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Nightmare Fuel / Umineko: When They Cry

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" And... She laughed. That eerie, jarring laugh. Even though I was looking at it right in front of my eyes, I really didn't want to accept it."
— Battler Ushiromiya, about his little cousin Maria.
Maria is watching you...note 

Umineko: When They Cry IS part of the When They Cry series, so it is no surprise that you would encounter Nightmare Fuel.

Due to the huge amount of deaths in this story, don't even bother with spoiler tags. There is also at least one major spoiler for Higurashi: When They Cry.

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  • Pretty much anything involving Maria when she's in full occult/witch mode. Period. Someone should file down those fangs.
  • Bernkastel is made of all the Rikas from Higurashi: When They Cry that didn't make it to July. It is no wonder she is FAR more cynical than Rika in Higurashi - you know, determined, heroic, friends-are-the-most-important-thing-in-the-world Big Good Rika?
  • With the addition of the PS3 artwork and voicing to the original novels, Maria has become possibly the most terrifying thing you could set eyes upon.
  • Kyrie. In the first episode, she seems like a decent enough person at first, and is actually kind of cool. Later chapters gradually reveal more and more of her twisted side, eventually revealing, among other things, that she used her own daughter to get to Rudolf and also heavily implying that she, along with Rudolf, is the true culprit behind the Rokkenjima incident — a monster who massacred an entire family in cold blood. The idea that someone could seem so perfectly-normal despite being that warped in reality is pretty chilling. It's mildly subverted in the end when it's revealed that her more decent qualities were genuine and she always did love Ange despite her claiming the contrary to Eva, but it's still frightening just how skilled she is at compartmentalizing her feelings and wearing the mask of insanity due to her family background.

    Episode 1 
  • The fate of the First Twilight victims. Just being killed is horrifying on its own, but to have your face ripped off so you can't be recognized?
  • "There's no face! There's no face!" Might be Narm if it were spoken, but when it's just written...
  • The end of the first tea party, when Battler denies the existence of Beatrice and the happy tea party everyone was holding in the Golden Land ends abruptly as Beatrice shows herself and tells Battler that if even one person doesn't believe in her, then her magic doesn't work. And then everyone around him has their flesh shredded and begs him to believe in her in order to bring everything back. And the audience gets no sleep that night... The manga makes it worse. Shannon's death was already a Tear Jerker, and now George is begging Battler to take his words back while Shannon screams "IT'S BECAUSE YOU DON'T BELIEVE YOU DON'T BELIEVE AAAAAH" and her face explodes off.

    Episode 2 
  • The First Twilight. Amidst decorations fit for a Halloween party are corpses, with their stomachs opened and guts (and candies) spilling out.
  • The tea party. Beatrice forces Rosa, the last one to die, to eat foods made out of her siblings. In the anime, Beatrice tops the whole thing off by giving Rosa a dessert consisting of her own daughter's head, who accuses Rosa of not loving her while she was alive.
  • The way the Satanic Goats kill Battler and Kinzo. Although, they don't show you directly in the anime, you can hear them being squished to death.
  • Yay, shirtless Kanon! Un-yay, Kanon opening a huge bandage that's covering a stab wound on his chest and STICKING HIS FINGERS INTO THE WOUND! And as if that wasn't bad enough, he then gorily cuts Kumasawa and Dr. Nanjo's throats with a Laser Blade before having his arm pinned to the wall with a knife and getting disintegrated into a cloud of golden butterflies, screaming in pain.
  • After Battler surrenders, the narration invariably refers to him as "the furniture." This is back when Beatrice's toothy grin was frightening rather than charming, and she's grinning it the whole time, as she literally leads him around on a chain. It. Is. Terrifying. And Battler is literally erased from the character list as if he never existed.

    Episode 3 
  • Rosa's torture and death was just as sadistically messed up as the tea party in the second. Drown in an ocean of jelly! ...Until the jelly pressure turns you into a meatball. Be buried in a mountain of cake! ...Until the cake pressure turns you into a layer of jam. Turn into a butterfly! ...And get blown right into a spider's web. The manga also has Maria dragged into a giant oven by gingerbread men while Rosa watches as her burnt corpse falls out. The kicker? This is all being done to her by her sister. Rosa's sister is torturing her and her nine year-old daughter in such a horrifying manner that Battler completely breaks down from watching it.
  • Close to the end, Jessica is temporarily blinded in an accident and the doctor is treating her wounds. Then he goes out of the room and meets Eva-Beatrice, who kills him. Jessica is left alone in the room and she hears doctor begging for mercy and being killed, followed by the killer screaming that after she's done playing with the doctor's corpse, she will go get Jessica.

    Episode 4 
  • Rosa's death. As if it isn't enough having Maria, who's become increasingly sympathetic through the arcs completely break down and put her mother through a Cruel and Unusual Death full of surreal imagery and all sorts of contorted deaths, the end of that scene makes it look like she was about to be gunning for Battler... or not?.
  • Rosa brutally tearing Sakutaro, Maria's favorite toy and Imaginary Friend apart. And Rosa doesn't leave it at that, oh no. Then she has to shove the remains in Maria's face and say "Sakutaro is dead now." It gets even worse in the manga when it switches to Maria's perspective, and we see Sakutaro's severed human head being dangled in front of her.
  • Ange's fate for revealing her identity to Battler, as described by Beatrice.
    ...While she still lived, pinch by pinch, massive, red-hot pincers... tore chunks of flesh the size of a thumb off her... and threw them away. I was watching. I saw as countless cruel tools, burned red-hot in the witch's furnace, approached Ange from behind, and one bit at a time, pecked at her, twisted her, ripped chunks off her, and tore her to pieces.
  • In the final clash between Battler and Beatrice, it's become transparently clear that Beato's madness is an act she's forcing. Battler, on the other hand, is almost genuinely crazy with murderous rage toward her at this point. Ange's aforementioned fate on top of the identity crisis he suffered beforehand clearly made the poor guy reach his breaking point, and it ain't pretty.

    Episode 5 
  • The First Twilight victims of the fifth arc: Your children being horribly murdered.
  • Bernkastel's technique to goad Battler into playing another game is seen as underhanded and downright cruel, even by Lambda: Battler's sister, Ange, was sent back in time to 1986 in order to aid him. When his spirit was crushed and he failed to exist, Ange reminded him of who he was by revealing her identity, and she is subsequently torn to bits by red-hot tools until she's nothing but a pile of meat. Battler never sees this as Ange keeps him turned around the entire time she's dying. Bern's idea of getting him to continue to play is showing him this same event so that he can witness the horror.
    • It's even worse after reading Witch's Tanabata, and figuring out that Ange's entire purpose was to be raised to hate Eva and help Bern in the game 12 years later by having her killed off. Bern destroyed a little girl's happiness so she could kill her 12 years later after giving her a false sense of hope. Pretty much, all of Bern's acts of cruelty is enough to make you cringe at what she's capable of if she stops playing around.
  • Dlanor's moments of temporary insanity. "<DIE THE DEATH! SENTENCE TO DEATH! GREAT EQUALIZER IS THE DEATH!>" The manga makes it so much worse. on her face when "GREAT EQUALIZER IS THE DEATH!" is declared is the stuff of nightmares.
  • The mystery man from 19 years ago. You would never know when he'd end up calling Natsuhi again and just what he'd have her do next while watching her from the shadows, close enough to know if she so much as stirred from the bed she was ordered to lie down in until morning... * shudder*
  • The man from 19 years ago forcing Natsuhi to sit in a dark closet and listen to Hideyoshi being killed after finally letting himself cry over George's death was bad enough, but then the room goes unnaturally silent... Did the killer leave? Is he hiding somewhere else in the room? Is he standing outside of the closet door, waiting for her to come out?
  • Spider-Erika from the manga is pretty "Why would you show that?!"

    Episode 6 
  • During the wedding sequence at the climax,the part with the wedding rign was written as though Erika was raping Battler.
  • Erika is the center of a horrifying reveal, that also shows how sick she is in her mind. Turns out, as Battler had set the board as Game Master, no one would have actually died: the First Twilight was an elaborate prank set up by "himself" and the women to make fun of Erika. They were all playing dead and one of them was also set to help Battler in "disappearing" his "corpse". And then, it's revealed why Erika renounced the "detective's authority" for that game: that way, she wouldn't be bound to the rule that the detective cannot also be the culprit, so she went to all the crime scenes and decapitated the women so that they were dead for real.
    • Worse, Erika's absolute glee as she reveals what she did, and how Maria continued playing her role even while Rosa was murdered in the same room.
  • The scenes with Battler trapped in a closed room - especially before you know what's actually happening in them - are absolutely chilling. And then later on, we see Bernkastel offering him a single escape route: the bathtub drain. She tells him he can tear himself up with nippers and send his shredded pieces down the drain if he ever wants to escape. Even worse is when you realize the sheer extent of how much a Fate Worse than Death it is. When Kanon arrives, the room has been completely damaged and messed up as a result of Battler's attempts to escape, and it's heavily implied that Battler even considered Bernkastel's offer and nearly attempted to go through with it. If these implications aren't bad enough, it's then revealed that he probably spent years in that closed room, trying to escape... the question is how many years. Just think about all that for a second. One must wonder how he managed to stay sane after all that.
  • The second closed room sequence is particularly disturbing: Battler tries to escape by breaking the window. Though he can shatter the glass, the grid won't budge despite only being made of wood. Desperate, he puts his arm through and tries to pull the wooden bars out from any angle he can. His efforts earn him only gashes. To make things worst, he realizes that the glass has started regenerating. Panicking, he tries to pull his arm back in, but he's too late. The jagged edges of the glass enclose on his wrist and cut deep into his skin. No matter how hard he tries, he can't free himself... And that's something slimy brushes across the trapped hand, lifts his ring finger, and bites.
  • It's revealed that both Lambdadelta and Bernkastel were, on separate occasions, thrown into the hell of the logic error. Both managed to make it out, but both were mentally broken by it. Lambadelta seems ok now, but then, she starts describing the hell she was in, and starts wondering if she actually made it out, thinking that perhaps everything that's happened since then is just a delusion, and she went insane a long time ago. "Hey... are you guys...really...real?" The look of absolute terror on her face is described to be more horrifying than anything she could have said. Oh, and she does have one way of making sure she is free from the logic error: trapping other witches in them.
  • What Bernkastel went through was worse than Lambdadelta. She was trapped in a logic error as a PIECE while her game master abandoned the game and she was forced to fix it herself in a way that was compared to a monkey randomly typing on a typewriter until it writes Hamlet. And if you take Ep6 witches tea party into account, Bern is very fearful of Featherine, who calls Bern her old miko, so maybe Bern was trapped in a logic error by Featherine.
    • The manga actually clarifies that this was actually referring to Higurashi, with Hanyū being the game master who couldn't think of a way for Rika to reach the game's goal. Since Featherine is to Hanyū what Bern is to Rika, this makes their interactions a lot more revealing.
  • The goats, or rather the lack thereof. By the end of this Episode it's clear that the goats aren't simply generic demonic henchman, but rather people/witches cosplaying. Meaning, that all of the horrible things they do are actually being done by things that look and probably once were human.

    Episode 7 
  • In EP7, Will asks Shannon to bring Kanon into the same room as she's in. She instantly goes into Heroic Safe Mode and the happy music in the background suddenly changes to something very creepy as she starts talk like a robot asking Will if he's certain that he wants Kanon in the same room. The implication being that Shannon would have killed Will if he kept pursuing Kanon and Shannon to be in the same room. Fortunately, he stops and she goes back to normal like nothing happened.
  • The Tea Party for Episode 7 is a particularity disturbing one. Both Ange and Lion are chained up and forced to watch another game board. This one seems off considering the Epitaph is solved almost immediately and Sayo’s game is stopped before it could begin. Instead of being a happy game board however, it quickly turns into a bloodbath with Kyrie and Rudolf being cold blooded murderers who want all the money for themselves, and then systematically killing most of the Ushiromiya household. At this point Ange and Lion ask, who made such a game board in poor taste. Was it Lambda? Bernkastel? Some other witch? Only to be met with silence. As the game board reaches its climax, Berkastel reveals the awful truth, there is no game master. What Bernkastel has been showing was no game board, it was the events of the Rokkenjima Massacre that happened in the real world. She even confirms it in red just to throw more salt in the wound, much to Ange’s horror.

    Episode 8
  • What's worse than showing Ange a Fragment where her mother is revealed to not love her and engages in mass murder with her father, although they get at least a Karmic Death? Showing Ange a fragment where their family massacre was planned beforehand, and they succeeded completely this time, because they were helped by Battler.
  • Ange's total mental breakdown and being Driven to Suicide upon reading the Book of the Single Truth. All of it, crossed with Tearjerker. Especially the horrific fantasy of being bitten and torn apart by goat-headed St Lucia students, and Ange being reduced to Laughing Mad defiance and delusion afterwards beffore making her fatal jump. To make it worse, EVA-Beatrice solemnly states that this was essentially Ange condemning herself to Hell, which means she will not be reunited with her family in Heaven and will instead by swept away in pieces into the bottomless void of oblivion.
  • The "trick" ending. On the boat to Rokkenjima, Ange confronts Amakusa and reveals all his and Okonogi's schemes, based on what she already knew by having seen some possibile futures as a witch... Or, from a mundane perspective, it may have been just some huge paranoia, that however prompts her to shoot Amakusa and the (possibly innocent) boat captain dead. Even worse, however, is what happens soon after: while the boat begins moving beyond Rokkenjima, Erika appears and Ange has a conversation with her, confessing that she enjoyed Amakusa's reaction in a way similar to Erika's "intellectual raping", and they both end with a <good!>. The thought of a jaded Ange becoming a person similar to Erika is terrifying.
  • Featherine vs Lambdadelta. Curb-Stomp Battle doesn't even begin to describe this fight. Featherine stops the story and decides to give Lambdadelta a glorious end. She edits the end first and is unable to describe what Lambda was killed with. It establishes how dangerous Featherine really is and the fact that she isn't the Big Bad is something you should be glad about. Remember that Lambdadelta is already established as one of the most powerful witches in the series. In layman's terms, Featherine is to witches what witches are to normal humans. Why else did Lambdadelta call Featherine a monster as her final words?
    She couldn't comprehend the 'something' that Featherine had killed her with. However, that was only natural. After all, Featherine herself hadn't decided what the 'something' was. However, Lambdadelta did understand one thing. She was already dead.

Alternative Title(s): Umineko No Naku Koro Ni