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Nightmare Fuel / Twitch Plays Pokémon X

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  • The mob wanted dark skinned Serena, and started demanding the game to be reset the second Blond Calem was picked.
  • d has no qualms trading away his Pokemon to parts unknown.
  • The Mob has spent hours unable to leave Lumiose City.
  • After a Daycare and PC shuffle gone horribly wrong, d was left with 3 Pokemon in his party. He soon caught an Absol, who are said to be harbingers of disaster.
  • He wasn't alone.
  • On Day 2, the Mob began to sink into despair as their party was full, they had no Surfer, and were stuck on a double battle.
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  • After defeating the Brains and Brawn pair, the stream's audio or visuals cut out depending on the minute, and at one point both cut out. When the Streamer tried to fix things, the stream froze and he lost his connection with Twitch.
  • Due to poor team management, the Mob was forced to go to the PC to make room for or get a Surf user.
  • Fennel is watching d.
  • d encountered the famously creepy Lumiose City ghost girl.
  • d wasn't alarmed about the fact that Lysandre was planning to kill everyone. He just walked around Anistar City.
  • Upon reaching Geosenge Town, d's first instinct was to take a picture of himself in front of the Ultimate Weapon.
  • d spent 12 minutes deliberating on which Ultimate Weapon button to push, and almost pressed the destruction button several times.
  • Lucario has been transferred to Box 1A.


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