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Nightmare Fuel / V/H/S: Viral

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  • Vicious Circles. Whatever doesn't fall under Narm falls straight into this.
    • At one point, a group of cyclists is chasing the van alongside Kevin, one of them grabs onto the back of the van, falls off his bike, and gets dragged down the street at high speed, struggling and screaming, eventually shredding his feet to the bone.
    • Another group of kids are trying to film the van from a bridge, as the van drives past, one of them slips and falls off the bridge. You get to see this from their perspective.
    • The bizarre contorted face the man in the taxi makes as he strangles the woman that tried to get vengeance on him.
    • At the end, when Kevin finally finds the van, it's surrounded by body parts, and a pair of severed hands are taped to the wheel, he takes a look inside... and Iris isn't there. Then all the monitors come on, and Iris tells him to push the Big Red Button to upload the van's Hate Plague to the entire city (at the very least). When he refuses, she goes Laughing Mad and starts hitting her head against the wall on the monitor (see above).
    Iris: We're gonna go viral. *BANG* We're gonna go viral! *BANG* We're gonna go viral!
  • Dante the Great, features a cloak that grants people true magic abilities at the cost of human sacrifices. Its original owner Harry Houdini was afraid of it. When its latest owner tries to destroy the cloak, it just comes back and kills her.
    • Dante splitting open a living rabbit, and later repeating this on a police officer.
    • Dante is able to effortlessly snatch away a woman from a filmed police interrogation.
  • The ending of Bonestorm. The surviving skaters flee for the border, all the cultists are finally dead, we think that's it... and then we cut back to the cameraman's camera, just as whatever the cultists were summoning finally emerges, roaring, from the storm drain, it swallows the cameraman's body, and we get a lovely shot of its gullet as it eats the camera. End tape.
    • Throughout this segment, the cultists keep coming back from the dead until they're finally ravenous skeletons.
    • Oh, and apart from that, we never get a good look at the creature.

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