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Nightmare Fuel / Wishbone

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  • The Morlocks in The Time Machine episode.
  • In "Salty Dogs", the kids are not only trapped in a barn, but it catches on fire due to a lightning storm.
  • They did a version of Faust.
  • Or their version of The Phantom of the Opera, or The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, or Frankenstein, or Crazy Joe in Tom Sawyer, or...
  • The mystery chapter books do it too. One features David disappearing without a trace for at least a day (and when the season was changing from fall to winter to boot) and another features the story's villain trying to run him over for trying to clear his own name. Why is it always David?
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  • There was a PC game centered around The Odyssey. It's possible to die, and there's many ways to meet an unfortunate end; the in-game list of Wishbone/Ulysses's crew even has grave markers (or pigs) next to the guys you failed to save. (And even if you do things absolutely right, one of the crew will die as part of the plot.)
  • The mysterious monster in the Old Murphy House at the Halloween episode. It scared Joe away from the house for years, gives off an ominous moan whenever it shows up, and we only see its eyes while its body is always shrouded in darkness. And at the end, we're led to believe it's the cat running around the house when we see it down a hallway...but then it comes back, moan and all.
  • The ghost dog in "The Hounds of Baskerville"
  • The inventor who tried to get Joe to trade Wishbone for his VR machine. Not only did many viewers find someone trying to get Joe to trade his beloved dog (who also happens to be a gift from Joe's deceased father) unnerving and distressing (especially since Wishbone quickly found himself disliking the man) but Adult Fear blasts in when the man follows Joe home to keep up the argument; said viewers tend to feel Ellen and Wanda don't display nearly enough distress over the situation.

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