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Nightmare Fuel / V/H/S

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"I like you."
  • "Tape 56", the framing segment. On repeat viewings, one notices that the room is different after every segment, things disappear, things move, the old man's body moves...
  • Everything about Lily from "Amateur Night". Even before she starts killing off the other characters, there's just something off about her. The way she appears in the background during the bar scenes also adds to the creepiness.
    • Her One-Winged Angel form as she corners Clint in the stairwell (see above).
    • Clint, running through the parking lot, screaming for help, before suddenly being thrown into the air by Lily, who, by this point, has fully transformed.
    • As of Siren, we now know that... whatever Lily is, she "mates for life".
  • In "Second Honeymoon", someone films Sam and Stephanie while they're sleeping, and even pulls out a switchblade and runs it over Stephanie's leg, it's insanely creepy.
    • In the end, that person, revealed to be Stephanie's girlfriend, stab Sam in the throat. They joke about it while the girlfriend cleans up.
    • Something that most viewers don't notice; the segment ends with them erasing the footage... the footage that you just watched.
  • In "Tuesday the 17th", Wendy is running away from the glitch, who she's just failed to kill, only for that glitch to jump from a tree and land on her.
    • We then get a lingering shot of Wendy's disemboweled body before it glitches out and presumably disappears.
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    • Early on, there's a quick shot of her friend's body, floating on the water... it's implied that it's only visible through the camera.

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