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Nightmare Fuel / Ultimate Spider-Man

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The comic
  • Bendis once commented that his daughter, who was not aware of the original Spider-Man's backstory and just started to read dad's comics, was shocked when Uncle Ben died.
  • In issue 13 of the relaunch, both the original Peter and Jameson are tied up after being caught by the Chameleon siblings. While the brother was robbing a bank as Spider-Man, the sister took on the face of J. Jonah Jameson (but with a scantily clad female body) proceeded to shoot the original Jameson in the head. Right in front of Peter. Ugh.
  • The story line (a follow-up to Longshot's debut in Ultimate X-Men) in which Deadpool, who in this continuity is an Ax-Crazy mutant-hating bigot who traded in any lighthearted humor he had for racist gallows humor and kills for pleasure instead of money, and the mercenaries take Spider-Man and the X-Men to face "justice" on that game show. It starts with a school full of unsuspecting people getting knocked out and kidnapped and ends with them having to rescue Xavier, who is stripped, chained up, and has his eyes pried open Ala A Clockwork Orange, so he is forced to watch his students be killed while being unable to help in any way. Not to mention Deadpool's face is actually a casing that shows a skinless face and exposed brain and despite being defeated it's shown he is still at large in the end.
  • Venom's portrayal in this series is absolutely nightmarish. The suit, rather than simply making you more aggressive like in the mainstream verse, seemingly drives its wearer to near insanity even giving them delusions to make them attack people (Peter ditches it after it makes him see a random burglar as Uncle Ben's killer before driving him into a murderous rage). Also it apparently feeds off its hosts like a parasite, driving them to try and consume people to stabilize itself in the most graphic detail. And it gets even worse after getting attached to Conrad Marcus; he becomes a hulking Implacable Man monster that Miles can barely hurt and unlike Eddie Brock, he goes hunting after Miles' family and friends, ending with him tearing through a hospital trying to kill Miles' nurse mother, Rio. And he succeeds.
    • His design is utterly frightening to look at, especially compared to the mainstream Venom. While 616 Venom can be disturbing with his Slasher Smile and Overly Long Tongue, this Venom loves to dig into Body Horror; being an towering hulking beast riddled with Spikes of Villainy and tendrils. The lead artist of the series, Mark Bagley, stated that he envisioned Ultimate Venom as more of a Humanoid Abomination than a villain; and drew him as he were a cancerous tumor, shifting its mass and warping. Combined with his extreme Adaptational Villainy, 1610 Venom is a monster.
  • Gwen Stacy's death at the hands of Carnage was absolutely bloodcurdling as she slowly has the life drained from her before being left an empty husk.
  • Norman Osborn's insanity proves to be exceptionally terrifying in its effect on Peter's life and social circle. The man is so deranged he had his son Harry brainwashed and mentally triggered to better control him and ends up brutally killing him for getting in his way. However, he's so delusional that he pins all the blame on Spider Man to the point he declares God wants him to kill Peter and his friends before going to do just that. Even the other members of the Sinister Six are terrified of him and follow his orders out of fear he would kill them or destroy their lives if not out of mutual benefit. Not to mention even without the added Goblin drugs and overall insanity, Norman is an insanely sadistic man who will kill anyone who gets in his way and delivers detailed promises of murder with casual glee to teenagers, such as Peter, that leaves them with panic attacks afterwards.
    Norman Osborn: Well, first I will torture and possibly murder your dear auntie...I'll probably do it in front of you. Or maybe I'll just destroy your little girlfriend. Mary Jane right? Then I might delight myself in beating you to the edge of death. Not to death — just the edge of death. I will let you try and heal. I will watch you struggle through the broken bones and the severed nerves and tissues. And most probably you will heal. And then, just as you begin to feel yourself becoming human again, I will beat you to death. Do we understand each other?
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  • Nick Fury is this towards Peter Parker especially in how he tries to manipulate fifteen year old Peter's life for his own ends and the fact he brought an entire Spider Slayer regiment to his home and fired on his family to the point the Fantastic Four had to intervene to stop it. All that for simply slugging him as punishment for Fury endangering his friends. Not to mention Fury's declaration that he essentially owns Peter when he turns 18 due to being a genetic experiment gone awry, despite actually meaning that he would have Peter join the Ultimates when he reached of age. Keep in mind, Fury is supposed to be the good guy in most situations.
  • The lead-in to the Death of Spider-Man story has Peter and MJ embracing, and all seems well... until a tiny panel of Spider-Man with x-ed out eyes in the Next Issue teaser reveals what's to come in an extreme, morbid case of Mood Whiplash.

Video game:

  • Eddie hunts Trask down to his "golf course prison" ready to get revenge. When Trask stammers about the guards, Eddie becomes Venom and says in a terrifying tone "They are not nearly well armed enough." His victim doesn't last long. Then again, as stated above on this page, Venom in general qualifies.
  • While Venom's voice in the game is an awesome Guttural Growler by Arthur Burghardt, it is also downright morbid in that it sounds positively nothing like a human being - it makes you wonder how much of it is just the actor and how much are the audio filters on his voice, which perfectly befits one of the scariest portrayals of the Lethal Protector to date. It also sounds completely different from Eddie's regular voice, finalizing the realization that this abomination is no longer just Eddie Brock or a project to cure cancer; but just Venom.
    • In the video, the first time you hear Venom snarl out "Parker" (the third quote above this line) stands out from the other variations - biting out the two syllables in overwhelming, bottomless hatred for his Arch-Enemy. Arthur's delivery of this voice clip nails the incredibly bitter grudge Venom shares with Spider-Man - just hearing it, you can feel that Venom not only wants to kill the spider, but to grant him the most painful, horrific death imaginable.
  • The revelation that you're actually draining innocent people of their life force and killing them is quite terrifying when playing as Venom especially when the game makes it mandatory for you to even keep alive as a special nod to the canon fact of Ultimate Venom needing to feed on people. The first victim the player has to feed off is an innocent little boy holding a Spider-Man balloon minding his own business and there are many other victims the player kills to stay alive. In a cutscene, the Venom is first shown feeding on a female night jogger, dragging her into the bushes with tentacles and eating her until nothing but her running shoes are left.
    • Venom's grappling moves in particular can be seen as Black Comedy (especially since stronger enemies can just get back up like nothing), but then swing back to this territory once it's given enough thought. When grabbing an opponent, Venom can transition it into three different moves: a very high-velocity throw that sends opponents flying almost a mile, an absolutely brutal faceplant that can prove to be an One-Hit Kill, but the most graphic is the back-breaker. Venom grabs the opponent by the head and legs, slowly applying pressure to the spine...and snaps it, before just dropping the enemy like nothing. The almost impassive and violent ways he disposes of his enemies serves as a reminder that Venom is not just a mindless beast, but is at his core (or host, rather) a dirty, self-serving Jerkass who almost seems to enjoy what he does!
  • The introduction of Carnage in the game. Without the context he just comes completely from left field - it shows Eddie in Trask's hold, before hearing Peter's bloodcurdling screams in the distance followed by an explosion. His cage turns off and he runs to the door - only to then see a creature identical to Venom; albeit red, Lean and Mean, and utterly bloodthirsty. The chittering sound he makes when he first appears makes him almost sound like he's laughing.
  • The bomber mooks in the GBA version. They sound nearly demonic when you hit them, and one of their versions can be shown laughing maniacally before they see you coming. This one even shoots fire from both sides when he gets back up. Jeez.

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