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Nightmare Fuel / Twitch Plays Pokémon HeartGold

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  • Help us. Amber and Dome plead to the new protagonist for help defeating Bill.
  • Given that the rival's name is '4' and Giovanni's son was named Silver in Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal, the implications are pretty horrifying.
  • 4 for de4th.
  • The Randomizer has unleashed such horrors as Jigglypuff with Dragonbreath and Spite, and Riolu with Hammer Arm.
  • Send everyone.
  • Falkner's Shellos curbstomped Ao with Aqua Tail.
  • I'll be your silver bullet, bitch.
  • Actual proof that Bill's agents are here, in Johto, working against us. There's a Zigzagoon owned by a trainer on Route 32. And it has Tri Attack.
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  • A wild Spearow whipped up sand from its body and knew Mind Reader and Aeroblast.
  • The game was randomized a total of three times, the latter two occurring while the game was on. From the characters' perspective the world shifted twice.
  • In his second fight, 4 packed a Houndoom when none of Ao's Pokemon knew Water moves. He also attacked when Trapinch, the only threat to him, was very weak.
  • Weakness, explaining why and how 4's Aipom was switched for Houndoom.
  • At Goldenrod City, all inputs ceased for a brief moment.
  • Progress was delayed by a bot attack that wanted Ao to deliver the mail and Groudon on Route 31. She came dangerously close to doing so and taking mail off Trapinch.
  • "Voice Syndrome PSA". Pretty much what happens when we back Bill into a corner.
  • Immediately after meeting Bill in person, Croagunk was deposited in the PC.
  • After receiving a Level 5 Gloom from Bill that knew Frenzy Plant, Groudon's mail was removed, leaving him vulnerable to the PC.
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  • Groudon was badly poisoned by a Togepi, fainted, and became trapped in the PC.
  • Bill's Gloom can learn Surf. If he does, Groudon will be completely unprotected and able to be released.
  • Everyone except Smoochum and Trapinch was deposited in the PC.
  • Bill giving us that Gloom was the most diabolical thing he's ever done.
  • Groudon started to disobey the Mob after he hit Level 30, due to being a traded Pokemon.
    • Let's repeat this. A Pokemon with such power that it can dry up the world's oceans is no longer obeying its trainer.
  • Bill imprisons Alice.
  • 4's Radio Tower team was Ice-type. He knows our weak points.
  • After defeating most of Team Rocket at the Radio Tower, inputs stopped working and Ao was paralyzed. Joey called to see what was wrong, but she was unable to answer him.
  • Ao made it to Blackthorn and everything was going perfectly fine. When attempting to teach Waterfall, it was claimed Ao wants to put mail on the team. Chaos ensued and trolls spammed the "Toss" command. Several TMs were used to overwrite good moves and the EXP Share was tossed. And so was the Armor Fossil.
  • Groudon was released. Immediately after, inputs ceased to function.
    • Not since Bloody Sunday have so many things gone wrong so quickly.
    • The entire Trauma Congaline has been dubbed 'Fuck-up Friday'.
  • No, really, Bill would frame Aaron's mother for murder if he speaks out.
  • From the same guy who posted that one Emerald theory, we now have a theory about the HeartGold run that states that because Cyrus is still in the Distortion World, reality is falling apart.
  • Today was a good day for Bill.
  • Banette was released for no reason. Even worse, its Pokedex entries say they take revenge on those who abandon them.
  • Wild Staryu have Super Fang.
  • Confession Part 2.
  • Everyone collectively soiled themselves when Lance sent out Raikou. It promptly swept the entire team with Uproar.
    • And then he sent out another one.
  • Misty was randomized to Fire-types. Her ace was an Entei.
  • 4 is in possession of Lord Claw. Ao's not the only one collecting gods...
  • During the Double Battle with Clair and Lance, the pair sent out a Darkrai and Raikou.
  • Freefall.
  • Bill's grandfather transformed into a black silhouette of Lord Helix.
  • Soon after the above glitch, a timer appeared to count down until Pokemon Black.
  • Operation Blackout.
  • Bill's final plan.
  • Karen's rematch team included Omastar and Kabutops, and her initial team had Aerodactyl.
  • Pre-Rampage Conversation. Warning: NSFW, explicit, and dark.
  • After a fight with Lance, the only team member left with Mail is Sudowoodo.
  • A Vicious Turnabout (Pre-Rampage). Warning: Dark.
  • As Ao ascended Mt. Silver, she talked to Omastar, who seemed to be scared of something.
  • Eventually, Ao reached the lone trainer on the mountaintop who would be her final challenge. That trainer was... A from FireRed, using Red's name. She led with Mew, and Ao was swiftly knocked out.
  • Mount Silver: Bill forced his daughter to be Ao's final challenge.
  • Rampage Aftermath, with a handy recap of everything Bill has done so far.
  • Photogenic Aoooo.
  • In the intermission between HeartGold and Black, the stream played DS games. Only a few minutes passed before the Mob managed to find the off switch and shut off the stream. What must that have been like for the characters in the game? The Mob just ended the world for a while until the Streamer brought it back.
  • Giovanni's team included two Omastar.
  • The End of the Bill Saga. Do not anger the Fossil Gods.
  • One Last Message: Part One.
  • In the Intermission, the Mob had a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon team including a Charmander named Abby. Trolls later deleted the save data, killing Abby again.


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