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Nightmare Fuel / Yakuza

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Despite being known for being chock full of badass moments and lightheartedness, the Yakuza series also likes to remind you that you're dealing with Japan's own criminal underworld, regardless of liberties taken. And as the page picture shows, ruthless gangsters aren't the worst things stalking Kamurocho...

Series in general
  • The very practice of yubitsume, in which one cuts one of their fingers off in order to formally apologize to a superior that they've disgraced. While the camera usually cuts away from anything too gory, the player is still privy to the crunch of bone and screams of agony...

Yakuza and Yakuza Kiwami

  • When Shimano is introduced he performs a sudden and very bloody Yubitsume on one of his underlings.
  • The scene in the first game when Nishiki is punishing his underlings for killing the supposed Mizuki is pretty damn scary, especially in the remake, thanks to the new facial animations and voiceacting.
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  • Lau Ka Long's Cold-Blooded Torture of Kiryu. Even Kiryu himself has bad memories of the experience, the mere mention of the Snake Flower Triad's name giving him cold feet.
  • In the new cutscenes focusing on Nishiki, after his sister dies and he's had enough of Matsushige's total lack of respect for him, he not only stabs him in the gut and murders him, but he wipes his blood-stained hands all over his face, completing his villainous transformation.
  • While it's downplayed due to the comical nature of the duo, the Majima Anywhere mechanic can be this. You're essentially in the cross-hairs of a guy who is about 51 cards short of a deck. He can appear anywhere for a fight and sometimes he doesn't even give the player less than a minute's rest before you hear another "Kiryu-chan" meaning he's in the area again. Also not helping is Majima's fascinations for another fight with you being outright fetishistic.

Yakuza 2 and Yakuza Kiwami 2

  • If you thought the videotape substory in 0 was scary enough, it's got nothing on the one in Kiwami 2. In the sub story "Rising from the Shadows", a distraught man gives Kiryu a video tape and instructs him to watch it before running off in a panic. Confused, Kiryu goes to the video parlor to watch it. All it shows was what looked like an old recording of one of the Kamurocho parks at night. It statics in an out, but each time, a strange woman in red appears standing or sitting in different places. At the last static, the woman is in an extreme closeup of her face right in front of the camera with black eyes and a Slasher Smile. Also take note the camera is from a high angle shot.
    • Shortly afterwards, you meet an fake exorcist who offers to help you at a hefty price. Given how he seems to know the details of the curse, you'd expect that the whole thing was a setup, right? WRONG. The exorcist spots the woman in red right standing behind Kiryu, and promptly beats it. If you watch carefully, the woman seems to be laughing to herself at the con artist's terror. Then the woman starts to walk towards Kiryu and from behind with her arms outstretched as if she's about to strangle him. Fortunately, Kiryu accidentally drops the video tape a mere second before she could grab him, causing the woman to disappear.

Yakuza 3

  • One subquest involves Kazuma fleeing for his manhood from a trio of drag queens. With dire consequences should he fail.
  • Then we have a scene towards the end of the third game, when calm and collected Mine suddenly flips out and stabs one of his men's hand with a butter knife for badmouthing Daigo. The camera then decides to have a close-up of the batshit insane expression on his face as he screams at his poor goon in pure rage. It really catches you by surprise to see the normally unflappable Mine act like a screaming madman.

Yakuza 4

  • The first real boss of Yakuza 4 in Akiyama's story, Midorikawa, starts off with just trying to shoot you with a pistol. Beat him in the first stage of the fight, he runs back into another room while some henchmen try to knock Akiyama out. Fairly standard fare, so far. Then Midorikawa comes bursting through the door with a chainsaw, fully intending to just cut you into meaty shreds. This is a severe contrast to every enemy thus far, who either attacked you bare-handed or with a more mundane melee weapon. The fact he's bathed in a fiery Battle Aura and cannot be even stunned just nails home how ungodly pissed he is with Akiyama. To make matters worse, on the rare occasions where Midorikawa stands still during this stage of the boss fight, you can see him standing there, hunched over with his head twitching like a madman.

Yakuza 0

  • Kiryu's confrontation with Hiroki Awano, immediately after Kiryu's second fight with Kuze, starts off rather silly: Awano's disco dancing alone with a woman. Then he turns everything off to try and make a deal with Kiryu, who refuses to bite. In an attempt to intimidate Kiryu as he's leaving, Awano shoots said woman dead in cold blood and makes a bluff of an ambush waiting for Kiryu outside. When Kiryu doesn't fall for it and leaves, we're briefly shown the woman's corpse with Awano casually taking a smoke break, who's more annoyed that Kiryu wasn't intimidated.
  • The "Videotape" substory with Majima. The clerk at the adult video store tells Majima of an urban legend where a Woman in White gives a special tape. Sure enough, Majima runs into such a woman in an alley, who's moaning of the cold. After giving her some oden, she says she's not cold anymore and gives a tape in return. As Majima's leaving, he suddenly makes the connection and turns around only to find the woman gone. When Majima returns, they both decide to watch, except the video contains nothing, but static and a woman moaning that she's cold. The guys leave with their own conclusions and then the tape restarts and the video clears to show the woman now in the booth, looking at the camera with a creepy grin and saying "I'm not cold anymore..."
  • The "Mystery Caller" substory with Majima. Majima finds a ringing Pay Phone, and the caller, simply calling himself "Simon" in the English versionnote , offers to pay Majima hefty sums to Dead Drop various illegal weapons. After this, Simon tricks Majima into taking care of some loose ends (read: beating up some prior associates he backstabbed). As thanks, he sends an unknown frightened woman to Majima to work for his cabaret as a reward on the threat of her death. This nets you a new hostess, but it's easy to guess what kind of "work" Simon probably meant. Even Majima is left wondering what kind of person is this Simon.

Yakuza 6

  • Just the mere extent of how badly the Saio Triad wants Haruto dead can qualify. To see them pulling out all the stops to take a defenseless Haruto away from Kiryu and kill him over a single tradition is highly alarming. Friendly reminder: Haruto is a baby. It's even worse for anyone playing who is a parent themselves.
  • During the battle against Toru Hirose, the same kindly, slightly goofy old man who's been with you the whole game, there's one QTE when his health is close to depleted where he abruptly disappears, only to just as abruptly shoot up from right in front of Kiryu going for his throat. There is absolutely no explanation for how he is able to do this, other than being that damn good as an assassin. Puts into perspective just who you're up against.


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