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Nightmare Fuel / Who Killed Markiplier?

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You shouldn't have let them in...

Just keep in mind that this web series is made by Markiplier, and, considering his track record, it's safe to say that there will be frightening moments throughout the story.

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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to all Nightmare Fuel pages on the wiki. Unmarked spoilers ahoy!

Who Killed Markiplier?

  • While also doubling as a Tear Jerker, the ending of "Who Killed Markiplier?" has some pretty horrific implications. According to Celine the Seer and Damien the Mayor, Mark, for unknown reasons, killed himself and then used magic to kill Damien and Celine and take the former's body, allegedly in an act of vengeance. After killing the Detective and then accidentally shooting the Featureless Protagonist, the Colonel goes insane and becomes convinced that death is nothing more than a joke and that everyone will come back at some point down the line. Many fans have interpreted this as him turning into Wilford Warfstache, which would explain why he kills so recklessly and nonchalantly. Meanwhile, Celine merges Damien's and the protagonist's souls with hers, the end result being Darkiplier, who then goes to get revenge on Mark. JESUS CHRIST.
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  • Just the nature of Markiplier Manor in general. It's a Evil Sapient House that corrupts who ever enters into thinking that their actions, no matter how heinous, are in the right. It manipulated Mark into killing himself and possessing Damien's body to get revenge on Celine and the Colonel so it could use Damien, Celine and the District Attorney in order to escape its prison, and the scariest thing about it is that it actually succeeds in its goal.
  • Celine. She's very manipulative, dabbles in dark forces beyond human comprehension, and has quite the temper. There's a reason why Abe has "DON'T TRUST THE SEER" written in his office. Worse yet, she becomes one of the key components of Darkiplier.
    Celine: Get out! We are not done here!
    Damien: Celine, I think this is quite enough.
    Celine: It's enough when I SAY it's enough!
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  • Just the cold Death Glare that Darkiplier gives the District Attorney pictured above is enough to send chills down your spine.
  • Combined with Tear Jerker; Abe's Curse. Anyone who partners up with him is destined for a tragic death. While this is frightening for anyone who partners up with him, imagine how it affects Abe. He has to live with the fact that every one of his partners died on his watch, and he couldn't do anything about it.

Interview #69: Benjamin Butler

Wilford 'MOTHERLOVIN'' Warfstache

  • Think about what Abe was going through while he was interrogating Wilford; he's finally caught up to this serial killer, only for him to suddenly disappear and reappear at the other end of the room. Suddenly, he does it again, with no warning before he does, all the while telling of events that haven't happened yet. Then, when he tries to shoot him, he just puts his finger to the end of the barrel and the bullet just vanishes. This is the first time he's ever encountered something like this, and he's totally unable to comprehend it and is left to the mercy of Wilford, who is impossible to predict in any way.
  • Seeing all the party patrons wearing the Warfstache masks in the final scene in the video. There's no explanation as to WHY they're all wearing the masks, but it seems to imply that Wilford has much more power than we'd like to think.


  • This video has what is quite possibly some of the most frightening visuals present in this series, with these shots being some examples.
  • The Zombie-like creature that appears throughout the video is a combination of Body Horror, Black Eyes of Evil, and Red Eyes, Take Warning and is overall just unsettling to look at. Here it is, for anyone brave enough to look.
  • Mark (now simply called The Actor) was only present for a few scenes in Who Killed Markiplier?, so we only heard of what type of person he was through what other characters had to say about him. Here though, we get to see him alive and well, and he is far, far worse than what everybody has described him to be like. He's a Faux Affably Evil Narcissist who believes that what he did to all the party guests was justified under the idea that "mistakes were made", and is overall callous and uncaring towards them and how they've suffered because of it, opting to say that it's all in the past and that the main focus should be on moving forward.
  • Take a moment to think about what Damien had to go though before The Actor intervened; he was stuck in a Time Loop, constantly sent out cut down trees in a cold, wintry nowhere and bring them back to the Cabin for him and Celine. He's stuck constantly reliving the same day constantly, with no real knowledge that he's doing so until the aforementioned intervention, and judging by the amount of tree stumps we see at the end of the video, he's been doing this for a long time.

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