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Nightmare Fuel / Xenoblade

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Much like its predecessors, Xenoblade just loves to pile on the content that makes its T rating seem like maybe the ratings board wasn't really paying attention...

All spoilers are unmarked, proceed with caution.

  • The Mechon themselves are all pretty disturbing in their own way just in the design, but at the beginning of the game when you have your first encounter with the Mechon as Shulk and co. and the Mechon are seemingly eating the citizens of Colony 9, one of the Mechon rounds on a man who's cowering on the ground, clamps its grabber over only the man's neck, and he goes completely limp!
  • The Faced Mechon. The Mechon are already a mechanical menace capable of mass destruction, impervious to everything but the Monado. And then you have these mysterious Mechon who have faces, can speak, and are resistant to the Monado. And then it gets worse, once you find out what they really are.
    • Metal Face, pictured above, is the first faced Mechon you fight. Vile, ruthless, and absolutely savage, this Mechon is truly horrific. Shulk attempts to attack him, only to find out the Monado cannot inflict damage. Shulk speculates that it must be the red lights he sees on the Mechon. He's right, but those aren't lights. That's blood. Then, Metal Face begins his killing spree. His first crime is gleefully murdering Fiora (complete with her blood on his claws) and taunting the party about it during their second encounter, as quoted above. Then, he murders the High Entia Emperor, and continues to show no remorse. And finally, he turned out to be Mumkhar, Dunban's former war comrade turned traitor.. In fact, he was such a wild card and so deranged that Egil ended up having to remove the memories of the next Face Mechon pilots just so they'd obey, as Mumkhar acted on his own too much!
      • Even the way he's defeated isn't a pleasant sight. He's Hoist by His Own Petard after his rifle blasts a part of the structure above him, causing it to impale right through the Mechon and break the platform he was on, and then he falls to his death from the sword of the Mechonis all the way down to the Fallen Arm. The mangled remains of his Face unit function as a fast travel point.
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    • Xord, the second faced Mechon you fight, is quite a treat. His behaviour, design, and even voice makes him seem and sound like a monstrous, mechanical orc of sorts. He's downright vicious and brags about eating as many Homs as he can. Credit goes to his VA for making his grunts and screams sound quite beastly at times, and his delivery of the line "You cannot defeat me..." as he's falling into the Ether River is downright chilling.
      • Later on in the game, you find out that Xord, and the other Faced Mechon, were piloted by Homs. Despite this, you can still fight and defeat Mass Produced Faces, even knowing that there were Homs inside. When you defeat them, you get an item called the Bloodstained Face, complete with a description entailing lives lost in the horrors of war. And even if you should choose to neglect to fight these enemies, the protagonists still murdered Xord earlier on in the game.
      • Not to mention that Xord is heavily implied to be the father of one of the Non Player Characters in Colony 9, though that tidbit is easy to miss if you don't talk to her after fighting Xord in the Ether Mine. So not only did your party unknowingly kill a Homs, they killed one of their neighbors. Plus Xord was a blacksmith—with Shulk's interest in machinery, they could easily have known each other before Xord apparently died a year ago. He's definitely known his daughter for a while—she has a crush on Shulk.
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    • Gold Face, also known as Yaldabaoth, piloted by Egil, is the largest and strongest Mechon ever built, and has the most intimidating presence out of all the Mechon due its size. Egil ends up using it to control Mechonis itself in order to try and stop Bionis. Well-Intentioned Extremist or not, many lives were still on the line when he ended up doing this.
      • During one cutscene before the final fight with it, when Egil pulls the Mechonis sword out of the Bionis while the Allied Force is still fighting on it, the camera pans back and you see black dots of what appears to be hundreds of people falling to their deaths. Most do make it out alive, but still!
      • But, during the final fight with it, there's one truly scary moment. At some point in the battle, you'll receive a vision. Unusually, Shulk will comment on it, but aside from that, you'd probably think the boss is just gonna do a big attack on you. Well, not quite. Rather, the vision is for Mechonis itself performing a technique called Bionis Slash X, against the Bionis. The predicted damage for the attack is INFINITY. You then get a mid battle quest to destroy some mechanisms to prevent the boss from succeeding, and while it's not that hard to stop, the sheer implications of what will happen should you fail are terrifying.
  • The true nature of the High Entia and the Telethia, wherein the former are fated to transform back into the latter. Not only is it Zanza's Moral Event Horizon, but it's also Body Horror incarnate, and a Fate Worse than Death as well.
    • It gets even more frightening, as afterward, you actually can (and for some quests, need to) return to Alcamoth. And when you get there, you'll find the streets littered with Telethia where all the citizens used to be. All of them at a very high level, swarming the town. Plus, the music remains the same, which actually makes the situation worse.
    • According to some of the Alcamoth refugees (both half-Homs High Entia and Nopon colonists), some of the pure-blooded High Entia protected them even as they were transforming. Even after being fully transformed, some of them stick around an area associated with their previous life out of some kind of attachment, suggesting that the transformed High Entia are somewhat cognizant of what's happened to them, but unable to do anything about it due to a feral instinct to carry out Zanza's will. Naturally,some of the refugees' sidequests involve putting their long-time friends and family out of their misery.
    • The cutscene that shows Kallian and his fellow soldiers getting transformed seems to imply that some of the larger Telethia types are created from multiple High Entia (this seems to contrast Zanza's claim of Telethia evolving into High Entia, until you remember that the Telethia are the Bionis' cells; so them combining is basically cellular fusion).
    • Additionally, after that point, in the affinity chart a good number of High Entia characters are grayed out (and at least two of them are children), and whether they died or turned into Telethia is left unsaid outside of a few side quests where you encounter some of those characters as Telethia.
  • This game, or at least parts of it, is not friendly to those who have arachnophobia. A few arachnid examples below:
    • One of Shulk's first visions shows the Arachno Queen impaling and killing Reyn in one blow. If it weren't for Monado Shield kicking in just in time, Shulk would have lost Reyn, another one of his best friends lost within days of one another.
    • Tephra Cave in general has various areas with a whole bunch of spiders running about, and pods that hatch that release more spiders. Various areas and caves on the Bionis Leg are also the same, but at much higher levels. Near the end of the game, you can explore more of Tephra Cave, including a Lv 85+ area that contains some of the toughest enemies in the game... which includes, of course, more spider enemies, of note two Unique Monsters that are basically huge spiders that are also really tough to take down.
    • An early sequence of sidequests will have you trying to find the "Giant's Mirror", located in a ruined shrine on the edge of a cliff on the Bionis Leg. Simple enough, right? Well... The moment you pick it up, you'll see legs emerge from the abyss, and suddenly a huge spider pulls itself right up in front of you. And if you're doing the quest as soon as you can, you'll probably be too weak to fight it, as it can kill you horribly in one hit(luckily, the game gives you just enough time to run). Then, when you have to go to the place to offer the mirror, the same thing happens. But then there are three giant spiders. On top of that, that first spider will show up if you explore the ruins no matter what, even if you haven't gotten the quest. You might just be exploring the area and discovering everything around the Bionis Leg on your first time around, well under half the level needed to actually fight it. It also attacks on sight, and takes a while for it to get over the edge of the cliff, so you could very well walk to the edge, turn around, and not know you're under attack until the music kicks in.
  • The scene where Shulk collapses in pain from the power of the Monado. Serious props to Adam Howden because his screams of agony are bone-chilling.
  • Incredibly high level Unique Monsters when you're low level ends up being this. They usually come out of nowhere when you're not expecting it and can one shot you. Besides from the spider earlier there's a giant monkey, giant dragon and others that do this.
    • In a meta sense, having Boss Fight music start up when you don’t expect it is one of the biggest Jump Scares in the entire series.
  • Dickson. Just Dickson... Pretending to be a good guy and parental figure to Shulk just so he could use his body as an offering for the Big Bad. It's Adult Fear and Child Fear at it's finest. Think about it like this: You're a young adult who lost his real parents, and was taken in and raised by an agent of an evil god figure not realizing you are really being raised to become the Big Bad's body so he can destroy the world and absorb the energy of everyone living on it to become even more of a god. If that wasn't bad enough, this guy treated you like an equal and every moment that they seemed to care about anyone on Bionis was a facade and the kindly old eyes that watched you grow up were really plotting yours, and their own war comrade's demise as well as the entire world with you. Not to mention he was willing to betray Zanza when it was revealed Shulk might be more powerful than him meaning he's essentially doing all this for his own gain to be god himself. Now imagine having this person as a parental figure.

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