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Nightmare Fuel / Wonder Woman (1942)

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This is the Nightmare Fuel page for Wonder Woman Volume 1. For the Nightmare Fuel page for the Wonder Woman franchise at large see Nightmare Fuel/Wonder Woman.

  • Every single one of Queen Atomia's slave "subjects" was presumably human at one point, before she hit them with her Shrink Ray and shoved them in her horrific Mook Maker, permanently altering them physically and mentally into the forms of her robotic looking "Neutron" and "Protron" slaves for the rest of their lives.
  • Possibly due to Values Dissonance, the fact that the Amazon "good guys" regularly take defeated opponents to a hidden near inescapable prison island and lock them into mind control devices that force them to obey their captors every command with a smile without trial regardless of their alleged crime is a pretty damn horrific bit of Accidental Nightmare Fuel. It's essentially Brainwashing for the Greater Good played disturbingly straight and no one, including Wonder Woman, finds it unacceptable for violating basic civil rights.
    • This notion gets played up again in Wonder Woman: Earth One and it's shown as even creepier and blatant while the story paints the practice as a good thing!