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Nightmare Fuel / Venetian Snares

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Within a genre that is already disconcerting at its most benevolent, Venetian Snares somehow manages to be even more unsettling.

  • From Doll Doll Doll: "All the Children Are Dead".
    • The entire album, especially starting with "Dollmaker."
  • "Find Candace", the follow-up to Doll Doll Doll, is equally terrifying. Just look at the cover art. And then you learn about Candace Newmaker. Dear god, Adult Fear doesn't even begin to describe it...
  • Meathole, arguably a follow-up to both, covers themes of murder, stalking, psychosis, and true crime. Of note is SKM-ETR's contribution to "Contain" somehow creepier than any instance of sampled song lyrics.
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  • From Rossz Csillag Alatt Született comes "Ongyilkos Varsanap," which samples "Gloomy Sunday." It isn't even the scariest song on the album; thanks to "Második Galamb" you will never hear the word "pigeon" the same way again.


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