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Nightmare Fuel / Twitch Plays Pokémon

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"ABBBBBBK was released outside". "Dux was released outside". "Kenya was released outside". "zyyxyy was released outside"...

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  • Um... yeah, a comic about how Red, AJ, and A are machines being tested by the voices.
  • The Pet Z intermissions are even more horrifying than the main games. Not only is the mob controlling a little girl who is probably even younger than the TPP protagonists, but unlike them there's no happy ending for her. All she can do is spasm around as she watches her pets become increasingly miserable and eventually get put down. It's a surprise the kid hasn't gone depressive yet.
    • At the end of the first dog's playthrough, the dog (unsurprisingly) is so malnourished and stressed that the mob gets the bad end where the puppy is implied to have died from abuse after visiting the vet. That would be bad enough by itself, but because of the way the game ends, the mob winds up accidentally presses the "Continue" option and starts the game the dawn of the day right before the dog dies. For a while, the mob was stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop where they were constantly reliving the final day and death of their puppy. The lack of feeding in the previous days meant that the mob were unable to do anything to change the dog's fate but slowly watch their puppy die over and over again.
  • The PC. As of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, it has claimed 128 victims in total. It has also caused events such as Bloody Sunday, Massacre Monday, and Slaughter Saturday, leading to a loss of progress, Pokemon and morale.
    • Probably the worst PC incident ever occured in a TPP game was in Anniversary Crystal. If you did the math, EVAN released 278 Pokemon, even more than all the previous TPP games combined. Several boxes deleted, sometimes even hundreds trying to delete Pokemon on purpose, and even trying to release half of our team that went in the E4 Hall Of Fame. Making it even worse, that they were obsessed with the accidental glitch villain OLDEN, that they nicknamed a Ledian OLDEN, and when it went in the PC, several people were deleting several Pokemon to find and keep Ledian as "The Final Meme." He's a true villain, indeed.


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