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Nightmare Fuel / X-Wing

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  • The page image is from a scene in X-Wing that comes up if your character's starfighter is destroyed in a Tour Of Duty WITHOUT the character in it being captured or killed; basically, a scene that shows your character being taken in by the rebels and taken to the medical frigate for treatment. That robot with the black eyes (presented in a background with Unnaturally Blue Lighting, for that matter) is from a scene that, though disturbing, is actually supposed to imply the relatively more reassuring outcome. Conversely, a character who is captured is shown being taken to the Executor and being interrogated by Vader much like he interrogated Leia in A New Hope, except with red-orange lighting instead of blue lighting, and a character who is killed is implied to be in a coffin that is... simply dropped through a hole in some spacecraft near a planet, while other mourning soldiers watch; and then the coffin hits the planet and burns up in the atmosphere. Both are semi-disturbing in their own ways, but can't hold a candle to the medical-treatment scene.
    • The robot is a 2-1B medical droid, so fans familiar with Star Wars lore can relax a little... but it could still be a little less creepy. 2-1Bs don't have black eyes; their eyes are light golden bulb-like things.


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