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Nightmare Fuel / WondLa

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The Search for WondLa

  • During her first outing on Orbana, Eva nearly gets captured by a bird-snatcher plant, which secretes incredibly sticky goo that envelops her.
  • Betseel hunting the group, even Eva's first meeting with him causes her to fear the mere mention of the Dorcean.
  • Eva watching in horror as a creature gets paralyzed in its tank and the taxidermist begins to dissect all of its parts to put up for the museum.
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  • Eva sustains an injury to her finger, which are now split and broken. This is described in almost very explicit detail.
  • Besteel's Disney Villain Death. It's not too gruesome, but being attacked by sand snipers and pulled down into a sandy tomb is definitely not the best way to go.

A Hero for WondLa

  • Hailey being prepped for operation when Eva stumbles upon him again.
  • Eva Eight's Transfloration into a tree. While it did turn out to be a good thing, in Eva's perspective, her sister had been forced into a new form entirely different from her human one.

The Battle for WondLa

  • Eva and Hailey avoid a predator that wants to feed them to her babies by luring her into a bird snatching plant. As it struggles, the tighter the hold becomes. What's worse is that Eva can hear the thought of the animal as well as the plant as it begins to feast.
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  • Eva being able to connect to the creatures on Orbana, can feel their pain when the vendor pulls off one of the bats wings.

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