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Nightmare Fuel / Unreal II: The Awakening

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  • The first real mission has you witness the aftermath on how the Izarians and Skaarj are brutalizing a human colony.
  • The second mission you go to is called Hell. Sure it turned out to be an icy planet with a human outpost that has been ridden by spider infestation. Not just a clever name if you are arachnophobic. Whether it's a bunch of tiny spiders that creep up to you, or a big spider that leaps across the room at you, it'll freak you out.
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  • The fourth mission has you sent into core of what appears to be a barren planet... it's a living corridor. While it seems to be pretty benign, once you pick up the artifact, it starts to send what appears to be antibodies shaped like organic flying cubes after you.
  • The Draak homeworld has you sent alone into an alien homeworld that slightly resembles the Alien (Xenomorph) hives, only the enemies are robotic in nature. Then you discover what the Draak did to captured humans... although it may be funny in a morbid way (such as dissecting them and replacing limbs with heads and making them move in People Jars.
  • Also counts as tear jerker: The death of your crew. You've just finished cleaning up the TCA Headquarters out of the Skaarj menace, when blasts start falling down from the sky. One of them destroys your ship, with Aida, Isaak and Ne'Ban inside.


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