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Nightmare Fuel / Villainous

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Despite being a comedy series focusing on a merchant selling goofy doomsday devices, once Black Hat reveals his true intentions, he goes from a comical bumbling villain to a vile monstrosity amongst other Cartoon Network villains.

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     In General 
  • Black Hat is already an evil villain, with how he treats his minions, kills off heroes and such. But you haven't seen the WORST of it, for Black Hat is the Greater-Scope Villain - not just in his world, but the ENTIRE Cartoon Network Universe. He's the reason why so many villains like Vilgax or Aku became great threats to their respective heroes.
  • It's a fact that Darkseid is part of the Black Hat Organization. Not only that, the villains from Star Wars like Palpatine or General Grievous might be potential members and they are now part of the Disney Universe. Black Hat and his forces may have invaded Cartoon Network, DC Comic, Star Wars and Disney. Yikes.
    • Remember all of the horrendous acts that happened within those shows such as Joker brainwashing Tim Drake, Him taking over the Earth in an alternate future and many more. Did they do these on their own or did Black Hat had a hand on them?
      • Heck, while we're at it it, I think it would be safe to say that every villain that has ever lived EVER had the potential to be associated with Black Hat and his organization.
  • Does anyone remember the phrase, "why do the bad guys always get the good stuff"? The Black Hat Organization sells technology meant to advance the goals and ambitions of villainy, which have been utilized by numerous well-known villains. I think it's safe to say that we now officially know WHY this is.
  • During the English trailer, one of the advertisement lines for offered services includes, "...or just a parent with a terrible child..." The fact that any parent would agree to that is horrifying on it's own, since it's obvious that children aren't safe from the Black Hat organization, but the reality that they boldly advertise this speaks Nightmare Fuel levels to the sway that they have over their universe's Earth.

     Villain Orientation Videos 

     The Series Proper: 
Pilot Episode: The Dreadful Dawn
  • If you're worried about the show seeming to glorify villains, bear in mind...the heroes aren't always the best people, either. Case in point, Sunblast - on first glance, he seems like the model hero, from his caped tights to his heroic build. However, he's willing to let a villain go (and thus free to terrorize people some more) because he enjoys beating them up. Had he done his duty and arrested Penumbra, the events of the episode might not have happened.
  • Somehow, Black Hat seems even more menacing in Dr. Flug's dreams than he does in person. And he was complimenting the not-so-good doctor!
  • Dr. Flug's morning routine includes feeding Demencia...which entails dropping a captive hero into her habitat pit. We don't see the poor sod afterwards, suggesting that Demencia might well eat people.
    • Hell, just how deranged Demencia seems after being lifted out of the pit. Cackling insanely, strapped into a straightjacket, and breaking out of her metal bonds with ease before bounding off with a Slasher Smile. If you weren't familiar with her Laughably Evil side and Poke the Poodle tendencies, you'd be forgiven for thinking that she was even worse than Black Hat!
  • Black Hat can apparently summon people to his office at will. As Dr. Flug demonstrates, this involves folding the person inward on themselves until they snap out of existence and re-fold into view at the foot of his desk. The process is, apparently, exactly as painful as you'd think it is.
  • While explaining the needs of the latest client, Black Hat doesn't bother turning from the window to address Dr. Flug. First his eye twist back into his skull in an attempt to see Flug behind him (which probably works for him). Then He just morphs his body so that it's facing him. This includes his clothes tearing to re-arrange themselves accordingly, and his teeth and eyes sliding through his gray flesh. All the while, his reflection remains the same as it was before, hinting at Black Hat's qualities as a Humanoid Abomination.
  • Crossing with Funny Moments, Dr. Flug mistakes Penumbra for La Llorna.
  • When Dr. Flug promises he won't fail, Black Hat makes it clear that he'd better hope he doesn't.
  • Demencia's attempts to draw SunBlast out include dumping toxic waste into a water supply, and either slobbering all over a cheerleader or actively attempting to swallow her whole.
  • When Dr. Flug's first plan goes sideways, prompting the team's retreat, they discover that Sunblast is following them to Black Hat's lair. Cue Black Hat himself calling them up to demand a progress report, subtly implying that if they don't have the problem wrapped up soon, he'll be taking it out on them.
  • The minute Dr. Flug tells Demencia that SunBlast might be a shipper for Penumbra and Black Hat, Demencia goes absolutely berserk. The ensuing pummeling takes place off-screen, but Dr. Flug's horrified reactions suggest it might be better that way.
  • Further cementing Black Hat's sheer inhuman nature, accepting his services means that upon completion of them, he has you literally sign a contract Deal with the Devil style with him. Complete with blood red ink and a seemingly enchanted fancy-looking pen. Penumbra's signing of which apparently results in Black Hat's shadow sucking out hers and absorbing it.
  • Black Hat's reaction to Penumbra's grateful praise and asking how she can pay for such an amazing service is a rather monstrous Slasher Smile, complete with his visible eye turning blood red. One has to wonder just what, exactly, was in that contract he had her sign.
  • Oh, and wrapping up the episode? Black Hat is not pleased that Dr. Flug, Demencia, and 5.05 brought SunBlast to his lair, potentially revealing it to other heroes. Transforming to a monstrous state, he looms over the terrified trio, snarling in rage.
    Demencia: Sooo...what's the plan, Doc?
    Dr. Flug: Run.


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