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Nightmare Fuel / Werewolf: The Apocalypse

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This game was compared to Warhammer 40,000, but with werewolves. This view is correct.

  • The main enemy of Garou Nation, The Wyrm. A sentient principle of destruction who went mad (presumably because of its imprisonment by the Weaver), and in its desperate attempts spawned a vast quantity of evil spirits (banes), ranging from lesser demons to godlike Triatic Wyrms. Its minions are everywhere and do their part to corrupt and ruin the world, all to free their lord or get power to do so.
    • One of its main pawns? The mega-corporation named Pentex. It is a demonic corporate organization which aims to ruin the Earth and corrupt humanity, including making them into fomori - demonically possessed humans. You can become one simply by buying one of its products! Oh, and if you think you can avoid that, they own so much of the world economy that it is nearly impossible to avoid their products if you participate in modern society. Worse yet, they act through shell companies so most of their products don't actually have any way of showing it's made by Pentex.
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    • The Wyrm has its werewolves too. The Black Spiral Dancers are a fallen tribe of deranged descendants of the White Howlers, ancient Pictish Garou tribe who went to stop the Wyrm by going through the portal in their lands to Malfeas and got corrupted. Rape, torture, depravities and power struggles are very common among them, which only barely diminish their threat, as they still remain cunning, powerful and extremely dangerous opponents.
    • Remember the Nephandi? There is a faction of them, named Malfeans, who serve Wyrm. They seek for ultimate destruction of world and can mask be as anyone from CEO of medical corporation to a simple cultist.