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Nightmare Fuel / Walker, Texas Ranger

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  • The Viper. He's an extremely high-profile assassin and Master of Disguise who has successfully taken out 12 prominent figures in the world, can quickly dispatch anyone if he needs to with incredible sniping skills, brutally beating people to death in hand-to-hand combat, or just killing them with a simple Neck Snap when their guard is lowered. In short, a ruthless, hardcore, inhuman murderer, and completely unsympathetic. He's one of the few villains on the show who makes sure Anyone Can Die. The Viper is foremost concerned about his own safety and assassination jobs. He will kill whatever impedes the hit, an old nemesis in the form of a British investigator, even his own lover. Worse, he is implied to have participated in the JFK assassination. His target for the 13th kill was The US President in a very cautious attempt to snipe him from the luxury box in a football stadium while hiding under the bleachers disguised as a security guard after killing one to steal his clothes. Walker manages to find him and stop the Viper from killing the president because an aide gets in the way and he has to wait to take the shot- long enough for Walker to catch him and knock the high-powered rifle away. They get into a nasty battle, where the Viper produces a trench knife and slashes Walker in the chest. Walker is able to kick him over the edge of the stadium and he smashes into the ground where's he's left critically injured and unable to move. Walker proceeds to ask about his involvement in the JFK murder, suspecting he was involved in it. The Viper warns him he wouldn't even live through next week if the truth was exposed. But then for the sheer hell of it, he gleefully begins to divulge the truth- BANG! The Viper is killed by another assassin's bullet, and it appears he knew he would die anyway. Only this one is from a shadow organization that was apparently monitoring the hit. We never learn who this was, and their gunshot echoes through the stadium, leaving Walker unable to pinpoint where it came from. They get away, and the mystery of the JFK assassination is left with an unsettling ending. The shady events behind the killing remain unresolved, with the implications there are incredibly dangerous killers out there who have killed a president before, still seeking to draw blood and send the US spiraling into anarchy.
  • Every episode with Victor LaRue. He is genuinely psychotic and a really disgusting bastard with a perverted fascination in Alex. While other criminals on the show are standard weekly fare, he takes a flying leap through the Moral Event Horizon and commits especially heinous acts, the worst of these always directed at poor Alex. He attempted to rape her three times, each one growing even more horrific in magnitude of violence.
    • The first time, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught in a kidnapping. He then figured out she had a phone on her and was using it to direct Walker and Jimmy to her location. When LaRue caught wind of the Rangers, he pinned Alex to a wall and tried to rape her the first time. It reduced her to tearful begging. Which was entirely audible over the phone. Walker got so mad, he used his strongest swear in the entire series against LaRue.
      • Worse, he tried to kill Alex inside a car crusher, by which time Walker intervened and had a direct confrontation with Victor LaRue. Unfortunately, LaRue's military background including combat training, and he was able to fight back, and their struggle caused them to roll into the lever that controlled the car crusher, turning it on. Thankfully, Walker beat LaRue into submission and stopped the crusher. He and Jimmy got Alex and the other kidnap victims out in time, but Alex was so traumatized she immediately invoked a Hold Me. On top of that, a business she knew and would have worked with turned her off because they dared attempting to bail him out of jail.
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    • The second time he appeared, he was put in a psychiatric ward and allowed to leave, through faking sanity, but quickly began plotting revenge on Alex and Walker. When he got the chance, he killed the two cops guarding him under Walker's insistence by committing arson in a motel and burning them alive, then went after Alex again. He cuffed her to Walker's bed after invading his home and then waited for Walker to return, bashing him over the head when his back was turned. When Walker awoke, LaRue had dragged him out into the scorching heat of the sun, all tied up. He then dumped poisonous scorpions all over Walker's bare chest. This pissed them off and they stung him, injecting Walker with deadly toxins. All the while, Alex remained bound and gagged while LaRue tried to rape her to "Marriage of Figaro". Walker managed to recover and fight LaRue, but actually ended up on the losing side because he had been badly poisoned. With luck, he defeated LaRue again.
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    • Finally, in his worst killing spree of all, Victor LaRue played the insanity card at a hearing for his sentence, which Alex attended to make sure he got put away for good. LaRue deliberately freaked out and sank under the defendant's table just so he could lure a guard down and steal his gun. Alex even screamed for the guard not to go under the table because she alone knew what LaRue was capable of. Too late. LaRue disarmed the bailiff and killed him with his own gun, then shot down the other guards in the courtroom and took everyone hostage, enacting his own hellish Kangaroo Court for the rest of the episode, screaming for Walker to show up so he could rape and murder Alex in front of him. However, Walker was off chasing down some other crooks at the time this happened and he would have to come all the way back to Dallas, giving LaRue plenty of time to start a bloodbath in the wake of what would definitely be a death sentence. Now, LaRue knew he was a dead man in the making and decided to take as many people down with him, or worse, demean them with insane demands at the risk of being shot. He did all of the following:
      • Killed seven people in total, starting with the bailiff by stealing his gun and shooting him in the chest with it.
      • Next, he offed the courtroom guards before they could react to him taking the bailiff's weapon.
      • Brutally executed his attorney for turning against him once he realized LaRue was really an unforgivably rotten maniac. The bailiff flees for his life, but cannot outrun the deadly bullet.
      • Barricades the courtroom shut and holds everyone hostage until Walker returns, taunting Trivette and C.D. relentlessly.
      • He demanded and bitched over a sandwich of all things.
      • Eventually took out the well-meaning judge that saw through his facade, killing her because she angered him with the promise that he would be brought to justice.
      • Manipulated another hardened criminal awaiting his own trial into working with him, whom he then shot to death when the crook got cold feet in the wake of LaRue's actions, because what he was doing was far more cruel and demented than he could stomach.
      • He also got enraged at a couple awaiting a divorce hearing. He poured his wrath out on the couple for splitting up and letting their young daughter's life be torn apart, so he wanted her to have retribution and decided that since a little girl's mommy and daddy hated each other, the girl should decide which one she wanted to live, while the other would be punished for the divorce by being killed. The family was fortunate enough to be spared. Ironically, this saved the marriage, mainly because of the trauma he caused.
      • Ordered Alex to shame herself by exposing her chest, at gunpoint. She remembered every terrible instance LaRue tortured her through disturbing flash backs to painful memories. But this was the straw that broke the camel's back.
    • After making Walker and Alex go through hell three times in a row, Walker shows up with a small army of law enforcement officers to take back the courtroom by force. LaRue is thrown off balance by his sudden and forceful arrival, and becomes conflicted about whether or not he should aim his gun at Alex or Walker. He chooses Walker. Walker could choose to fight him. Not this time. That bastard has finally crossed the line and receives no more chances. Walker kills Victor LaRue stone dead. He dies with his eyes blank and totally open in a terrifying literal Death Glare.
    • But this is still not enough for Alex to think Victor LaRue's gone for good. She is so freaked out from these events that when she sees the stretcher being taken away with LaRue's cadaver covered up by sheets, he haunts her memories. Suddenly, LaRue pops up from underneath the sheets with a Scare Chord and gives her the same dead stare that he had when he was killed. Alex snaps out of this scary trance. All Just a Dream... Or Was It a Dream? The scene is made worse by the Soundtrack Dissonance which actually continues into the credits and reflects the lingering impact of Victor LaRue's perversions that have no doubt left their mark on Alex.
    See you in my dreams
    (You're all I need)
    Now relive the memories
    (Sweet memories)
    Of you and me
    (It's you and me forever)
    And if tomorrow never comes...
  • The episode centered around a nursing home. It opens with several old people in their rooms, cowering in fear as someone walks down the hallway. There's good reason to be scared: The nursing home director is using the old people for dangerous, experimental drugs and all the orderlies are convicted criminals who don't mind roughing up troublesome patients. In one terrifying and sad scene, an old man manages to escape from the nursing home to a bus stop across the street. He tries to explain the situation to the people there, but he is too exhausted to make sense. Some orderlies come and lie that he is senile and got away from the home. The old man tries to plead with the bystanders who assure him that the orderlies are going to help him. Cut to his body in a morgue.
    • It really doesn't help that nursing home abuse is a huge Adult Fear for many people and this episode basically confirmed it.
  • The episode "Swan Song". It centers on Walker and Alex going to Utah and, accompanied by several local law enforcement officials, exhuming the found wreckage of a small plane used in an escape after a bank robbery eight years before in a small Texas town, in which the two lead robbers, Roy Cochran and Floyd Burbage, stole $3 million and killed seven people, including their accomplices and the local sheriff Tom Cates, who was Walker's friend. Upon reaching the wreckage, and climbing to the bottom of the cliff where it is, they discover the stolen money (most of which was burned up in the crash) and the skeletal remains of Cochran. However, Burbage's remains are nowhere to be found and Walker and Alex assume that he was dragged off by wild animals. They are then ambushed by a trio of opportunists, who kill their colleagues and demand the $3 million. Walker tries to tell the trio that the money is worthless now, but they refuse to believe him and absolve to get it one way or another. Walker manages to drive them off and he and Alex are forced to find their way back on foot (as the trio had chased off their horses). They are stalked by the trio, who now aim to kill the two to cover their crimes. Then things really take a disturbing turn — Walker is attacked and mauled by a grizzly bear and the members of the trio, after splitting up, are stalked and savagely killed by a deranged mountain man figure, who'd been responsible for some animalistic growling and roaring throughout the episode. The figure is Floyd Burbage, who managed to survive the plane crash, albeit with a really bad head injury (as evidenced by a make shift face plate he wears), which, combined with his already vicious criminal mind and years of isolation in the wild, eventually drove him insane and turned him cannibal, as evidenced when Walker and Alex find his cave and discover the body of the trio's leader, as well as both animal and human remains. As they leave, Burbage attacks and abducts Alex. Walker confronts Burbage and fights him, but due to his injuries, he is no match for the crazed cannibal — until the bear who mauled Walker earlier (and whom Burbage had plenty of unpleasant encounters prior) attacks and mauls Burbage to death, allowing Walker and Alex to escape and eventually make it back to civilization.
  • The entire Halloween episode was this and Adult Fear mixed in for good measure. It involved a cult of Satanists who kidnapped children to use as human sacrifices for a sick ritual. It would also show shots of hellish portraits during the episode.

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