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Nightmare Fuel / Walking with…

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Walking with Beasts
  • The scene in "New Dawn" where giant ants devour a Gastornis chick alive is particularly horrific, depicting the chick struggling to hatch from its egg as the ants swarm all over its body, leaving only its skeleton behind once they're done. This, along with the mother returning only to find the remains of her chick, may make you shudder the next time you see an anthill.
    • From the same episode, the giant flightless bird Gastornis is shown killing its prey by shaking it to death while its victim, a Propalaeotherium, gives off strangled shrieks that almost sound like growls. The Propalaeotherium's death is so drawn-out and savage that it manages to be truly brutal even though it's Bloodless Carnage - though you do hear the Sickening "Crunch!" of its neck vertebrae being snapped. Thank goodness Gastornis turned out to actually be a herbivore in real life.

Walking with Monsters

  • The female Dimetrodon loses an eyeball after a fight.
  • The agony of the armoured herbivore Scutosaurus killed by the mammal-like gorgonopsid: you can see the blood of the former gushing out of its neck.
  • Some scavengers in the series seem to like to eat the eyes of the corpses, like Euparkeria with Lystrosaurus.
    • That, at least, is true to life. Soft, easily accessible bits like eyes, cheeks, and tongues tend to be the first to go when scavengers arrive, assuming that they aren't big enough to get at the main muscle mass.


  • Part two of the "Walking With Beasts" behind the scenes documentary, titled "The Beasts Within". Namely, the ending. The narrator states that despite our feelings of power over the Earth and its animals, humanity is vulnerable. If we were to experience the sudden onset of another ice age, our "complex and fragile" society could easily fall apart. He then tries to assure us that it probably won't happen in our lifetime...and then shows a meteor heading towards the Earth. The makers quickly try to lighten the mood by playing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" over some silly circus antics, but the words are hard to ignore. At least the ending of the original program left our impending doom vague enough for people to miss it, but here, they outright state it.
  • Walking with Cavemen may as well be retitled "Walking with Nightmare Fuels" as well, it's full of these from the start to the end... especially about the exaggerated realism of some death scenes.
    • The fact that some of our ancestors in the program are portrayed with a rather... grotesque look makes this program even scarier. That means that we are descendants of Nightmare Fuels. Every person that you see every day, including you, is descended from those Nightmare Fuels. So we are surrounded by Nightmare Fuel every day. Come to think of it, ''Walking With Cavemen' could also count as Fridge Horror.
      • Our earliest ancestors shown, Australopithecus afarensis, look like something right out of a horror film. Behold!
  • The whole premise of Sea Monsters is a group of time-travelers trying to dive with and study very dangerous prehistoric animals, so there are naturally quite a few scary moments, even though the humorous tone tries to keep it light. Special mention goes to the break between Part 2 and Part 3 where it looks like Nigel has been eaten by a C. megalodon, and The Stinger showing mosasaurs approaching the sonar screen as the crew sleeps.