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Nightmare Fuel / Yu-Gi-Oh! East Academy

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Well what do we have here? A collaborative story based on a children's cartoon? Well my seven year old son watches that show, I think I'll read this to him...

  • Though tame compared to what happens later, Regulus being infected with the Lswarm virus during the finals is still a rather unsettling scene, especially when Caramon starts screaming (because of a vague attack of something that happened at the same time).
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  • The Cultist are creepy as hell. A group of Yami Marik-style lunatics who want to erase all life on the planet and they actually enjoy receiving pain! Definitely not the kind of people you'd want to run into in a dark alley.
  • Then there's the sheer level of Family-Unfriendly Violence in the shadow duels. 4Kids! would have an epileptic fit if they ever had to censor this. Special points must go to Caramon and Peter being nearly burnt alive.
  • The wet popping noise that happens when Jacques slaps his now-ruined leg.
  • Skull Knight: He Was Once a Man, only to be changed by something into what he is now. If he is not being Hammy, he's ruthlessly trying to use a Breaking Speech on Sigmund to try to get him to break and join Apophis. His cards are also pretty bad, mostly functioning as his summoned horde of murderers.
  • The other Cultist who was dueling Roxas was just as bad. He was a victim of cancer, and his very life was prolonged by Hatred - Battle Booster. Then he took off his face mask after being defeated, and voluntarily offed himself in the most horrific way possible.
  • Oh, Haine is just a cheerful child, how could he be scary... well, until we get a description of him with a Nightmare Face, utterly displeased with how the duels went. And then we see a glimpse of his true personality. Also, note what his name means in French: Hatred
    • By the way, Yami Marik's lovely Shadow Game he used on Joey has made a return, being used by Haine on Marcus and Sylvestre, and what is worse, Denero has destroyed the radio card, basically stranding them against a foe who has only torture in mind for them.
    • And then Haine decides to fix that issue, and broadcast the duel to the largest group of the students (over half of which are severely injured as a result of the cultist duels). This broadcast includes a replay of everything that happened before he started broadcasting, which includes both Marcus and Sylvestre being tortured painfully.
    • And then Sylvestre just outright dies from the trauma of being torn apart from a direct attack by Haine's Legendary Fiend, and now Marcus is sitting inside Nightmare Steel Cage, and it looks like he might be safe for now but... oh, welcome back, Plasma Eel. This monster returns as seen in Yami Marik's duel against Joey, and the results are just as nightmarish as before.
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  • Embodiment of Degradation is stated to basically nuke its opponent whenever it attacks. Its effects basically make it an Implacable Man, and its always attacking something.

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