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Nightmare Fuel / Walled In

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  • The opening scene with young Julie waking up to find herself inside a hollow column, there's no way out, no one can hear her pounding at the walls or tearfully crying for help, then the column starts filling with cement. The poor girl can only continue to pound until her hands sink into the cement and cry out for her father as the cement rises higher and higher until it is just inches from her mouth and she tries to scream as she's about to drown...
    • It's bad enough it may well have been the middle of the night when this happened since Julie is barefoot in her nightdress, meaning she was snatched from her bed and placed in a Death Trap while no one was looking so no one would have been aware of what happened to her until it was too late, only that she went missing from her apartment.
    • Worse still, setting cement generates heat and expands slightly, so poor Julie would have been burned, crushed and drowned all at once.
      • Later in the movie, Jimmy shows Sam the now hollowed-out column where Julie was found. Now imagine how horrified everyone who was on the scene would have been when her corpse was discovered!
    • Since there were at least 14 other victims besides Julie and her father, who's to say there weren't other child victims if not a whole family?
    • One victim (implied to be Malestrazza but later revealed to be Thomas Sullivan) is said to have had their face ripped off by the cement.
    • Such a Death Trap scenario becomes even worse if you're afraid of drowning, enclosed spaces or just plain being buried alive.
  • After Julie's demise, there's the title sequence which includes an imprint of one of the other victims' faces in the cement after their corpse was removed and a blurred shot of another victim's corpse about to be covered up.
  • The initial suspect Thomas Sullivan is said to have a history of violence and a prior rape conviction.
  • Malestrazza's face etched on the wall where he is believed to have suffered the same fate as his victims.
  • Sam nearly drowning in the bath.
  • Sam's Catapult Nightmare in which something pounds at her apartment wall, causing the mirror to shake until it falls off and breaks, leaving a small hole from which blood starts to seep out of, followed by several arms that pull Sam in when she goes to investigate. She then finds herself in the same situation as Julie from the opening scene with cement pouring in. Because it's a Nightmare Sequence, we actually get to hear Sam screaming to the Heavens and her eyes almost withdrawing into her skull as the cement reaches her neck. Is it really any wonder that such a nightmare shakes Sam up so much that she is unable to get back to sleep?
  • The promotional posters for the movie:
    • One depicts Sam about to be buried alive in cement.
    • Others depict arms coming out of a wall and pulling Sam in.
    • One poster depicts Sam partially immured in a cracked wall.
    • Another depicts a statue (possibly meant to represent Sam) with head in hands and empty eyes and surrounded by darkness.
    • Another depicts a wall with a great, gaping hole in it, implying it was smashed open.
  • The twisted version of One, two, buckle my shoe that describes the fate of Malestrazza's victims:

    • One, two
    • He's coming for you
    • Three, four,
    • cement will pour...
    • Five, six,
    • it fills up quick
    • Seven, eight
    • You're too late...
    • Nine, ten
    • He'll wall you in.
      • Since it's a girl's voice reciting said rhyme, it's either Julie or possibly another child victim of Malestrazza.
  • Burnett coming at Sam with an axe.
  • Jimmy's dog ends up beheaded.