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Nightmare Fuel / Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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"It's official, definitely havin' nightmares tonight!"
Jaden Yuki

Just because it's a Lighter and Softer Affectionate Parody of the original series doesn't mean Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is any worse at bringing the scares.

As with all Nightmare Fuel subpages, spoilers are unmarked.

  • Trueman's and Darkness' (the one from the last arc) monsters could qualify.
    • The Darkness Bramble, which bursts through Darkness' chest, Darkness Outsider, which is a clown which opens its face to spear things with its brain tentacles, and Darkness Neosphere especially.
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  • The Facial expressions done By Saiou when The Light of Ruin fully posseses him are practically worthy of Rivaling Yami Marik's Facial Distortions.
  • Yubel. Just, Yubel. If anyone wants to elaborate, they can. The fact that they looks like Yami Marik and Yami Bakura's love child dosen't do anything to lower the nightmare factor.
    • Going into more detail, in the Japanese version they switch back and forth between using a male and female voice, and is a batshit insane stalker that considers love to be sharing of all feelings, most notably pain. So think about this, Judai is stalked by a monster that is not only possessive to the point where they try to kill anybody else that gets close to him, but considers making his life a living hell a sign of love.
    • Living hell btw consists of breaking him down mentally from the shadows until his mind literally splits by making him believe Johan is dead, turning his friends against him and making him believe he murdered them, all to trigger his Super-Powered Evil Side who then goes on a genocidal rampage.
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    • Worst of all is that Yubel gets away scotfree because Judai ends up giving them exactly what they wanted by fusing their souls together. Considering how much shit they put Judai through up until this point and how much he hated them for it its very questionable if that's actually Judai's decision or the Supreme King's influence.
  • Speaking of Yubel, what they do to Johan and his family is pretty horrifying. The show doesn't go into much detail but what little we get is bad enough. They corrupt the Crystal Beasts and Rainbow Dragon into evil imitations of themselves - implied to be fully conscious too - and then rip Johan's soul out of his body to imprison him in a prison of anguish, in their own words. They then use his body to hurt Judai as much as possible, punish the Crystal Beasts for daring to speak with Judai, and even try to trick Judai into thinking Johan has turned evil all because Johan dared be important to Judai. Imagine just getting close to someone and then an insane stalker decides to torture you and your family for it.
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  • There's something inherently disturbing about seeing Judai/Jaden, the happy-go-lucky protagonist losing everything before turning evil.
  • Episode 45 and 46 give us the lovely image of Daitokuji's mummified corpse. Have fun with that.
  • Episode 65. Every single element of the Underground itself is incredibly disturbing to begin with (Electric Torture as entertainment for masked spectators, cage matches, the implication that duelists have died after losing there, etc). And we watch Ryo, who is already in the middle of a mental crisis, be mocked and tortured until his mind snaps and he obliterates Mad Dog in a brutal rage. Mad Dog gets blasted right through the steel bars of the cage and just lies there, immobile and smoking. He might be dead. He's unconscious and horribly injured at the very least. Ryo's terrifying Slasher Smile at the end when he's back in the Pro League ends the episode on one hell of a nightmarish, ominous note.
    • A little more Fridge Horror about how bad the Electric Torture must be in the Underground: this character, who barely made any sound when hit directly with a 4000-point attack in a shadow game, is screaming in agony after a loss of only a few hundred Life Points.
  • Titan's fate in Episode 6 is pretty hard stuff, even in the 4Kids dub. After faking a Shadow Game, somehow a real one gets started and he becomes possessed by a spirit in the abandoned dorm that forces him to continue the match even though he's terrified and likely would have abandoned his contract with Crowler to escape the situation otherwise. When he loses he's dragged in the Darkness, The Shadow Realm in the dub, by a swarm of tiny blob monsters, and in the dub his last words are crying out to Jaden to tell his kids he loves them. He's one of the series' villains who most certainly did not deserve it, especially with the dub giving him an implied backstory of an ex-carny who turned his special effects knowledge into a career as an illusionist "hitman" to support his family.
  • That Jinzo spirit in episode 14 has a terrifying voice. Not to mention his deck is filled with creepy monsters. The reason why Jinzo is there, three students tried a ritual to summon duel spirits. And for some reason they tried to summon Jinzo. Well it worked all right but Jinzo demanded three souls. He already got two of the three students and whenever the third tried to escape the academy, there was Jinzo on the boat waiting for him.
  • Episode 38. Not supernatural or anything, but the sea captain is just downright creepy—no matter whether you watch the original or the dub.
  • Amon, in the later parts of his arc, does some majorly disturbing things. Watching Echo insist on sacrificing herself for him and him accepting so easily is horrifying.
  • Because the dub didn't air season 4, where things got better, the English series seems to end with Jaden going insane.
  • Episode 98: Destiny Hero Bloo-D and everything about it. Not only are the monster itself and its effect disturbing to look at, but DD has been using it to trap human souls - including Edo's father. It's actually worse in the dub, where Aster's father just disappeared and Aster only finds out now that this is what became of him.
  • Doll Chimera takes Creepy Doll and cranks it Up to Eleven. It starts out as a decrepit mannequin that stands on all fours like a giant spider, and each time it's destroyed, it comes back and grows additional torsos and limbs with its own effect. At full power, it has three torsos joined at the hip, each with its own limbs and head, and the inherent Freudian imagery just makes it worse.
  • Everything about the Duel Ghouls. They're cannon-fodder Mooks and fairly easily defeated, to be sure. But not one single ghoul stays down when it's defeated, and they swarm. You either duel them 'till you drop and become one of them, or you run and pray you can get far enough away. There are no alternatives.
    • It gets worse - one poor unnamed kid decides to attempt to hold the Smart Ball, and just run past the ghouls without responding to any challenges. Can't be turned if you're not willing to play the game, right? Wrong. They swarm him, corner him, converge... and he rises again as a newly-minted ghoul, no duel necessary.
  • The World of Darkness. An alternate dimension where people experience their worst fears, doubts and regrets until they cannot take it any more and give up their individuality willingly. For example, Alexis/Asuka fears she would not be a great teacher, so she stops trying and gives up her dream. Thank God Jaden/Judai was able to snap her and everyone else out of it and free them all.


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