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Nightmare Fuel / Young Sheldon

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Season 1

     Episode 1 Pilot 
  • Although Played for Laughs, the Extreme Close-Up of the spinning blade of a lawn mower, a pickup truck turning too fast, and a barking dog, all of which are also shown in slow motion, does make the viewer (and Sheldon) sweat a little in fear.
  • The Extreme Close-Up of Billy's pet chicken's face looks demonic.
  • The Extreme Close-Up of the high school's taxidermy wolf has wolf snarling noises played in the background.

     Episode 3 Poker, Faith and Eggs 
  • Sheldon walks in on his father being treated. Seeing the doctors frantically trying to revive him, George unconscious and covered in wires and tubes, and Mary in tears praying, it's easy to understand why adult Sheldon is afraid of hospitals.

     Episode 4 A Therapist, a Comic Book, and a Breakfast Sausage 
  • Mary, George, and Missy's sheer terror of seeing Sheldon nearly choke to death.
  • Because of a the above mentioned incident, Sheldon has developed a phobia of eating solid food.
  • When Sheldon goes missing, Mary is terrified and panicking while George hides his terror underneath dark humor and a calm demeanor. Eventually they call the police.

     Episode 16 A Mother, A Child, and a Blue Man's Backside 
  • The tornado during the last few minutes of the episode has the entire family terrified and huddling together in the bathroom, not knowing if they're going to survive the night. Sheldon has it the worst of all because he spent most of the episode angry at his mother, but when it comes down to it he's just a little kid who very much needs her. Luckily they get out of it without any real damage, but the entire scene is portrayed as deadly serious (complete with a sudden cut to black).


Season 4

     Episode 17: A Black Hole 
  • After Sturgis explains the remote possibility of a black hole powerful enough to devour the Earth forming at the Waxahachie super collider, George imagines that the black hole is forming outside the house, with everyone scared and huddled together to pray against all hope of surviving. The scene is played almost entirely for horror, and the fact that it's presented as a Daydream Surprise makes it all the more unsettling.

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