peten the Dark Clown and attacks the Pharaoh directly. Before Kaiba even makes the attack command, Peten's card vanishes and reappears behind the Pharaoh, after which Peten stabs him straight through the back—and through the heart. The stabbing is silhouetted, but right on-screen. Even worse, being a Shadow Game, both of them feel the pain of the attacks. The stab's so painful it drives the Pharaoh to his knees.
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  • Late in their duel, Anubis tells Yami, "Soon worms will feast on your flesh, just as they did on mine." Yami Yugi is actually shaking in fear for a few seconds.
  • The side effect of summoning the Pyramid of Light is to have both duelists' life energy drained to feed Anubis whenever they lose Life Points in the duel. Kaiba isn't aware this is happening, but Yami Yugi is. It makes the scenes where Kaiba attacks him directly hard to watch, especially when he asks if Yami has any last requests.
  • Inside the Pyramid, Anubis swarms Yugi, Joey, Tristan, and Tea with a horde of mummies that keep attacking even after getting punched in half or having their heads kicked off, slowly wearing them down through sheer numbers.
  • Kaiba having a straight villainous role is reminiscent of the early manga. He's so eager to take revenge on Yugi he ends up almost killing him, and gloats while draining his life with every attack.
    • Worse still, at one point Yami Yugi collapses unconscious right in front of Kaiba, and is lying there unable to stand even after coming to for several minutes. The fact that Kaiba doesn't realize his own technology shouldn't be doing this to someone is kind of horrific, especially when he could have murdered someone he actually respects just to get victory. In the Japanese this scene goes on even longer. And then the implications of Gozaburo doing similar things kicks in...
  • As Yami Yugi nears defeat, Kaiba and Anubis speak as one as they prepare to finish him off.
    Kaiba/Anubis: Get up! Get up so I can knock you back down!
  • Anubis spends most of the film as a rotted mummy. When he starts to come to life and regrow his skin and muscles, his face is even worse than when he was dead.
  • Anubis shows Yugi, Joey, and Tristan visions of the world being destroyed by monsters and what looks like a nuclear explosion, then shows them that his awakening was Yugi's fault—when he completed the Puzzle he also woke Anubis.
  • If the Pyramid of Light wasn't destroyed by duel's end, either Kaiba would've killed Yami Yugi, or Yami Yugi would’ve killed Kaiba.
  • Anubis is so in tune with Kaiba's thoughts that even when they begin to conflict, Kaiba thinks he has to destroy the Pharaoh and has no idea why he's thinking it. He's aware he's not acting like himself, but still thinks it's just him thinking those things.
  • Anubis reveals himself by growing out of Kaiba's shadow, grabbing him by the head, and throwing him against the floor hard enough to knock him out and injure his arm.
  • As Anubis regains his human form, the Pyramid of Light protrudes from his flesh and grows out of his skin in a horrific, veiny closeup.
  • Kaiba is lying in the glass's shatter range when the Duel Dome blows up.
  • Anubis tries to psyche the Pharaoh out during their duel by telling him that Yugi and his friends have already died, trapped in the Puzzle.
  • To feed Theinen the Great Sphinx, Anubis uses dead souls from the Pyramid of of Light to strengthen it as well as the souls of the mummies he trapped in the Puzzle. It's implied that if Yugi and his friends hadn't gotten out when they did, Theinen would have eaten them too.
  • Anubis's monster Sphinx Teleia is a sphinx with a pretty woman's face... until she attacks and reveals a Nightmare Face.
  • After losing the duel to Yugi, Anubis summons himself in real life, turning into a monstrous jackal that grows more threatening the more the fight goes on. His first move is to summon giant cards to attack Yugi and Kaiba, blowing up Kaiba's Duel Disk and scattering their cards. His next move is to shoot beams of energy at the ceiling, nearly killing Yugi's friends. Then he grows larger, becomes bipedal, and his skin turns veiny, with an axe jutting out of his forehead and giant wings sprouting from his back.
  • Anubis gets a really nasty death scene, melting into shadows that briefly expose his mummy form, which falls apart.


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