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Nightmare Fuel / Ultraman X

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When your Childhood Friend/benevolent pet gets brainwashed into a menacing beast.

  • 1:
    • The Downer Beginning of the entire series starts with the Ultra Flare, which caused a worldwide monster attacks. So how does this happen? When Ultraman X hurls his enemy towards the sun.
    • The first monster attack we were treated with is the Molten Iron Monster Demaaga (an original monster), which is said to be an ancient evil. This thing simply made its way to attack the nearby city in sight and would have killed Daichi had not for Ultraman X's appearance.
      • Bonus: According to Word of God, Demaaga comes from the hell, making this monster no different to a demon.
  • 2: Birdon creating its nest by taking random objects and have several people trapped within it.
  • 3:
    • The legend of Underground Woman, a "rumored" ghost which was said to lurk within the subways and forces the ground to eat anyone she came across. Considering the last line, this may refer to her summoning Telesdon to gobble her victims.
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    • The Underground Woman's banshee scream, it is enough to cause disruption in electricity and summons Telesdon from underground. According to Daichi's scanning, her scream indicates sorrow, referring to her dissatisfaction for humanity polluting the night sky with city lights.
    • So what was the human disguise of Underground Woman? A long-dead beautician named Ryoko Mabuse. Fridge Horror if one assumed that she may have killed and replace the former.
  • 4: Alien Zarab himself. A mad bomber who have destroyed several planets and resort to attack the Earth after that. He summoned a Bemstar to make things worse. Said monster can also be declared as one, having devoured Ultraman X and would have almost digesting him until Xio members freed him.
  • 6:
    • tE-rU's flashback of Gargorgon's attack on Planet Gold, where he stumbles upon a petrified victim. Said victim was frozen in a state of agony.
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    • It got worst: Gargorgon had once went down to Earth and petrify an ancient civilization before sinking it. Fridge Horror has it that its the legendary city of Atlantis.
  • 7: X sacrifice himself to spare Rudian from being petrified by Gargorgon.
  • 8: During Zetton's appearance, Ultraman X dons the Zetton Armor in hopes of fighting the monster in equal ground but Dr. Touma, who reveals to be an evil Alien Sran activates the V Illain Override function to enslave the Ultraman in against Ultraman Max. Good thing that Daichi managed to expel the malicious programming.
  • 10: Although being a breather episode, it just can't escape the trope. Houlinga, a benevolent monster whose in the verge of becoming a mountain as part of its life cycle was mistaken for being ill and nourished with the antidote that forces the widespread of pollen and caused the monster to go on a rampage.
  • 11:
    • Daichi presses himself so hard that it strains himself into a fatal body fatigue when trying to connect with Cyber Gomora.
    • In addition, the original script has it that King Joe Custom was captured by Xio members and tried to study its technology, before the robot's own AI hacked the entire base. Good thing that the original plan was scrapped.
  • 12: A proper introduction to Dark Thunder Energy, a strange energy source from atop the sky which mutated its targets into rampaging monsters and weaken their Ultraman target. We've seen how it affects Demaaga, as well as X separating himself from Daichi.
  • 13 & 14: Mold and Gina Spectre in general are siblings of Juda (who was killed in Ultra Fight Victory). Aside from their red eyes, they exploited the power of Dark Thunder Energy on their own and plots to awaken all Spark Dolls in Xio's possession.
  • 21: Literally everything about Greeza. It's just so alien and wrong it's like reality can't handle it existing. It's entire existence is otherworldly and unsettling.

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