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Nightmare Fuel / Ultraman Tiga

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  • In general, when there are giant monsters appearing in the city, there tend to be causalities. However, this series itself was filled with Fridge Horror, Nightmare Fuel, Tear Jerker in nearly every episodes by stating or showing this in a massive amount. Not to mention, one of this involved a member of GUTS, Shinjoh Tetsuo, who loses his brother-in-law to be because a monster called Gazort (an evolved form of accumulated Clitter) killed Aoki Takuma, Mayumi's (Tetsuo's little sister) boyfriend on the plane that he rode to Japan. Just to be clear, Mayumi and Takuma promised to get married when Takuma returns and this happened unexpectedly and quite heartbreaking to both Tetsuo and Mayumi. This makes Ultraman Tiga a more darker series that leave soul-rending effects towards children compare to its successor, Ultraman Dyna, which was more light-hearted to children.

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     TV Series 
  • Episode 3, The Days Monsters Appeared:
    • Sealizar started out appearing as a harmless monster corpse until it awakened when GUTS try to remove it.
      • What makes it more disgusting that the monster's huge rotten fleshes spilled out from it's body after the hooks carved a scar and detached from it.
  • Episode 8 has the witch Giranbo emerge from her dimension to give out tainted candy to child that let's her brainwash anyone who eats it to come to her. Once she's done this, she eats their dreams until they're an emotionless Empty Shell and dumps them in her Dream Graveyard like discarded candy wrappers. She does this every year to entire towns worth of children, and has for as far back as GUTS has on record. In addition to the Adult Fear, only two of her drained victims are restored by her deaths, meaning what's likely hundreds if not thousands of children suffered this fate at her hands and are either dead or trapped as emotionless husks in the Dream Graveyard for eternity.
  • Everything about Gatanothor, the final villain from Ultraman Tiga. Granted that he's a Lovecraftian monster.
    • And then there's Tiga's defeat and petrification.

     The Final Odyssey 
  • In R'lyeh island, the three Dark Giants suddenly awakened from being petrified after GUTS destroyed the seal, in a middle of the excavation. Cue Captain Iruma's Oh, Crap! moment. Not to mention, she is the only surviving member of the excavation team left, struggling to survive while the rest were brutally killed by the monsters released by these giants.
  • One of the Shibito Zoiger's last moments by declaring that darkness will rise with it's dying breath, with a humanoid face.
  • Tiga Dark's Establishing Character Moment in Odyssey: crushing a little crying little girl. Thankfully, it was just a vision.


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